I find cauliflower really easy to cook and it’s so delicious that I wouldn’t mind eating it every day.I usually just throw cauliflower florets along with other vegetables on a sheet pan, drizzle with olive oil and perhaps some kind of sauce or seasonings and just roast it.It’s much easier than roasting in the oven, as no watching is required and the cauliflower turns out so tender that it starts falling apart!Once the cooking is finished and the Instant Pot beeps, quickly release the steam and carefully remove the lid.Take the cauliflower head out, glaze again and place under a broiler for 7-10 minutes to get a lovely crust.You can simply steam the cauliflower plain in the Instant Pot, or add a different marinade or rub.Parmesan, olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper is a great idea. .

Healthy Instant Pot Cauliflower With Delicious Gravy

Make this awesome healthy Instant Pot cauliflower with creamy gravy for any party night or weeknight dinner.After cooking a whole chicken in the Instant Pot it was time to try this delicate vegetable in it.Add some vegetable stock in the bottom as this will help create steam inside and cook the cauliflower.Cooking whole cauliflower at high pressure in the Instant Pot needs only 3-4 minutes.Once done, the remaining liquid will be helpful in making a delicious gravy to go with this dish.You can rub the spice mixture all over the cauliflower and marinate well in advance before cooking it in the Instant Pot.It will help the cauliflower head to sit flat in the serving dish without leaning on any side.Print Pin 4.77 from 13 votes Garlic And Herb Instant Pot Cauliflower With Delicious Gravy Whole cauliflower head flavored with fresh garlic and herbs and cooked in the pressure cooker.Also, learn to make delicious gravy that compliments this steamed whole cauliflower dish.salt and pepper For Gravy 1 onion cut into large pieces.1 tbsp whole wheat flour Instructions In a small bowl combine all the ingredients listed under marinade.Add flour to the gravy base and blend everything using a hand blender until it gets to a smooth consistency.This page may include affiliate links which help us to deliver free recipes and maintain this blog. .

Best Instant Pot Cauliflower – A Couple Cooks

Here’s a fast, easy, and healthy side dish: Instant Pot cauliflower!Flavored with lemon zest and Italian seasoning, you won’t be able to stop eating it.But steam it in a pressure cooker until it’s just crisp tender, then mix with olive oil, Italian seasoning and lemon zest and POW!After all these years of thinking the only way to eat cauliflower was to roast it, we’ve found a way quicker way that works for easy weeknights.Place the florets in the Instant Pot with ½ cup water.You may find other recipes online that state a 0 or 1 minute cook time for cauliflower in the Instant Pot.In all of our testing, we found that 2 minutes was the sweet spot that yielded the perfect crisp tender florets.Then you’ll perform a quick release by immediately letting all the steam out of the top valve.The brand we use is an Instant Pot 6 Qt Programmable Pressure Cooker.All Instant Pot recipes on this website have been tested using that model, and we also can’t speak to other brands and types of pressure cookers.This Instant Pot cauliflower is one of our favorite easy side dishes!Instant Pot Brocolli is another favorite: it has a 0 minute cook time!Instant Pot Brussels sprouts are also fast to make and flavored with Parmesan cheese. .

Instant Pot Cauliflower

Low-carb steamed cauliflower is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins & minerals.They’re so easy to eat and full of tasty natural flavors.A+J Fans have been asking why their steamed Broccoli or Cauliflower in Instant Pot often comes out mushy or raw.*Pro Tip: The amount of cauliflower you cook & the amount of cold water you use will affect the overall results (as these factors affect how long your Instant Pot takes to come up to pressure). .

