"The food was amazing, hands down some of the best Puerto Rican food I have had in a long time, the flavors were amazing like the chicken how it was savory so pairing that with the red beans and rice, and mixed greens was a combination that you can find at too many spots in SF. .

The Best Coffee Shops (and Roasters and Baristas and So Much

As the face of coffee has shifted, becoming a sophisticated thing produced and consumed with fanatical devotion, we’ve seen temples of design arrive, outfitted with custom machines.Simply put, it’s time we admitted we’re a city of coffee fanatics, aficionados, nerds.Some of these are our own craft roasters, whose numbers we can now count on both hands.We’ve learned to love the nuances of the single-origin, small batch-roast from Guatemala’s Antigua Valley as a cortado—you know what, on second thought, make that a straight espresso shot, to better taste those lemon and spice notes in the bean.Central America (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua).Rugged and deliciously unkempt, Jonathan Meadows and Nathan Shelton, the fellas who founded Cultivar in 2009, are tuned into the science of roasting in an exciting balance of ease and attention.They can have intriguing notes of fruit, honey, or vanilla balanced against a clean, tart finish.Where to find them: In DFW, Cultivar tends to favor Central American beans almost exclusively, and also offers an “elevation seasonal blend” that features a marriage from this high-elevation coffee-growing region.Classic, bold, smooth, and balanced, these nutty coffees carry notes of caramel and chocolate as well as a characteristic natural sweetness.Where to find them: Fewer of our local roasters currently favor South American, but Full City Rooster and Noble Coyot e have excellent Peruvians.This coffee has tremendous biodiversity, yielding big, bold-bodied, brightness with a juicy acidity and floral notes like jasmine or lemongrass.Let’s meet some of them.Founded in 2013 by owners Chris and Michael Wyatt, Full City Rooster offers only single origin coffees from its home in The Cedars.As he stands over his roaster during a cook one recent morning, Michael pulls a handful of beans from the sampling handle and slowly breathes in the scent.He and his wife’s dedication to preservation extends to their sourcing: they only use beans certified by the Rainforest Alliance, a nonprofit that verifies that the coffee has been grown sustainably and transparently.It’s a cozy little space and, if you’re lucky, you might see the Loring in action behind the bar.Kevin Sprague always loved figuring out how things are made; he makes his own pasta and mills his own flour.Kevin and Marta’s goal was the opposite; to support coffee farmers by working through direct trade and eliminate the middleman.Hallelujah.With their Diedrich Roaster, which can complete 18.5 pounds per roast, Noble Coyote recently earned a Good Food Award, putting them in the same company as the nation’s most revered brands.Instead, they embrace the diverse possibilities of each bean, which explains why you’ll find so many variations on the shelves.Russell Hayward opened Ascension Coffee on Oak Lawn Avenue in 2012 with no aspirations of roasting.He spent the next year slowly building up a roasting practice and dialing in Ascension’s first espresso blend, known as Levitate.Landing a roast curve for Novel—the temperature applied to the coffee inside the roaster across the cook time—involves microscopic measurements that are fantastically nerdy in every way.The Neffendorfs also prides themselves on being good stewards of the environment, whether it’s helping farmers they source from improve their processes or maintaining transparent transaction practices with all they do business with.Tweed makes great effort to produce roasts that balance acidity and body, sweet and savory, in order for their coffee to be attractive to all types of palates.The rest goes to San Antonio, Midland, and Abilene.But you won’t easily find one of their rotating single origin or three-blended coffees in retail stores.Get some.Corrado Palmieri, owner of the Italian hot-spot café in the Dallas Farmers Market that bears his name, is the city’s newest roaster.The man behind this place of morning loiterings, who perfected his pastries by returning to his hometown of Lecce in Southern Italy to study—those custard-filled pasticciotto are specific to his hometown—and whose Piemontese hazelnut and Sicilian pistachio gelato rival any in Italy, had taken the next logical step and turned to roasting his own coffee.For this Italian-born entrepreneur, the aim had always been to control the process and make his business a place of artisanry from top to bottom.Then Palmieri turned to the United States, finding two small-batch, craft roasters—one in Virginia, one in Illinois—willing to teach him the same for American-style drip coffee roasts, knowing that his clientele would expect both.He rented commercial space in North Dallas to house the roaster that would be the