The original plan was to open a hot dog stand in a concession trailer adjacent to our current building, just to test the market.Our goal at Beans and Franks is to serve awesome food and coffee, while making our customers feel at home in a cozy, comfortable, friendly environment. .

Beanie Weenies

Franks and beans, also known regionally by the brand name Beanie Weenies, is a dish that can be a main course or a side.Baked beans were among the first canned "convenience foods" to emerge in the United States, dating back to the Civil War.Van Camp's owns the name Beanee Weenee and sells a canned version of the dish. .

Quick Stovetop Franks & Beans Recipe + VIDEO

Franks and Beans, beanie weenies, hot dog beans… no matter what you call this dish, it brings back fond memories of childhood for almost all of us.Franks and Beans are a homemade beanie weenies recipe made with real beef hot dogs and less sugar than the canned version.Popping popcorn over the open fire, roasting marshmallows for s’mores, and making franks and beans were always classic camping food staples for us.There is something nostalgic about using a cast iron skillet over an open fire to prepare simple beanie weenies.A family favorite for many, this dish is made from sliced hot dogs in a sweet and savory sauce with lots of beans.Others add BBQ sauce, bell peppers and maple syrup for a delicious twisty beanie weenie dinner.This specific franks and beans recipe calls for four strips of cooked bacon.The salty crispness of the bacon pairs nicely with sweet brown sugar.And even though this homemade beanie weenies has a lot of sugar, the canned version has even more.PRO TIP: To serve at a party, transfer to a crock pot and set to “keep warm”.We weren’t allowed to have sugar cereals or soda and certainly not the treats kids loved like HoHos or Ding Dongs.So less sugar, protein from real beef hot dogs and lots of fiber from those beans!If you need something to cut some of the sweetness, you can pair these beanie weenies with a leafy green salad and you’ve got yourself a meal!Omit the hot dogs altogether and have a fabulous homemade baked bean recipe!Having something that is heavy bottom will distribute heat better and prevent burning whether you are using an electric or gas range.Franks and beans will stay good covered and refrigerated for up to 5 days.This Franks and Beans recipe, aka Beanie Weenies, is made with real beef hot dogs and less sugar than the canned version.We hope this stovetop franks and beans brings back all of those good feels from your childhood. .

Franks and Beans. Yes, Franks and Beans.

By ‘savory brain’ I mean that all I want to eat are hot dogs, bacon, and cheese.• Sweetness comes from maple syrup, brown sugar, and molasses, and fresh diced pineapple.They’ll simmer on the stovetop in vegetable or chicken broth to soften them even further before they’re baked in the oven.Simmered beans are drained (the liquid is reserved, too) and added to the onion mixture.The beans (if you’ll remember they still aren’t cooked through entirely) will be covered with a bit of their simmering liquid that we’ve reserved.This will simmer and soften the beans with flava and cook down to be a thick and dreamy sauce in the oven.The pot becomes a Dutch oven, softening the beans, tenderizing the franks, deepening the flavors, and thickening the sauce It’s so good. .


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