The Cabbage Soup Diet is a weight-loss diet designed to promote rapid weight loss.According to the American Heart Association, the Cabbage Soup Diet is ineffective and poses numerous adverse side effects.For this reason, it is no surprise that gas, bloating and abdominal pain are common reported side effects of the Cabbage Soup Diet.However, the more cabbage soup you consume during the diet, the greater your becomes of experiencing these symptoms.The Cabbage Soup Diet encourages severe calorie reduction and provides no fat or protein.Heart and Electrolyte Problems.One of the dangers of extremely low-calorie diets, such as the Cabbage Soup Diet, involves the heart.For these reasons, the Cabbage Soup Diet may also lead to dehydration. .

Cabbage Soup Diet: Why Nutritionists Don't Recommend It for

Because liquids can lead to fullness, as can fiber-filled cabbage, the concept behind the diet is to minimize hunger and cravings.The plan allows for unlimited consumption of cabbage soup with small amounts of other foods included in a strict schedule.There is no science backing the effectiveness of the cabbage soup diet, and no prominent doctors or medical institutions promote it.However, some elements of the diet can be appropriated in healthier ways — like consumption of more filling, vegetable-based soups – says Laura Zeratsky, registered dietician and nutritionist for the Mayo Clinic.The soup is meant to serve as a filling, low-calorie primary food source, Zeratsky says.Between the fiber and the fluid, this typically limits the appetite, making it easier to adhere to a strict calorie deficit.According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, diets this strict should be avoided because critical nutrients are missing.Depending on the recipe or a dieter's taste preference, this cabbage soup may contain high amounts of sodium, making it risky for people with hypertension and kidney disease.Although cabbage is a healthy diet component, the plan calls for such an intense caloric deficit that it could lead to weakness and muscle loss."Including a low-sodium [kind of] vegetable soup could be a step in the right direction in terms of feeling full.". .

Cabbage Soup Diet: Negative Side Effects & Alternatives

The cabbage soup diet is a short-term weight loss diet which has been around for decades.As the name implies, this extreme plan involves eating almost nothing but cabbage soup for seven days and claims to leave those who complete it around ten pounds lighter.While the cabbage soup diet can help you shed weight quickly, most of what you do drop during the diet is water weight, not fat, and will return almost immediately when the week is up.Cabbage Soup Diet Alternatives: How to Lose Weight Healthily.When you cut out sugar and carbs, you’ll find that your hunger levels start to diminish, and you’ll need far fewer calories to feel satisfied.Eat plenty of protein, fats and vegetables.To really enhance your weight loss, start lifting weights two to three times a week. .

Cabbage Soup Diet Review: What's in It and What Experts Say

An important consideration is the lack of healthy fats in this diet.While you may be looking to get rid of body fat, dietary forms of fat are important for feeling full.Perhaps one of the most concerning risks associated with fads like the cabbage soup diet is the havoc they can wreak on your metabolism.Another consideration with fad diets such as the cabbage soup diet is that short-term weight loss of more than the recommended 1 to 2 lbs.per weeks is likely attributed to water weight, and not the coveted fat loss so many dieters are vying for.It’s important to weigh the benefits against the risks carefully before trying out any new diet, but especially one as extreme as the cabbage soup diet, and ideally work with a registered dietitian-nutritionist when following it. .

Disadvantages of the Cabbage Soup Diet

Another issue associated with the cabbage soup diet related to low energy levels is that some people experience headaches, lightheadedness and other symptoms.Therefore, you might have a hard time finding suitable beverage alternatives to help you curb cravings for alcohol, soda, coffee or other drinks.No fat is burned either, and the only other weight loss resulting from a cabbage soup diet is usually water. .

Cabbage soup diet: Can it help with weight loss?

During that time, you can also eat certain fruits and vegetables, beef, chicken, and brown rice, according to a set schedule.Because the cabbage soup diet is low in complex carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals, you shouldn't stay on it for more than a week at a time.Fad diets like this one may be tempting, but keep in mind that long-term weight loss depends on making lasting healthy changes in your eating and exercise habits. .

The Cabbage Soup Diet: Does It Work for Weight Loss?