engine of the tricky transformation.In August of last year, Palmieri began roasting in small test-batches, zeroing in on the beans that suited him.Palmieri’s hand is behind everything at the buzzing little spot, from buttery pastry crumb to the fragrance of coffee.The people behind the bar are as important as the beans you’re sipping.It was called “That\’s My Jam.” It was an espresso-based drink that we shook with lemon simple syrup, raspberry jam ice cubes, and topped it off with tonic water.She then added cold milk on top of the steamed milk.Local coffee isn’t limited to mugs and espresso cups anymore.Here are a few unexpected—and delicious—ways to get your caffeine fix.Coffee and tiramisu macaroons using Noble Coyote Coffee.House-cured peameal bacon, pecan horseradish cheddar grits, two fried eggs, and redeye gravy made using chicken stock, black pepper, cider vinegar, flour, and Ascension coffee.Made with chocolate and stout beer then lightly brushed with tobacco-infused syrup.Let us guide you to the coffeehouse that best fits your needs.Hang-out and catch-up spots abound at the home of Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters, from the converted bus out back to the tucked-away wooden booths inside and seats at the counter.The local honey latte and an almond croissant can fuel a long catch-up.The weathered old house with a chill vibe and a front porch boasts a tiny warren of rooms with nooks where you can share a table for a game of chess or sink into a couch.Upstairs and downstairs share a funky vibe, as Murray Street anchors a Deep Ellum corner near the Undermain Theater.Two levels provide room for lounging, and the vast table upstairs is ideal for board games.Meet-Up language groups and clusters of friends fill this neighborhood spot.Snag flaky empanadas, acai smoothies, and the comfy window seat that’s perfect for people-watching on Bishop.On weekends especially, hang out around the counter where Michael Wyatt pulls drinks that come in pretty handmade bowls made by a local potter.The roll-down doors are open, and the outdoor barstool-height communal table is a spot for catching up.In its Deep Ellum haunt, Drugstore Cowboy may be under the radar when the sun is up, but it’s got serious coffee (Counter Culture out of Durham, North Carolina).During the day, it’s a surprisingly quiet spot to catch up with friends who want to talk tattoos, music, or David Foster Wallace over an Ethiopian natural-process and a really good croissant.When the owners of Noble Coyote finally landed a roastery they could open mornings and afternoons as a store front, it became a spot to sit at the communal table and read or work, while a stream of regulars come and go at the tranquil Exposition Park spot.This Lower Greenville coffee den is often busy, but the chatter of entrepreneurial go-getters can be inspiring and—somehow—not distracting.Along the community table you’ll find a welcome place to rub elbows with others in a heads-down, get-your-business-going fashion.Fiction coffee feels like the mature kid at the party.Anointed in dark tones and under its new name, Fiction, it’s suited perfectly for diving into some caffeine and project time.The beautiful—and, in the case of the Sylvan 30 location, award-winning —design here lends itself well to settling into your own space without interruption.Be sure to bring a fully charged laptop, because indoor electrical sockets are scarce at both the Sylvan 30 and Henderson Avenue outposts.Tucked away in The Cedars, Opening Bell offers plenty of space for a secluded respite when you want to be left alone to get some work done and find the zone.The private upstairs lounge area is the perfect haven for getting your projects going and tapping into a no-distractions workflow.The large space and living room feel make it almost impossible not to find a place for peaceful attention and focus.Order a frothy, pink, white chocolate and raspberry latte covered in multi-colored marshmallows, snap it, and let the whole internet feast their eyes.Order a cappuccino from Weekend Coffee then find a seat in the lobby of the Joule hotel in downtown Dallas.The farm-to-table menu boasts a croque madame eggs Benedict, chia seed pudding, avocado toast, and a selection of omelets.Grace Koo’s bakery in Old Koreatown replicates a modern, hip Seoul coffee shop, with local roaster Eiland coffee flowing from her Korean-made cold-brew machine, exquisite cakes, and a host of scrumptious Korean bakery treats that reflect Koo’s professional pastry training.Attention to detail goes into Corrado Palmieri’s house-roasted coffee, house-made gelati, and savory and sweet pastries, like the cream-filled pasticiotto that’s the specialty of his hometown of Lecce in Southern Italy.Get the SideDish Newsletter Dallas' hottest dining news, recipes, and reviews served up fresh to your inbox each week.Pull up a stool at the bar of this bookstore and coffee shop and nosh on an array of specialty toasts topped with turkey, honey cream cheese, tuna, and more. .

