It goes really well with corned beef, pot roast, grilled chicken and even pork chops.I also like to keep the spices very simple and only use salt, pepper and a bit of paprika to add a smoky flavor.It’s an Irish side dish that’s made by pan-frying cabbage with onions and basic spices and served predominantly with corned beef.If you are looking for other sides, you may like these easy honey glazed carrots or these jalapeno garlic mashed potatoes. .

Southern Fried Cabbage Recipe

Rating: 5 stars This is the best fried cabbage recipe I've ever had!I didn't use the oil for frying the bacon (you really don't need it) and I took the bacon out of the pan when it was done.It gets a bit soggy after you add the cabbage because of all of the natural moisture coming out of the cabbage as it cooks.Rating: 4 stars Great recipe, but I think it is better if you double the bacon and omit the vegetable oil.Next time, I also will take the suggestion of dipping out the bacon before adding the cabbage and onion, then adding the bacon back after the cabbage and onion have been fried.As I was making this, I remembered that my Mother and Grandmother kept a lid on it and lifted it now and then to stir, which differs a bit from this recipe as it says to stir continuously.Rating: 5 stars I agree, omit the oil and maybe some extra bacon, but I have always added splash of red wine vinegar to fried cabbage and use brown sugar for the white.I placed a lid on the pan which helped seal in the flavors of the seasonings.Rating: 2 stars Made this twice.The first time exactly as written, the second time, I omitted the oil and doubled the bacon, just using the bacon grease to cook the cabbage in. .

Fried Cabbage

Fried Cabbage with Bacon cooks in no time!Perfect for your meal plans, fried cabbage is an easy throw-together recipe.Enjoy it on its own or as a side to go with buttery cauliflower mash, roast chicken, pork roast, or a juicy pan seared Steak with a mushroom cream sauce.There are so many different variations for fried cabbage online, but this is the one recipe we’ve loved for many years!Because, for ultimate flavour and true southern style cooking, you’re going to fry your shredded cabbage in bacon grease.Honey Garlic Butter Roasted Carrots. .

Sauteed Cabbage

Tender and caramelized with obsessively tasty brown bits, you’ll be twirling this cabbage on your fork, nibbling it right out of the pan, and wondering when it was that you became the sort of person who is this enthusiastic about a vegetable.Sautéed Cabbage changes all of that.Add a bit of olive oil, butter, heat, and a surprise final ingredient, and the cabbage is transformed into something I would serve to the best of company.How to Make Sautéed Cabbage.This recipe has FOUR ingredients, along with salt and pepper.Cabbage .I like to use butter AND olive oil in this Sautéed Cabbage recipe.I like to use butter AND olive oil in this Sautéed Cabbage recipe.One of my favorite parts about cooking is learning about how simple changes—like adding vinegar to sautéed cabbage—can transform a dish from something good enough to something truly special.Start to finish, this Sautéed Cabbage takes 15 minutes, and much of the cooking is fairly hands-free.Add the butter and olive oil to a fairly large, deep sauté pan.What to Serve with Sautéed Cabbage.Sautéed Cabbage with Bacon .Once the bacon is almost crispy (about 3 minutes), add the cabbage, and sauté according to the recipe directions.Once the bacon is almost crispy (about 3 minutes), add the cabbage, and sauté according to the recipe directions.Another quick and always delicious addition to your repertoire.Another quick and always delicious addition to your repertoire.EVERYONE loves this recipe (must be the Parmesan on top).EVERYONE loves this recipe (must be the Parmesan on top). .

Sauteed Cabbage Recipe

1) Cut the cabbage in half and, with the cut-side down, slice it as thinly as possible around the core, as though you were making coleslaw. .

Fried Cabbage

Cabbage becomes sweet and tender and absorbs the delicious smoky salty flavor of the bacon.The result is a simple side dish great for serving with grilled chicken breasts or pork tenderloin!Southern fried cabbage is slow-cooked and simmered in its own juices along with bacon and diced onion (I sometimes add a clove of garlic as well) and it goes with other comfort foods like pot roast, meatloaf and polish sausages.Growing up with a Polish grandmother, we always had all kinds of cabbage dishes and now it just reminds me of childhood.Add onion and cook in the bacon drippings until tender (this has max flavor).Fry up chopped green peppers with the onions, add leftover baked ham or capers. .

How to Fry Cabbage Southern Style

Add your favorite additions (like onion and a pinch of sugar) if you like it that way and whip up this super affordable supper side dish in less than a half hour.Just cabbage, bacon, salt and pepper makes your house smell like somebody passed gas in it, but it will taste better than that, I promise!I prefer a few slices of bacon that are gently fried so the fat will render.Stir the cabbage until the edges start to brown then add a couple of tablespoons of water and cover the skillet with a lid.My family made fried cabbage as the recipe is listed here but if you want to add other optional ingredients, here’s how:.Cider vinegar: A couple of teaspoons added at the end can add a bit of tartness. .

Sauteed Cabbage (Easy & Healthy)

Sautéed cabbage is a simple side dish that has more flavor than you’d imagine.Sliced cabbage is tossed in ghee, garlic, and onions, then caramelized into a golden brown.The cabbage slices become meltingly tender with slightly crispy caramelized edges.And when you cook it with garlic and onions, it makes for a warm, fragrant and delicious side dish.Cabbage should feel heavy in size, with tightly packed leaves.If you saute too long with butter it can easily burn and olive oil doesn’t have as sweet a flavor.Ghee has a high smoke point, won’t burn and you’ll get that delicious buttery flavor.Before you sauté the cabbage, you’ll need to prep a main entree first.And if you love this recipe….you’ll be over-the-moon for my fried cabbage recipe with bacon, spices and mustard. .


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