I personally like to drink Atomic with milk - usually a double shot flat white.Another Auckland-based roaster, Kokako proudly offers Fairtrade organic coffee - their signature Aotea Blend is earthy and chocolatey.One of the most iconic coffee brands of New Zealand, you can find Allpress globally now.My usual coffee go-to's are flat white (mostly triple-shot), long black and espresso.Super smooth, caramelly and fruity flavours of Red Rabbit recently became one of my all-time favourites and I believe it will stay that way for a while.I always loved Eighthirty and it has been a brand I would recommend to people who recently started drinking coffee.Their coffees are smooth and chocolatey with hints of vanilla, I personally love to drink it as a flat white (small or regular size).Also when it comes to the scent, I feel Eighthirty easily takes the number one spot.Offering a perfect, unmatched blend of smooth, dark chocolate, caramel and citrus flavours, coffees made with Rocket is almost all the time a 10/10.I like to drink it as a triple shot flat white or a long black - the natural flavour Rocket offers is too good to dilute it with too much milk or water.I run Caramel, New Zealand's leading consulting and creative agency helping hospitality and food businesses grow. .

Eight New Zealand Coffee Roasters Delivering Beans and Fresh

Roasters around the country can now ship and deliver to your front door as long as they adhere to 'bubble management' and health and safety measures.Auckland's Atomic Coffee works with farmer co-ops to ensure positive trade agreements and provide consistency in their roasts.During the lockdown the roasters are partnering with neighbours Shelly Bay Baker in an effort to reduce the number of deliveries you receive.Birkenhead's Generosity Coffee donates a portion of its profits to groups and organisations who need a helping hand to do great things.Owners Nic and Rachel Berry, coffee industry veterans for over 25 years, decided to set up a business model that would allow them to give back in a really substantial way, rather than just a token gesture.The Auckland company is offering free shipping on all of its bags of coffee (beans, plunger, espresso, stove top and any other grind type) that will help you get through these trying times.Choose from the range of blends and single origins to enjoy at home — from floral and earthy to smooth and nutty — or set up a regular subscription and try them all. .

Top 10 Coffee Brands In New Zealand – Coffee Keen

It was founded by Richard Corney, Nick Clark and Matt Graylee bringing their vast knowledge and experience in coffee roasting, brewing, and sourcing to the very brand they built.Rocket Coffee Roasters came into the scene when Hamiton was struggling with the lack of espresso quality in the mid-1990s.They have a long dedicated relationship with coffee farmers based in Africa and Latin America.They are backing up a lot of cafe’s offering premium taste coffee with an extent of trademarked uniqueness.They do all, whether it is sourcing, brewing, roasting, supplying, shipping and even serving just under one umbrella brand.You won’t see them fancy-ing their brand with merchandise t-shirts or huge street signs as they like to put it simply.Instead, they focus on providing great coffee to the people of Dunedin and Central Otago.Starting their journey from humble beginnings, Ozone Coffee Roasters got wide recognition nationally and internationally as a brand.Ranging from brewing equipment to the serving great breakfast with their coffee.Red Rabbits Coffee isn’t just a brand conscious of its product but also very much passionate about it.The baristas working there enjoy their craft and pulls everything from their passion to put it in the making of just one cup of coffee. .