Coffee in Dallas : 24 Best Coffee Shops & Roasters in Dallas

Partners: Black Forest Coffee, Café Victoria – Victory Park, Central Market, Cox Farms Market, Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. - Bishop Arts & Mockingbird Station, Davis Street Espresso – 819 W Davis St., Garden Cafe – Junius Heights, Macellaio - Oak Cliff, Sixth Floor Museum – Downtown Dallas.Address: 5622 Dyer St #100, Dallas, TX 75206, United States.Address: 2600 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX 75201, United States.Address: 1623 N Hall St, Dallas, TX 75204, United States.Address: 2422 Victory Park Ln #100, Dallas, TX 75219, United States.Address: 1409 S Lamar St, Dallas, TX 75215, United States.Address: 314 W Eighth St, Dallas, TX 75208, United States.Getting a hot cup of coffee isn’t just a way to stay awake at around three o’clock during an all-nighter!If you’re in Dallas and want to get your daily fix, there are plenty of good coffee shops that have far more charm than your average chain/retail store.With the emergence of a new wave of coffee shops enough to entice the hardest of critics, cafes have been popping up everywhere in the city.From independent roasters who have excellent aromatic coffee beans to trendy cafes with skilled baristas whipping up flavoured lattes, coffee in Dallas is varied and suited for all palates.Instead, sip on some warm aromatic coffee that is freshly procured and roasted for the ultimate caffeine high!They also have a training lab that hosts a multi-step barista certification and open-invitation coffee tastings.From fine dining restaurants to a cosy neighbourhood corner cafe, here’s a list of the best coffee houses in town.This Oak Cliff Java joint is the perfect spot for locally roasted coffee.With Espressos, Steampunks, Cappuccinos, Lattes, and Pastries, this cafe is the best place for a cold or hot brew.Sip on their signature cortado-Van Buren as you read your favourite novel.Halcyon has some trendy and hip blends of coffee in Dallas.WIth plush wooden top tables and a rustic ambience, Otto’s is a wonderful place to spend your mornings.French fine dining, teas, lemonades, sodas, and a full breakfast and lunch menu are all available.A local favourite, the cafe was awarded Fort Worth’s Best Coffee in 2019!Check out their speciality lattes, frozen blends, classics like Americano or Cappuccino, and a host of non-caffeine drinks and foods such as tea, milkshakes, and Avocado toast!White Rock Coffee is another local shop for aromatic roasted coffee in Dallas.This independent award-winning roaster and coffeehouse source their coffee through direct trade.Their affordable hot and cold brews with scrumptious toasts and Riccotas are the perfect cure for your morning blues!State Street Coffee is located at the Alcove wine bar in the State-Thomas neighbourhood.When you’re shopping in downtown Dallas and want a quick energy boost, stop at this cafe and get your caffeine fix at affordable prices!This French-inspired cafe is a charming coffee house in the Harwood District in Dallas.With local art, an array of everyday essentials, handmade gifts, quirky cards, and patio space for socializing this chic cafe has it all.Sip on their specials- Shaken Espresso, Magnolia Lattes, and Lavender Love Latte or try their grab-and-go menu with tacos, muffins, sandwiches, and salads!Located in the Deep Ellum neighbourhood of Dallas, Murray Street Coffee has consistently been one of the best places to get coffee in Dallas.Drink a cup of heavenly coffee and contribute to making an impact on society at this cafe.You can also grab a bite of toast, pudding, and cookies along with your cup of joeMerit Coffee company is another neighborhood favourite cafe.They source their beans from South America and roast them in-house in their custom 45 & 25kg Probat roaster.Located in downtown Dallas, it is easily accessible and is the best place for a refuel before you continue exploring the city.Head over to Opening Bell Coffee on a Tuesday night to hear some of the best acoustic music in Dallas.Make a quick pit stop on the way to work and check out their iced lattes and Japanese coffee!The Wild Detectives is an indie bookstore & cafe in Dallas that two friends started to combine their love for booze and books.Their motto is to encourage conversations and exchange ideas, and they host book readings, shows, festivals, and plays all year round.Whether it’s an early morning energy booster for a day of sightseeing in Dallas or a late-night cure after a tiring day, explore the coffee scene in Dallas using this guide! .

