Birth Certificates and Adoption Papers are included and you will have the opportunity to change the name and birthdate of your Cabbage Patch Kid. .

21 Cabbage Patch Dolls You Need to Collect

From fuzzy fur to stylish outfits- there is a Cabbage Patch Doll to fit every child’s personality.With a frog-print belly and green fuzzy material all over his body- his new big brother or sister won’t be able to their eyes off of him.Her flexible arms and legs are great for hugging, she is made with a fresh baby scent and she even sucks her little thumb.With his floppy ears, big brown eyes, and fuzzy toes, Parker the Puppy Cutie Baby Doll is irresistibly sweet!Part of the ‘Farm Friends’ collection, he is one of 6 animal-themed Cabbage Patch Dolls that are waiting for you to take them home.There isn’t a little girl in the world who wouldn’t love this Surfer Fashion Baby Doll.Inspiring girls to follow their dreams and achieve their goals, this Cabbage Patch Doll is part of the girl-power movement!This 2016 Limited Edition Cabbage Patch Dolls is flying off the shelves this year!As if she’s come straight from the hospital, this Leopard Jumper Cabbage Patch Doll comes with adoption papers, which her new mommy needs to sign.The little girl that receives this precious gift will take the lifetime oath of promising to love her Cabbage Patch Doll forever.So, it is no surprise that kids have been fascinated with this Drink N’ Wet Newborn Cabbage Patch Doll.She oozes confidence with her strappy sandals, statement polka dot dress, and slicked back ponytail.At 16” tall, she will surely stand out sitting happily on your shelf to remind you of the good old days.This Glitz Cabbage Patch Doll is more than just a glamorous princess with a magical tiara; she’s also an animal lover!Adorable freckles, rosy cheeks, bright blue eyes, and long brown hair- this darling dolly is one of the most popular Cabbage Patch Dolls to give for Christmas this year.Let your child’s imagination run wild with this unique Butterfly Cutie Cabbage Patch Dolls.Along with a squishy green tummy and bright blue suit, this cheerful doll has big pink wings and cute little antennas just like a blooming butterfly!She has the classic squishy hands with simple stitching and a floppy bonnet that you won’t find on any of the newer-style dolls.You’ll love her high pigtails with dainty purple bows that are the epitome of sweet and spirited.This adorable dolly comes with a bottle and pacifier that her new mom or dad can fit perfectly in her mouth.When it’s time for bed, she’s all ready to be tucked in with bunny-pattern pajamas and a nighttime cap with bunny ears! .

Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids are a line of one-of-a-kind cloth dolls with plastic heads first produced by Coleco Industries in 1982.The brand was renamed 'Cabbage Patch Kids' by Roger L. Schlaifer when he acquired the exclusive worldwide licensing rights in 1982.Subsequently the family sold the leather business, and another son, having finished Harvard Law School, "joined Coleco in 1966 as general counsel.".According to court records (OAA v Toy Loft),[7] Roberts, being a 21-year-old art student at a missionary school in North Georgia, discovered craft artist Martha Nelson’s Doll Babies.The Little People were first sold at arts and crafts shows, then later at Babyland General Hospital, an old medical clinic that Roberts and his friends-turned-employees converted into a toy store, in Cleveland, Georgia.But since Schlaifer thought the name was mundane and Fisher Price owned it for the toy category, he invented “Cabbage Patch Kids.” His goal was to build the first and largest mass-market children’s brand in history.In order to attract potential doll manufacturers and to create the entertainment and publishing businesses he envisioned, Schlaifer and his partner/wife wrote the Legend of the Cabbage Patch Kids.In 1982, Coleco’s design team, headed by famed doll designer, Judy Albert, devised an industry first—one-of-a-kind, plastic headed Cabbage Patch Kids dolls with much cuter features, much softer bodies and a normal toddler’s proportions instead of the morbidly obese bodies on Roberts’ originals.It was those comparatively inexpensive--$18-$28 dolls, branded in packaging designed by Schlaifer and produced in Coleco’s factories in China, that the public went crazy over—rioting[5] to get their hands on one in stores across North America.A huge success, but minor compared to 1984’s sales of dolls and Cabbage Patch branded merchandise (children’s apparel, bedding, sleepwear, books and countless other products that generated an industry record, $2,000,000,000 in retail sales across North America, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.Coleco’s sales then plummeted from over $800 million in 1986 to nothing in 1988 when, after a number of questionable acquisitions, and paying Roberts a reported fortune for an extension to their CPK contract, and they went out of business.[2] However, because of Schlaifer’s persistence, he found Coleco–then famous for its success with electronic toys—and sold them on being his Master Toy licensee—for which he negotiated a record-setting advertising guarantee.In 2001, with Mattel’s sales stalling, former Coleco marketing whiz, Al Kahn, acquired Original Appalachian’s licensing rights and sold retailer Toys "R" Us on producing 20-inch Kids dolls and 18-inch baby dolls, both with cloth bodies and vinyl heads.Expensive and too cumbersome for most young children to play with, they didn’t last long at the high volume retailer.In 2013 Jakks Pacific released the Celebration edition to commemorate the 30th Birthday of the licensed Cabbage Patch Kids.In this line, WCT released new additions like Little Sprouts, a toyline of tiny collectable dolls, and Adoptimals, plush pets who interact with the Kids.The original 1982 Cabbage Patch Kids license agreement with Coleco Industries was negotiated by Roger L. Schlaifer, doing business as Schlaifer Nance & Company (SN&C), the exclusive worldwide licensor for Original Appalachian Artworks, Roberts' company at the time.Following Schlaifer Nance & Company's signing of Coleco Industries, SN&C designed and/or directed the design and quality of virtually all CPK branded products produced by its over one hundred and fifty CPK licensed manufacturers, including Coleco.Total sales during the Schlaifer's six-year tenure exceeded $4.5 billion, more than ten times the total revenues of Cabbage Patch Kids merchandise and entertainment in the thirty years since–the latter of which never made the impact Roberts claimed it would under his direction in the November 1983 addition of Esquire magazine.They were equipped with a voice chip, touch sensors, a microphone, short range 49 MHz AM transmitter and receiver for communicating with other dolls.A special plastic 'drinking' cup containing a hidden magnet, which could be identified with the aid a small reed relay in the built into the head of the toy above the mouth, to signify when it should be seen to be 'drinking'.With the help of local friends, Roberts converted an old doctor's clinic into a general store/souvenir shop and "doll hospital" from which to sell his original "Little People".In accordance with the theme, employees dressed and pretended to be doctors and nurses caring for the dolls as if they were real.of programming, Squire Rushnell, and produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions with music by Joe Raposo (of Sesame Street and Frank Sinatra fame), The Cabbage Patch Kids' First Christmas, premiered on ABC on December 7, 1984.