Healthline Diet Score: 0.71 out of 5 The Cabbage Soup Diet is a short-term weight loss diet.0.71 Weight loss: 1.0.What Is the Cabbage Soup Diet?The Cabbage Soup Diet is a rapid weight loss diet.Summary The Cabbage Soup Diet is a one-week weight loss diet that promises to help you lose up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg).2 green peppers.You may also add other non-starchy vegetables, such as spinach or green beans.Day 2: Only soup and vegetables.Day 3: As many fruits and vegetables as you can eat, in addition to the soup.As many fruits and vegetables as you can eat, in addition to the soup.Day 6: Soup, beef and vegetables.Soup, beef and vegetables.Summary To follow the Cabbage Soup Diet, you need to prepare large batches of cabbage soup to eat multiple times per day.You are also allowed to eat 1–2 other foods each day.Yet, because the Cabbage Soup Diet is very low in calories, it will probably cause weight loss.While you’re allowed to eat unlimited amounts of soup and certain other foods during this diet, the choices are so limited and low in calories that it would be very difficult to eat enough to maintain your body weight.Although the Cabbage Soup Diet will probably help you lose weight, most of that weight is likely to come back as soon as you stop the diet.Studies indicate that when obese people follow very-low-calorie diets for 4–12 weeks under the supervision of a doctor, they can experience significant short-term improvements in weight loss and metabolic health ( 3 , 4 , 5 ).Another potential positive of the Cabbage Soup Diet is that you are not forced to go hungry, as you may eat as many of the allowed foods as you want each day.The diet also includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, which are low in calories and high in fiber.Summary The Cabbage Soup Diet is very low in calories, so it should cause you to lose weight if you can stick with it.In the first week of a low-calorie diet, only about 34% of the weight lost is actually from fat ( 1 ).Since it lasts only a week, most of the weight you lose is only water weight that will return once you stop the diet.Safety and Side Effects The Cabbage Soup Diet is not recommended for more than one week at a time because of how restrictive and nutritionally imbalanced it is.Very Low in Calories Although the Cabbage Soup Diet is not a starvation diet, the foods are so low in calories that it would be difficult to reach 1,000 calories per day.Gallstones may be more common among people following a very-low-calorie diet or a low-fat diet, such as the Cabbage Soup Diet ( 13 ).That said, the diet is not likely to have dangerous side effects for most healthy people as long as it is only used for one week, as intended. .

Introduction to the Cabbage Soup Diet

The diet lasts one week and is said to result in weight loss of about 10 pounds (4.5 kg) [source: Zelman].Some people, maybe because they became discouraged and unmotivated by the slower results of other diets, swear by the quick cabbage soup diet.So, the diet has its pros and cons, but you get to lose weight while keeping warm those last weeks of winter, right? .

Best Cabbage Soup Diet for Fast Weight loss

Cabbage soup diet is a nutritional plan that consists primarily of eating cabbage soup anywhere from 1-3 times per day, in addition to various other nutritional components, such as vegetables, lean meat, dairy products, fruit, and certain starches.This is a short-term diet that promises fast results, as it will let you cut your total caloric intake in half, at least, if you follow the specific directions every day.While many people labeled the cabbage soup diet as a fad, but there are a number of proven benefits to this strategy.This is just to ensure you that you get enough nutrients over the course of the week, while also re-training your metabolism and appetite, which can help maintain your healthy habits moving forward.Most people choose to eat at 4-5 set intervals in a day to have balanced calorie intake and stabilized energy levels.By making cabbage soup the central part of this diet, it is believed that it helps speed up the metabolism and reduce calorie intake, without depriving the body of too many essential nutrients for too long.As mentioned, this is only intended to be a short-term diet, as the limited caloric intake can eventually have negative effects on the body.A caloric deficit of 50%, combined with semi-regular exercise, can result in rapid weight loss, provided you can deal with the potential side effects of this diet.Since the duration is inherently limited, many people relapse or see the results they achieve disappear once they stop dieting and return to old patterns.While the basic minerals and vitamins are largely covered, some entire food groups are eliminated on given days, making it difficult to acquire protein or carbohydrates.There are a few wonderful cabbage soup recipes that will make this rather challenging diet a bit easier for those who love variation and flavor in their food.rosemary optional Instructions Warm olive oil in a large pot and add the bay leaf, onion, and garlic.Eliminating nearly half your calories doesn’t come without a cost, most notably a drop in energy levels, poor gastrointestinal health, headaches, nausea, and excessive flatulence.This is a combination of changing your diet rapidly and reducing the normal nutrient content that your digestive system expects.This is largely due to the sudden drop in calories, particularly if you have a relatively fast metabolism, or are an active person.While many people choose this diet for weight loss, others use it to detoxify, but depriving your body of calories can be dangerous.It is important to drink a lot of water, as it can prevent headaches and help you feel full.Therefore, expect some emotional or unpredictable moments when your body is literally begging you to give it more calories. .

Cabbage soup diet: Everything to know about the low-calorie diet plan

As the cabbage soup diet plan is an extreme diet that is incredibly restrictive, you shouldn’t stay on it for more than one week.Like the 5:2 plan and other intermittent fasting diets, this restrictive diet plan is a good way to lose weight quickly but is not sustainable in the long-term.What is the cabbage soup diet?The cabbage soup diet is an extremely low-fat, high-fibre diet that lasts seven days.Many recipes include green peppers, onions, mushrooms and other vegetables,” she tells us.This is not a diet I would recommend anyone to follow,” she adds.Whilst weight loss can be expected (and seen as a pro of this diet), it’s worth noting that those who follow the cabbage soup diet will put the weight back on when they come off it.“However it’s crucial to bear in mind that this diet is not a sustainable way to lose weight in the long run, and will likely result in you regaining the weight you lose once you stop restricting your intake of normal foods.”.“I made a fresh batch of the cabbage soup every two or three days and followed the other bits of the plan, like eating lots of fruit and veg.Cabbage soup diet 7-day meal plan.Day 1: You can eat as much fruit as you want (except bananas) along with unlimited cabbage soup, water and unsweetened tea and coffee.Day 2: Avoid fruit but eat raw veg and cabbage soup.Day 3: As much cabbage soup, fruit and vegetables as you like (excluding potatoes and bananas).Day 4: Unlimited cabbage soup.Cabbage soup diet recipe.To make cabbage soup you will need:.How to make cabbage soup:. .


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