Five Secrets for the Best Cauliflower Soup

There are so many good reasons to make this Creamy Cauliflower Soup on repeat during the winter months.This soup is dairy-free and features nutritional powerhouses like cauliflower (obvi), white beans, and cashews.This soup is dairy-free and features nutritional powerhouses like cauliflower (obvi), white beans, and cashews.Thanks to an unbelievably creamy texture and unique flavor boosters, this is definitely the best tasting cauliflower soup you’ve ever had.Thanks to an unbelievably creamy texture and unique flavor boosters, this is definitely the best tasting cauliflower soup you’ve ever had.Herbs commonly used in a bouquet garni include sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, parsley, and bay leaves.Takeaway: To elevate the flavors, tie fresh rosemary, thyme, and a bay leaf together in a bundle (bouquet garni) and tuck it into this soup.If you tasted this soup blindfolded, you’d have no idea it’s dairy-free because it’s crazy creamy (check out the video to see what I really mean!Finally, when you blend everything together, the texture of the cauliflower soup becomes luscious and unbelievably creamy.Of course, I like to round out this meal with a crusty hunk of bread :) Takeaway: Raw cashews and white beans make this soup just as creamy (if not creamier) than any dairy-based soup and also make it a satisfying complete meal.Lemon zest brings a bright citrus zing, a nice complement to the cozy, warming flavors in this soup.brings a bright citrus zing, a nice complement to the cozy, warming flavors in this soup.Extra virgin olive oil lends a rich body and mouthfeel, making this soup feel almost as luxurious as a Turkish bathrobe.Takeaway: To take this soup to to another level, finish each bowl with some lemon zest, chili flakes, and a good-quality extra virgin olive oil.I found that the flavor difference was negligible and certainly not worth the extra time and cleanup.Takeaway: No need to spend time roasting cauliflower because this soup uses other techniques to pack in lots of flavor.Pour in some vegetable broth to deglaze the pot, scraping up the browned bits.Add the cashews and cannellini beans, along with the nutritional yeast, salt, and pepper.Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to maintain a rapid simmer for 15 minutes, until cauliflower is tender and soft.Remove the bouquet garni and transfer the soup to a stand blender and blend until smooth and creamy.I use my best-quality extra virgin olive oil only for finishing and raw applications, and this is one of those cases where it makes a difference!If you don’t mind a slightly more rustic version, an immersion blender works fine.Since this soup makes a large quantity, I usually freeze a couple single-serve portions using my Souper Cubes (affiliate link).I use thyme and rosemary in this soup because I love how they pair with cauliflower, but you can also substitute with fresh sage or oregano.It’s a beautiful coarsely ground red pepper commonly used in Middle Eastern cuisine as a condiment and originally hails from Aleppo, Syria.Our favorite way to eat this soup is with a hunk of good bread, like a sesame loaf or sourdough.I hope you give this easy and delicious Creamy Cauliflower Soup recipe a try!Bread for serving (optional) Instructions Pour boiling water over the cashews to cover and let rest for 15 minutes.Once hot, add the onions with a pinch of salt and cook for 8-10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until golden brown.Add the remaining broth, water, soaked and drained cashews, cauliflower florets, cannellini beans, nutritional yeast, kosher salt, and black pepper to taste.Then reduce the heat to maintain a rapid simmer and cook for 15 minutes, or until the cauliflower is tender and soft.Remove the center cap of the blender and cover it with a dish towel to allow the steam to escape.Transfer the soup to bowls, and before serving, zest some lemon on top, add a scattering of chili flakes, and drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil. .

Amazing Steamed Cauliflower

Easy, fresh & tasty Steamed Cauliflower made in the Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker).Enjoy this low carb healthy vegetable made in less than 15 minutes.My family loves cauliflower in any form, be it steamed, roasted, stir fry, soup or a curry!This post is following the Amazing Steamed Broccoli I shared some time back.We like steamed cauliflower seasoned with just salt and pepper, or sautéed in garlic, herbs and butter.Then at the center make a cut from the top of the crown to divide the cauliflower into 2 pieces.Just like broccoli in the Instant Pot, cauliflower cooks perfectly in zero minutes.I just found a steamer basket in my kitchen which fit perfectly in the instant pot, so I did not purchase one.You can place this basket under cold water for 2-3 minute to stop the cooking (optional), give a ice bath or just eat the cauliflower right away.I have heard lots of comments that vegetables can get mushed in the instant pot.√ Cut the cauliflower florets in almost equal size so they all cook consistently.And if you love vegetables, don’t forget to check out my Instant Pot Basics Series for Steamed Carrots, Baby Potatoes, Pumpkin Puree and more! .

How to Cook Whole Cauliflower in the Instant Pot

Welcome to Set It & Forget It, a new series about all the ways we rely on our slow cookers, Instant Pots, and ovens during the colder months.Whether it's abcV's garnish-bejeweled cauli-crown or Alon Shaya poached-then-baked centerpiece, roasting an entire head of cauliflower is one of the best ways to celebrate the cruciferous vegetable in all its glory.Not to mention you don't have to deal with the mess that comes with floreting the beast, i.e. spraying it all over your kitchen counter (and floor).A single head of cauliflower fits snugly onto the metal trivet of even the smallest 3-quart model—and cooks it absurdly fast.It's comforting to know that in 5 minutes I can have an instant side dish to round out all manner of meals, like honey-mustard chicken, grilled baby back ribs, and pan-fried lamb chops.Because as much as I love eating these mains with fresh white rice, my go-to carb, I don't always have the patience to wait for a pot.Shaya gets around this by poaching the whole thing in a heavily salted brine of wine, lemon juice, and red pepper flakes, which penetrates the vegetable to the core.Chef Neal Harden at abcV serves his with various garnishes, including pickled pearl onions and a sharp, gingery tahini sauce, to complement the vegetable's characteristic (and comforting) blandness.I love the way Magic Spice's barbecued sweetness lends an almost meaty quality to the vegetable, not to mention unutterable savoriness (lip-smacking, if you will).The classic combination makes sense: That little sharpness from the cheese and musky aroma from the herbs complement the spiced, meaty cauliflower beautifully.).1 small head cauliflower, trimmed of leaves and stem cut as close to florets as possible.Place trimmed and cleaned cauliflower head on a cutting board and drizzle with olive oil.Sprinkle generously with the spice blend, taking care to rotate it and cover all sides completely, leaving back about a tablespoon for garnish later.Release pressure immediately and transfer cooked cauliflower to a cutting board.


