Steven Brown finds the best mates for the greens: salty ham and crunchy walnuts.Amped-up, shredded Brussels are kicked with black garlic tahini and pickled Fresno chilies at this Kingfield café. .

Balsamic Grilled Brussel Sprouts

This Grilled Brussel Sprouts Recipe is perfect for a quick and easy weeknight dinner side or meal-prep for the week!You will find Team Fit Foodie walking around the lakes, canoeing in the boundary waters, and grilling.We were all itching for summer so we made a list of a few Fit Foodie recipes on the grill that needed a facelift.However, those things are mushier than wet leaves on a crisp fall day after it’s rained.You can cook your Brussel sprouts in the oven or on the grill, just make sure you set your temperature to 450ºF.We love cooking our Brussel sprouts with balsamic, olive oil, and garlic.Feel free to add your favorite spice combination to your Brussel sprouts.It will keep your Brussels from falling through the grill grate, and allow them to crisp to perfection while cooking.Simply fold over the edges of your piece of tin foil, essentially creating a lip on the 4 sides.This will keep your Brussels and the balsamic and olive oil safely inside the tin foil boat, and away from the grill flame. .

The Best Pizza in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth and Hopkins!

Although we’re known for our innovative and award winning pizzas, we also serve a wide variety of hoagies, salads, appetizers and desserts. .

Hai Hai in Northeast Minneapolis – Heavy Table

The inventive minds behind Hola Arepa are at it again, this time focusing on Southeast Asian street food at Hai Hai in Northeast Minneapolis.The first thing you need to know about Hai Hai is that if you suffer from SAD, this might be a good place for you to visit.A playful yet thoughtful menu takes some traditional Asian dishes (and some not-so-traditional) and reimagines them, with excellent results.The Water Fern Cakes ($8) were among the most interesting and successful things we’ve tasted in recent memory.The fish, like the chicken, was a case study in how to properly cook the protein, with the mild cod bolstered by zippy greens and herbs and soft rice noodles.It was essentially a finished, composed dish of meat and bean sprouts inside a crispy rice flour crepe that could be snapped into pieces and wrapped in lettuce and then further dressed up with nuoc cham, mint, and cilantro.Our visit took place just two weeks after the opening, but already Hai Hai had a highly professional feel on a busy evening.The one thing that was missing from the menu was a take on the classic Vietnamese iced coffee.Southeast Asian street food in Northeast Minneapolis.Full menu available: Tues-Sun 3-10 p.m. .

Brussels Sprouts Pizza Recipe

After several prototypes, including red onions on top, pesto on bottom and a failure of a creamy spinach sauce, it finally occurred to me to use balsamic, caramelized red onions as the base.Up until then, I thought that pizza consisted of dough plus marinara plus ample amounts of cheese, baked to bubbly perfection.In Italy, though, pizzas are more broadly accepted as baked flatbread with toppings.Boldly flavored, semi-caramelized onions with reduced balsamic vinegar, topped with mozzarella and Brussels sprouts (sliced two ways for maximum crispiness and texture) and a sprinkle of Parmesan for good measure. .


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