5 Best Coffee Shops in New Zealand

He and his team have been serving up the same “green” blend since 1988, sourcing beans from New Guinea, Colombia and Kenya, then roasting them on location.It’s a damn fine shot, perhaps Auckland’s best, and an enduring testament that when you’ve got things right, don’t ever change.The result is a roast that preserves both the integrity of the beans’ natural flavors and their high caffeine content.Though not for the faint of heart, Havana Coffee is good and strong, carrying chef Al Brown’s stamp of approval: their beans are a mainstay at his string of restaurants in Auckland.Long Black — double espresso served with equal parts water (similar to an americano).Fluffy — a demitasse filled with steamed milk, topped with sprinkles, and served with marshmallows (yes, they’re for real, and kids love them).In a small space next door to the Wellington Chocolate Factory, they roast in the back of the shop, serving up fresh, expertly pulled espressos and aero press-filtered coffee.If you carry a smile, they’ll even show you how to do it yourself and walk you through the tasting notes of their variety of blends and single origins.They also serve up their proprietary blends and single origins via their Wellington café and bar, The Flight Coffee Hangar, specializing in a variety of extraction methods and drinks.Their flat white sampler, served on a wooden tray that mimics a flight of craft beer, is an excellent place to start. .

Wellington - Coffee Capital

These were fashionable places that became a focal point for poets, writers, artists and academic alike, to gather, share ideas and socialize over a steaming hot cup. .

It's roasted: These are NZ's best coffee roasters

Much of this ascendency is due to the amazing coffee roasters we have in our two biggest centres: Auckland and Wellington.The Wellington roaster has won coffee awards for roasting and for barista craft, expanded overseas and now has taken control of its own growing operation.The Red and White branding is easily recognisable and synonymous with great, quality coffee.In classic kiwi fashion Flight Coffee started as an idea in a garage as a way of doing things better.Rounding off our list is none other than the aptly named Havana Coffee Works which found its beginnings on Wellington’s famous Cuba Street.For those who love food with their coffee (probably everyone) Best Ugly Bagels on Sale Street serve Havana’s signature espresso roast all day long. .


The cherry’s from each individual farm are identified by codes which passes the fermentation, washing, drying and other processes.We’re thrilled to land this container as coffee from Ethiopia has been difficult to source due to many current issues in the country including a civil war.Ethiopia plays an important role in many of our blends and its unique characteristics make it one of our favourite coffee growing regions. .

Coffee culture in New Zealand

New Zealand, with just under 5 million inhabitants, has similar population density than the forested Nordic countries, and plenty of space to charge batteries.By this time of the year, the locals are already back in school or at work and the hiking trails and sandy beaches are deserted.It is possible to travel for hundreds of kilometres without finding mobile coverage while even the smallest village café can prepare truly delicious coffee.The fact that good coffee is held in high regard in this country already became obvious in the airport: instead of automated machines a local barista, smiling widely, handed me a beautiful cappuccino with latte art rosetta in the first grab-and-go café.Latte art is world class over here, and flat white – an espresso-based strong beverage with a thin layer of micro foam – which has only recently become popular also in the Baltics, is a New Zealand invention.When I took a rental car to enjoy the wonders of the nature away from the city racket, I imagined that I would be waving goodbye to latte art and have to cope with less in the countryside.While Cold Brew and Nitro – cold-brewed coffee with nitrogen-charged Guinness-like foam – were a mandatory part of the menu in every café in the city, more attention was paid on a traditional espresso-based selection in the countryside.In addition to the massive selection of take-away dishes, the bakers and cooks offered truly otherworldly tastes and artisan roasted coffee.In the major cities as well as in cafés literally situated in the middle of the fields, the menus generally offered local farm produce.On South Island, one could enjoy an omelette prepared from fresh eggs laid by the chickens strutting around the yard of every Airbnb, complemented by the endless selection of fresh berries, vegetables and artisan roast houses of the Nelson region, plus the beautiful golden sand beaches and weather like that of the Estonian summer.While I was enjoying the café culture of Auckland, the business capital, natural Greek yoghurt was a mandatory bite in addition to fresh berries, organic and Paleo muesli and other healthy foods to accompany my morning coffee.When it comes to coffee tasting, I suppose the stress-free demeanour of the locals was the most impressive, as well as their sincere interest in learning a bit more about the opinion of a faraway Estonian guest concerning New Zealand. .

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Our coffee subscription service makes it easy for you to drink Supreme.If any further help is required, our customer care team are always available to lend a hand too. .

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