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Anne Frank's 'dirty' jokes found on diary pages she covered over

Researchers using digital technology on two pages of Anne Frank’s diary covered over with brown masking paper have discovered passages featuring four risque jokes and candid explanations of sex, contraception and prostitution.“Anyone who reads the passages that have now been discovered will be unable to suppress a smile,” said Frank van Vree, the director of the Netherlands Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies.Experts said the newly discovered text, when studied together with the rest of her diary, reveals more about Anne’s development as a writer than it does about her interest in sex.However, it provides an early example of how Anne “creates a fictional situation that makes it easier for her to address the sensitive topics that she writes about”, he added.In the passage on sex, Anne described how a young woman gets her period around 14, saying that it is “a sign that she is ripe to have relations with a man but one doesn’t do that of course before one is married”. .

There's Something About Mary Quotes

After twelve years, Ted is still thinking of Mary and he would like to know where she is, so he hires Pat, a private detective, to find her. .


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