The best real Texas chili recipes (no beans allowed)

There's perhaps no other single food group that is more Texan than chili, and over the years we've tested many recipes and talked to many Tex-perts on what constitutes a real big bowl of red.T.J. Cannon won the world-famous Terlingua International Chili Championship in 2012, beating out 304 other competitors.Contest chili is required to have a smooth gravy, which is why you'll not see any fresh onions, tomatoes, etc., included here.Bring the liquid and peppers to a boil; add your first set of spices (First Dump) and the meat.Boil on medium high for 25 minutes or until meat is tender and then turn off.Allow chili to rest for 30 minutes and then bring back to a boil, adding more broth if needed.Check for salt, heat and chili powder flavor; adjust if necessary.Heat bacon drippings in a heavy-bottomed stockpot and sauté onions, peppers, celery and garlic until vegetables soften.Add beer, tomato sauce, chile powder, cumin, oregano, bay leaf, mustard and beef stock and bring to a boil.SOURCE: Stirring It Up With Molly Ivins (University of Texas Press, $29.95).Dried ancho chiles, waiting to be hydrated and turned into puree to make Texas chili.To prepare the dried chiles: Wearing rubber gloves, cut each of them open and discard the seeds and any membranes that are easily removed.Add the jalapeños, cumin, garlic, tomatoes (with their juice), onion, oregano and salt to the food processor.After 1 1/2 hours, skim off any excess fat with a large, flat spoon and discard.Simmer the chili over very low heat for another 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.Taste the chili and season as necessary with salt and the reserved chile water.Notes : If you are unable to monitor the chili closely, this recipe can be cooked on a slow braise in the oven.Preheat the oven to 225 F and cook for 2 hours before adding the masa paste.SOURCE: Edible Dallas & Fort Worth: The Cookbook (Sterling Epicure, $19.95).In this June 19, 1941 photo provided by the LBJ Library, Lady Bird Johnson holds her movie camera in central Texas.This recipe, first published in The Dallas Morning News in 1990, is credited to Lady Bird Johnson, who on occasion had real Texas chili flown to the White House.Place meat, onions and garlic in large, heavy skillet or Dutch oven.Add oregano, cumin seed, chili powder, tomatoes, hot pepper sauce, salt and water.And the Johnson definition of acceptable chili meat is coarsely ground round steak or well-trimmed chuck.In a departure from the conventional, the slow-talking garden designer and retired mathematician decided to retool the Texas classic.His chili contains no masa (ground corn), no exotic chile blends, no beer, no secret spices.In truth, it bears more kinship to a Mexican beef soup than a Terlingua prizewinner.His chili - a simple stew of tender beef bites in a chile-infused, beefy broth redolent with cumin, garlic and oregano - is that good.1/4 cup dried, stemmed and chopped Mexican or Greek oregano (divided use, see ingredients notes).1 (4-ounce) jar Whitson's Moist Chile Seasoning (ancho paste).Remove the hot pot from the fire for 3 to 4 minutes to partially cool.Sprinkle the cumin over the chili stew, add remaining oregano and stir to blend.Reduce heat and simmer for 2 to 3 hours, uncovered, stirring occasionally.Note: You can substitute habanero or serrano chiles for the piquins.


The 17 Essential Dallas-Fort Worth Barbecue Joints

From enormous beef ribs to perfectly juicy slabs of brisket, these 17 Dallas barbecue destinations are a must for all smoked meat enthusiasts.Health experts consider dining out to be a high-risk activity for the unvaccinated; it may pose a risk for the vaccinated, especially in areas with substantial COVID transmission. .


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