What foods are in the Protein Foods Group?All foods made from seafood; meat, poultry, and eggs; beans, peas, and lentils; and nuts, seeds, and soy products are part of the Protein Foods Group. .

A Healthy Roasted Green Bean Recipe With Tahini Sauce

While there are healthier ways to make a traditional version of the dish, I've always liked re-imagining holiday dishes with related, but unique, recipes. .

11 Foods that Lower Cholesterol

The report also focuses on treatments based on the latest scientific evidence, including the pros and cons of statins and other medications, and provides the lowdown on other substances advertised to lower cholesterol. .

A guide to foods that benefit the body

For all the hype about the health benefits of, say, antioxidants and probiotics, a scan of the scientific literature reveals how much we don’t know.Benefit: The calcium found naturally in dairy products and added to some soy beverages is a building block of bone tissue early in life; later, it helps fight osteoporosis.Benefits: Vegetables — the Dietary Guidelines call for three cups a day — are associated with reduced cancer risk.And research suggests that the glucosinolate in cruciferous vegetables (those in the same family as cabbage, whose name means “cross-bearing” and refers to the shape of the petals) might be especially useful in keeping carcinogens from damaging DNA, thwarting cancer’s development.As little as a gram of powdered ginger might tame nausea or vomiting, though medications appear to work better at fighting those ills.Benefits: Although studies have been scant, promising research suggests that green tea’s antioxidant polyphenols may help prevent cancer of the prostate and other organs.Benefits: A 2007 Harvard study found that women who consumed high-fat dairy products such as ice cream reduced their risk of infertility. .

Are soya chunks healthy? Here is what a nutritionist has to say

From adding them to rice pulao to mixing it with veggies in salads, soya chunks have found their place in our lives and how—all thanks to the claimed high protein content and its resulting power of aiding muscle-building.So needless to say, you get to enjoy all the benefits of protein such as a faster metabolism, muscle building, as well as better skin, hair, and bone health.In fact, as per a study conducted in 2015, the wonder food is also capable of reducing bad cholesterol in the body and hence, promoting heart health.Additionally, a study published in the journal Molecules found that soy isoflavones present in these chunks discourage fat build up around the organs, thus making it a great weight-loss aid as well.In the case of women, it can lead to water retention, bloating, acne, and a toxic weight gain apart from weird mood swings, of course. .

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Green Coffee You Must Know

Coffee is loved around the world.Are you reading about green coffee for the first time and want to know more about its potential health benefits?The good thing about green coffee beans is that they dilate the blood arteries and lower the blood pressure in your body without producing any problems.Foods like green coffee beans can lower your blood sugar and allow you to live a healthy life.The good thing about green coffee beans is that they can limit the presence of free radicals in your body.Around 10 million people around the world die from cancerous diseases.Studies around the world have shown that green coffee beans can also kill tumors and allow you to live a healthy life free of cancerous cells.Green coffee beans are known to regulate your mood and can help you feel good all the time, and these beans can also prevent Alzheimer’s disease too.Another good thing about green coffee beans is that they can also increase the dopamine level in your body that can help you feel amazing all the time.Green coffee beans allow your body to get rid of all the toxins that produce aging effects, so you can live a better life. .

The Top 10 Favorite Thanksgiving Foods and How They Impact

Thanksgiving is upon us once again.As you pass around the dishes of sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole and of course the turkey, do you ever wonder how these Thanksgiving favorites can affect your mind and body?Don’t you just love a good dinner roll?We don’t suggest eating just bread – your body won’t get all the nutrients it needs to maintain its health.Bread contains fiber which is key for digestion.A dinner roll contains fiber and protein that are beneficial for your body, once again if consumed in moderation.Much like dinner rolls, cranberries are high in fiber and low in fat.The two major benefits of cranberry sauce, however, is that it is packed full of vitamin C and antioxidants, both of which are great at helping you build up your immune system – especially since cold and flu season is on the way.Typically topped with marshmallows and a sugary oat crumble, sweet potatoes are one of the healthiest foods to eat on Thanksgiving.Sweet potatoes also are full of protein and fiber (something you’ll need to help your digestive system on turkey day).Potatoes also have a lot of vitamin B6.While this is a tasty topping, unfortunately, gravy does not have a lot of health benefits … if any at all.Unfortunately, much like gravy, there isn’t a whole lot of nutritional value in mac n cheese.The noodles do contain fiber, which is good for digestion, but the combo makes for a high-carb, high-calorie and high-sodium dish.It’s no surprise that green bean casserole made the top 10 favorite Thanksgiving foods list.These are just a few of green beans’ many health benefits.Stuffing, though mostly bread, can be one of the healthiest foods to eat on Thanksgiving, especially if it’s made right.Pumpkin is full of vitamins and other essential nutrients for your health.Pumpkin contains potassium, which can help lower your blood sugar and vitamin C for immune health.What do you think of the top 10 favorite Thanksgiving foods? .

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