and was the top-rated show in its time-slot.Roberts rejected an offer from ABC for an hour Saturday show combining Cabbage Patch Kids and Furskins Bears.The two crossed paths at a state fair in 1976, whereupon Roberts began purchasing Thomas' dolls to sell at a profit at his own store in Georgia.[14][15][16] Thomas eventually confronted Roberts about his unethical business practices and ceased to sell additional dolls to him, prompting him to turn to a manufacturing company in Hong Kong to mass produce dolls similar in appearance to Thomas' at a cheaper cost to him.She and her husband, Tucker Thomas, told the press that she was more upset by the corruption of her dolls, for which she cared deeply, than the money she'd lost as the result of Roberts' actions.[18][19] Thomas died in 2013, at the age of 62, with her most favorite dolls attending her funeral alongside her family members and friends.The line was voluntarily withdrawn from the market following an agreement between Mattel and the Consumer Product Safety Commission in January 1997 following several incidents where children got their fingers or hair stuck in the dolls' mouths leading to safety warnings from Connecticut's consumer protection commissioner, Mark Shiffrin. .

Georgia's Babyland General Hospital: A Day Trip to the Cabbage

If you've ever wondered how the iconic Cabbage Patch Doll is actually born, a visit to North Georgia's Babyland General Hospital may render you and your family speechless (and provide a fun and unexpected daytrip from Atlanta).BabyLand General Hospital, the birthplace of the iconic Cabbage Patch Doll, was the first stop for us on a day trip visit to the North Georgia mountains.Truth be told, a tour of a baby doll toy factory was not at the top of my two boys' list of choices for a Saturday afternoon activity.I remember their squished faces, the excitement of going to pick one that I could call my own, and the feeling of responsibility when getting to sign "adoption" papers for my new baby doll. .

Don't Tell This Doll That Fads Die

Price tags of $130 in some stores were no deterrent.Consulting the Originator.Hasbro bought most of Coleco's assets, led by the Cabbage Patch Kids, for $85 million in cash in July 1989."The first thing we did was a new advertising campaign for over $10 million," said Lawrence H. Bernstein, president of the Hasbro Toy division. .

Cabbage Patch Dolls still top most popular Christmas toy list over

Cabbage Patch Dolls still top most popular Christmas toy list over past 50 years even beating Buzz Lightyear, Barbie and Lego.Top of Santa’s deliveries were Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, the soft toys with pudgy faces, which today sell for up to £30.Next Furious mother reports teacher to police for 'criminal... Snapchat turns down $3 billion Facebook offer in the hope it... Share this article Share Created by American art student Xavier Roberts in 1978, they dominated toy charts through the 1980s and remain popular.The puzzle, invented in 1974 by Hungarian professor of architecture Erno Rubik, became a craze in British school playgrounds.The biggest selling toy in 1987, Sylvanian Families, made a slight comeback in the digital age.Third place went to Monopoly, the board game which can trace its roots back to 1903 when it was invented by an American woman, Lizzie Philips.Her goal was to create an educational tool to explain tax theory and it was not until 1933 that it was launched by Parker Brothers as a family game.It has been updated over the generations and even this year a new version, featuring big brand names like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, is tipped to be a success.In 1996, the year the first film was released in the UK, the demand for Buzz Lightyear toys had parents touring high streets desperate to find one.It was a pattern followed in later years for the Teletubby soft toys from the popular pre-school BBC series and the owl-like Furby.Dolls inspired by the popular nineties television programme, Teletubbies, were also featured on the list put together by Debenhams.Other famous names in the top ten were Barbie dolls, which have been on sale since 1959, and Sylvanian families.James Ford, toy buyer for Debenhams, said: ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Lego are still as popular today as they were when they first launched.Film and television characters such as Buzz Lightyear (left) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (right) beat the shift towards high-tech gifts.


How to Sell Original Cabbage Patch Dolls

According to the Cabbage Patch Kids website, they became the best selling new doll ever to be introduced to the toy market.Original Cabbage Patch dolls are still sought today by collectors around the world.All Cabbage Patch dolls should have stamped signature on the left side of their tush by the creator, Xavier Roberts.Remove any lint from hair and clean face carefully with a soft cloth and a non-toxic all-purpose cleaner.List your doll on a website that offers Cabbage Patch Kids exclusively.Be sure to include clear of the doll's body, face, hair, stamp and signature, birth certificate and box if available. .

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