The restaurant was overly bright but very beautiful: white-and-gold decorations like exotic eyes suspended from the ceiling, an open kitchen full of unruffled chefs behind a pass covered in intricate white fretwork, amuse-bouches served on little inlaid enamel boxes while the cutlery waited its turn on a carved block of bronze.This was 'local and artisanal' taken back in time: if the Arabs who ruled Spain for nearly 800 years (and whose final expulsion, like Columbus's legendary journey, occurred in 1492) didn't have it on their tables, Morales didn't want it on his.But what I remember are the carrots.I love vegetables and always have, but it had never occurred to me to give them star billing in a serious, non-vegetarian meal.We hear so much, now, about eating less meat.The carrot, a prosaic if pretty adornment of every Western dinner-plate, surely lacks such a fascinating past — or so I thought. .

Why I Love Creepy Carrots

After students have built this skill we can bring in more challenging texts.The problem in this story is very obvious for young readers, and so is the solution!Put the cards in order Use Beginning, Middle and End Use First/Next/Then/Last.This book provides opportunity for discussion around some challenging Tier 2 vocabulary.The vocab is challenging but not content specific like a nonfiction book would use.Model using the text and pictures to solve the meaning of the new words, so that students can (hopefully) do it on their own!But Peter Brown, the illustrator, creates amazing and simple art.Similar to Mo Willems, students can recreate these illustrations.We can do fun directed drawings that build students creative and artistic confidence! .

3 Reasons Your Body Will Love Carrots

While your body does a decent job absorbing fat-soluble vitamin A (which is abundant is carrots), it needs a little extra (added) fat to absorb the vitamin K, which is also readily available in carrots.Sight Saver: The antioxidants in carrots protect our heart, and the phytonutrients in carrots protect our eyes from night blindness.Looking for a simple and healthy carrot recipe? .

Learning to Love Carrots

I know carrots are nutritious (high in vitamins A, B6, C, K) but I don't really like them.Raw, their taste and texture never appealed to me.Carrots were my impulse purchase at the farmers' market and I need to use them up!I may be grasping at straws but is there any hope for me when it comes to learning to like carrots?I have to force cooked carrots down in front of my kids, so they'll eat theirs.I made this last night and I couldn't even tell they were in the dish.I served it at Thanksgiving and it was a major hit: is where 80% of my carrots end up before moving to their final dish.Raw carrots are remarkably good with a bit of sharp cheddar cheese.What also like is the natural sweetness and extra vegetable benefit that I get when I "sneak" them (finely grtaed) into foods like tomato pasta sauce, meatloaf, and muffins.I don't crae for them totally raw, even on a vegetable platter I prefer them lightly steamed so that they are not as hard.Oh, I can certainly can vouch for the carrot, harrisa, feta and mint salad that took the blog world by storm.I might have to pick up some carrots at the farmers market tomorrow to make some!My Wife makes them by peeling, dicing,and boiling them with Brown Sugar or Honey.I'm not crazy about carrot soup but I'll eat it.I think maybe crpaulk's idea of sauteeing them with shredded zucchini would work but I'd need salt rather than nutmeg.Try shredding them along w/ some zuchini and very lightly sauteing them, then toss in a pinch of nutmeg.Cook them just till they are warm and start to soften.The carrot salad that took the blog world by storm!WOW, I cant imagine not loving carrots.My favorite is roasted with red potatoes, oinions,garlic(whole cloves)green beans(added with about 15 min.before taken out) EVOO and FRESH rosemary all tossed ia bowl with salt and pepper to taste.I'm making carrot-ginger soup today - this recipe, but with lots of pepper and some light cream. .

Academy of Hope — Love & Carrots

Love & Carrots is thrilled to partner with Academy of Hope, a DC Public Charter school focusing on continued adult education, on their vegetable garden. .

Why Dogs Like Carrots

A dog’s palette is not nearly as refined and typically tastes foods as salty, sweet, bitter, or sour.Dogs use their nose to choose their food more than their taste buds, so the smell of carrots might be enticing to them.Vets have recommended a cold carrot to relieve the discomfort of teething in puppies. .

New Carrots at Instacart

I love doing work focused on engagement and belonging—I joke that my favorite job of all time was as a summer camp counselor when I was 19, building impactful experiences for kids, and I’ve infused that same energy into my career.Throughout the transition to remote, we stayed rooted in program principles focused on delivering positive first experiences while enabling New Carrots to get up to speed and start making impact quickly.To help people feel welcome and keep it real, I always introduce my dog, Rusty, and show new Carrots my work from home setup in my living room on Zoom.With the added complexity of onboarding virtually, I take extra steps to make sure folks know that distractions are okay, kids popping into the screen are welcome, and laugh at the fact that none of us are likely wearing shoes!Onboarding is truly a team effort: there are at least 50 different people involved at various points in the process, whether they are orientation presenters or working on the backend to prep hardware and train new hires on our tech.I’m still good friends with people I met on my first day in the office, so I know the power of spontaneous connections when you’re starting a new job—and I now understand the challenge of creating them virtually.We kept it simple by building in program elements like Zoom Breakout rooms, Instacart trivia in the chat, swag giveaways, and encouraging folks to unmute and engage with Orientation speakers.Max spends an hour with new hires every Monday to talk about Instacart’s founding story, how we got where we are today, and how our employees exemplify our company values.Throughout Orientation, New Carrots meet with leaders and members of teams across the company, including Care, Research, Shopper Operations, and Business Development.It’s equally important that New Carrots get a sense of our culture and how our Diversity, Equity and Belonging (DEB) strategy shapes how we operate as a company and community.Because we believe it’s just as important to connect over things that aren’t work-related, we also host virtual events just for New Carrots like meditations, home scavenger hunts, and trivia games to get to know your onboarding cohort.As we look forward to and anticipate supporting a hybrid workforce of in-person and remote employees, we’re still grounded in the key program pillars around Enablement, Alignment, and Belonging. .

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