POPSUGAR is excited to present this cinnamon butter baked carrots recipe from Becky Tarala, the blogger behind The Two Bite Club.If your Thanksgiving menu is in need of a simple yet beautiful side dish, cinnamon butter baked carrots are the way to go.This easy-to-make recipe features fresh carrots that are smothered in cinnamon butter and then baked in the oven until they are perfectly glazed and tender.With the stunning presentation and sweet cinnamon butter sauce, these carrots are sure to steal the show this holiday!I've hosted holidays in our home for quite a few years now and, while there will always be a million things running through my mind as I plan, I've gotten pretty good at coming up with a well-rounded menu!I love to serve a variety of casseroles with our turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes and, while everything I plan to make is absolutely delicious, my menu usually begs for something simple, fresh, and beautiful to balance out the heavy, rich dishes I initially crave.Once you transfer the baked carrots to a serving platter, you drizzle that irresistible cinnamon butter over the top and it is like the icing on the cake! .

Christmas Carrots with Orange & Maple

But the long and thin baby carrots are also excellent, or even the multicoloured 'heritage' carrots that are sometimes sold at this time of year.Definitely look for a pure juice rather than a concentrate, or your carrots will be far too sweet. .

Sous Vide Glazed Carrots Recipe

Tossing the carrots in the skillet for a couple minutes after cooking glazes them in their reduced juices, enhancing their flavor and appearance.When cooked in a sealed bag with a little bit of butter, sugar, and salt, the natural flavor of the carrot intensifies into a sweeter, stronger, and downright better version of itself.Pectin doesn't break down until 183°F (84°C), which means that no matter what vegetable you cook sous vide, you have to set your water oven to at least 183°F if you would like the end results to be tender.This means that vegetables are one of the cases where the beer cooler hack just won't cut it since it can't maintain a temperature that high for long enough. .

Clementine and Honey Glazed Carrots

Cooked in clementine juice, honey and butter, these Chantenay carrots definitely deserve a space on your dinner table this Christmas Day.finely chopped parsley This ingredient shopping module is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page.Directions Put the carrots into a large, wide frying pan, add the clementine zest and juice plus just enough water to cover most of them (don’t worry if a few poke through).Continue to bubble, stirring once or twice until almost all the liquid has reduced and you are left with a glaze to coat the carrots, about 15 min TBC. .

Best Honey-Glazed Carrots Recipe

In the oven, the honey and butter in the glaze will caramelize, transforming plain, boring carrots into an addictive side dish.You’ll just want to make sure that your carrots are all roughly the same size and shape, so they cook evenly in the oven.Try dried oregano or parsley, or throw in some ginger and sprinkle sesame seeds at the end.Try serving them alongside a delicious skillet of lemon-herb chicken and potatoes, or a comforting butternut squash mac ‘n’ cheese.Editor's note: We've updated the introduction on February 27, 2022, to include more information about the dish. .


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