Pad Thai Rice noodles stir fried with bean sprouts, green onions, egg, and roasted peanuts.Pad Woodsen Stir fried glass noodles with egg, Napa cabbage, carrots, peapods, bell peppers, tomatoes, white onions and bean sprouts.Basil Noodles Spicy wide rice noodles stir fried with basil leaves, crushed garlic, bamboo shoots, white onions, sweet and hot peppers.Curry Noodle Spicy stir fried wide rice noodles in Thai mild curry with carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, peapods, celery and white onions.Spicy Basil Leaves Your choice of meat stir fried with basil leaves, bamboo shoots, crushed garlic, white onions, jalapeno, fresh chilies, and bell pepper with steamed rice.Three Delight Stir fried peapods, mushrooms and broccoli in house gravy with steamed rice.Three Flavored Fish Stir fried bell peppers, crushed garlic, fresh chilies, onions, bell peppers, pineapples and tomatoes in our special sauce over tilapia nuggets with steamed rice.Pad See Ewe Wide rice noodles stir fried with egg and broccoli.Khee Mao (Spicy Noodles) Spicy stir fried wide rice noodles with carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, bean sprouts, hot pepper, peapods, white onions and basil leaves.Cashew Chicken Slices of chicken breast sautéed with roasted cashew nuts, red bell pepper, mushrooms, pineapple, peapods, white onions with steamed rice.Three Vegetables Fish Stir Fried bamboo shoots, peapods, and mushrooms over tilapia nuggets in a light gravy with steamed rice. .

Healthy Chinese Food: 10 Great Takeout Options

Furthermore, if you scan the menu, there are oftentimes a section that offers choices that are lower in fat, sugar, and salt.Here are the 13 healthiest Chinese food takeout options, along with tips to choose entrées, side items, and sauces.You can reduce the fat content by asking for steamed instead of stir-fried broccoli and asking if it’s possible to serve the sauce on the side.You will lose the oil that it’s normally cooked in, which will lower its fat and calorie content to give it a healthier twist.Baked salmon is high in protein, rich in healthy omega-3 fats, and free of carbs.Paired with a side of steamed vegetables, baked salmon is a perfect entrée for low carb or keto dieters.Although its exact nutrition info is not available, happy family is high in protein because it contains both meat and seafood, while the vegetables add fiber.Like other stir-fries, you can choose light sauce to limit the added calories, fat, sugar, and salt.It’s a stir-fry made with tofu and steamed vegetables like bok choy, cabbage, and broccoli in a light, savory sauce.To maximize the potential heatlh benefits, go light on the sauce and consider skipping the side of pancakes that it’s usually served with.Eggplant, the star ingredient of the dish, is low in calories and a great source of several key nutrients, including fiber, manganese, folate, and potassium ( 12 ).Not only is it high in protein and micronutrients like niacin and selenium, but it’s also topped with peanuts, which are a great source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats ( 13 , 14 ).Try asking the restaurant to throw in some extra veggies and consider limiting your portion size if you’re keeping an eye on your sodium intake, as it sometimes contains high amounts of salt.Instead, it’s made using a fermented black bean sauce often used to prepare lobster in traditional Cantonese cuisine.You can also boost the available fiber, vitamins, and minerals by requesting extra vegetables such as broccoli, mushrooms, or bell peppers.Many entrées at Chinese restaurants are battered and deep fried, and should be avoided, as they’re high in added fat, starch, and calories.Ideally, you should choose entrées that are baked, steamed, boiled, or sautéed in a small amount of oil.Typical side dishes like fried rice, lo mein noodles, crab rangoon, and egg rolls are high in calories — and fat.Veggie-based items like edamame, lettuce wraps, braised bamboo shoots, or cucumber salad are a few other great options you can try.Summary Sauces can be a huge source of calories from sugar, fat, and salt.Recent research has found that MSG presents little risk of harm to most people when consumed in moderate amounts ( 21 ).Summary MSG is a common but controversial ingredient in many Chinese food takeout dishes. .

Lo Mein (Take-Out Copycat) Recipe

This Lo mein recipe doesn’t require a dozen different condiments and the process from start to finish is probably less than 20 minutes!Make it Chicken Lo mein but vegetables that you may already have on hand can be all that you really need.Bamboo shoots or bean sprouts are not mandatory to make lo mein, using the ends of a romaine head (or any salad greens, chopped up with white parts), or even a stalk of celery can all make substitutes for the crunchy veggies.Making Lo mein is simple with some cooking, frying, and tossing you have a take-out copycat made from home.Drain; rinse and toss with 1 TBSP oil to prevent sticking.NOTE: Add 1 tsp of sesame oil with the veggies for an aromatic flavor.Chow mein, on the other hand, can be steamed or bought crispy.Twin Marquis lo mein can be kept frozen until needed and takes minutes to cook. .

Shrimp Stir-fry with Cabbage and Parsnips

This Shrimp Stir-fry with Cabbage and Parsnips makes a filling and flavorful easy weeknight dinner.: really any size will work for this recipe, but I like to opt for large shrimp (30-35 count).green cabbage: you’ll need about 4 cups shredded, which equals about half a small’ll need about 4 cups shredded, which equals about half a small head.: the recipe uses a 1/2 pound, roughly 2 large parsnips red onion.Cutting parsnips into matchsticks ensures they’ll get nice and tender in a the relatively short cooking time of a stir-fry.This matchstick technique works also great on other firm vegetables like carrots or daikon.Start by tossing the shrimp with 1/2 teaspoon of salt in a small bowl.Cook, tossing occasionally, until the cabbage is tender and wilted, about 5 minutes or so.Dump the shrimp back in the skillet, then pour in the rice vinegar and coconut aminos, and sprinkle in the Chinese Five Spice powder.Remove the skillet from heat, then stir in some fresh lime juice.3 green onions thinly sliced Instructions Toss the shrimp with 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt in a small bowl.Cook, tossing occasionally, until the cabbage is tender and wilted, about 5 minutes.Pour the coconut aminos and rice vinegar into the skillet, and sprinkle in the Chinese Five Spice powder.Add the shrimp back to the skillet, toss well, and cook for another 2-3 minutes.Stir in the lime juice and garnish with green onions before serving.The ingredient or equipment sections above may contain affiliate links to products that I personally use or recommend! .

Restaurant Menu

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness. .


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