The Easiest Instant Pot Cauliflower Recipe

This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission.It’s a healthy side dish recipe, and you can’t beat the zero minute cook time!For those nights when I’m short on time, this quick Instant Pot cauliflower is the ideal side dish.Adjust the spices according to your family’s tastes, adding more or less chili powder as desired.If you cut your veggies too small, they’ll fall through the gaps in the rack into the water.It’s a healthy vegan, gluten-free side dish recipe, and you can’t beat the zero minute cook time!1/4 tsp chili powder Instructions Wash the cauliflower and cut it into bite-sized florets.In a small bowl, combine the smoked paprika, salt, and chili powder. .

Instant Pot Cauliflower Mac and Cheese – WellPlated.com

Thus, it seems only appropriate that the first Instant Pot recipe I’m sharing involves another food trend for which I was behind schedule: All Things Cauliflower.By the time you finish reading this blog post, you could have an Instant Pot of healthy, cheesy goodness bubbling away.This Instant Pot mac and cheese recipe also packs a hefty serving of secret cauliflower in every forkful, but I promise you (and any picky toddlers on the premises) won’t be able to detect it.In fact, my very first taste testers of this Instant Pot Cauliflower Mac and Cheese were two of my best friends and their two-year-old daughter who never, under any circumstances, fails to share her candid opinion.After cooking with my Instant Pot for the last week, I honestly cannot believe I waited so long to buy one.When I posted a video of my shiny new Instant Pot to my Instagram story along with the question, “What should I make?”, I thought I’d receive one or two responses.My very first Instant Pot adventure was an adaptation of a coconut lentil curry (anyone want the recipe?How this Cauliflower Mac and Cheese came to life: My friend Kate texted to inform me that the no-dairy dietary restriction she’d been under for the past several months had been lifted.I recalled an Instant Pot Mac and Cheese recipe that Lindsay had recently posted.This Instant Pot Cauliflower Mac and Cheese begins with Lindsay’s classic Instant Pot mac and cheese as a base, then takes a few turns, the largest being the addition of the cauliflower.I pinky swear that not one single person at our dinner party was able to detect it and everyone went back for seconds.I pinky swear that not one single person at our dinner party was able to detect it and everyone went back for seconds.While I see the benefits, to me, that extra step defeats the entire convenience factor of the Instant Pot.While I see the benefits, to me, that extra step defeats the entire convenience factor of the Instant Pot.While I love this Cauliflower Mac and Cheese best straight out of the Instant Pot (a preference I confirmed repeatedly), it’s also prime for gussy-ing up.I stirred in chopped, sautéed chicken sausage and fresh tomatoes in one rendition, and it was AMAZING. .

Instant Pot Cauliflower and Butternut Thai Curry – Oh She Glows

I finally took the plunge and purchased an Instant Pot after being on the fence about whether I wanted a new appliance to take up real estate on my counter (it would have to fight for space next to the kids’ piles of artwork, after all).I had a stovetop pressure cooker back in the day and that thing used to scare the bejesus out of me with all of its rattling and clanking around.So the first two times I cooked with my new Instant Pot, I handed Eric a wooden spoon and instructed him to release the steam while I hid.Of course, I wouldn’t call this an authentic Thai curry by any means, but it’s delicious and comes together quickly on those busy weeknights.30 minutes I love the soft, stew-like texture of this spicy curry and how serving it over a cup of fluffy rice lends just the right amount of chewiness!I created this recipe out of a need for more go-to pantry dinner options that take advantage of my speedy new Instant Pot electric pressure cooker.This recipe's directions (steps 1 and 2) have been lightly edited as of January 10, 2018 to avoid some machines getting a burn notice.2 cups (75 g) packed stemmed and finely chopped kale or chard Serving suggestions: Cooked jasmine rice or grain of choice.Fresh lime juice Directions Add all of the curry ingredients (except the red lentils and kale/chard) to the Instant Pot and stir until combined.Once all of the pressure has been released, the float valve will sink and you won’t hear steam anymore.To achieve a thicker texture, I like to mash a bit of the curry with a potato masher, simply pulsing about 4 or 5 times around the pot.If your can seems to be on the low end of the liquid content, I would recommend adding a 1/2 cup of water to this recipe before cooking.** I love this Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste—it’s shelf stable and comes in a small glass jar.Onion powder will work as a substitute if that's what you have on hand, but I would suggest using a smaller amount (around 1/2 teaspoon) as it’s more flavourful.Simply add all of the ingredients except the kale (or chard, if using) to a large pot, stir, and bring to a low boil over medium-high heat.Nutritional info does not include rice or toppings and uses Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste in the calculation.PRINT EMAIL SHARE REVIEW Facebook Pinterest Twitter If you've made this recipe I'd love to see it. .


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