Check out this list of seven restaurants in Chicago where you can finally try vegan wings that taste just like the real thing, if not better.Chicago Diner: Buffalo Style Wings.Meat-free since 1983, Chicago Diner is one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Chicago.Their Special Recipe Wings are made with seitan, served with a side of vegan ranch & celery.Choose between bbq or spicy buffalo style or, if you can't decide, just get both.While Heartland Cafe's crispy buffalo bites are more vegan nuggets than vegan wings, they still deserve a spot on the list.Their crispy tofu bites are coated in spicy buffalo sauce and served with crudité, plus some vegan ranch dressing.But their baskets of crisps are what really pop out from the menu.These crispy wings are fried until golden and then doused in housemade Spicy Buffalo Sauce.Native Foods Cafe changes their menu regularly but one thing that sticks around is their chicken wings. .

Veggie Wings Delivery & Takeout (Chicago)

Well, the past couple of years have welcomed a “new” type of wing—one that is healthier and made with plants.In fact, it’s totally delicious and The Picky Vegan has worked out a way to perfect these even more.Not only does The Picky Vegan perfect how to make a crispy and delicious gluten-free cauliflower wing, but they also allow you to choose what sauce to top it all off with! .

The Best Chicken Wings In Chicago

Whether wing lovers need sustenance for a streaming binge, or if a sports fan needs something to nibble during the big game, this list has plenty to offer.The January 2020 update added Chiya Chai, Cleo’s Southern Cuisine, Fifty/50, Perilla, Phlavz, and Surf’s Up.The February 2019 update added Landbirds, HaiSous, Casa Indigo, Veggie Grill, and Full Slab.However, this should not be taken as endorsement for dining in, as there are still safety concerns: for updated information on coronavirus cases in your area, please visit the city of Chicago’s COVID-19 dashboard. .

Cauliflower Wings Delivery & Takeout (Lincoln Park)

Your saucy options include: traditional buffalo sauce, sweet chili sauce, creamy sesame sauce, and, for a unique twist, Korean BBQ sauce.And of course, a wings dish wouldn’t be complete without adding at least one dipping sauce! .

9 Places to Find Some Bomb Ass Chicken Wings In Chicago (2021

You have to get them bone-in with their signature buffalo pepper sauce and an ice-cold pitcher of Miller Lite on NFL Sunday’s.The Rambler has everything you’re looking for in the perfect neighborhood watering hole—friendly atmosphere, a dynamite beer garden, strong drinks, and a great menu.That menu is highlighted by their chicken wings with signature Rambler Sauce—a sweet and spicy, house-made barbecue sauce with a touch of cayenne and cumin to add a bit of a kick.Not to mention, every Monday they host Bachelorette/Bachelor Bingo if you need an excuse for a cold drink and some bomb-ass chicken wings to start your week.With plenty of sauces to choose from, affordable prices, and large portions for sharing (although, who would want to do that?Right near the United Center, you have a choice of 10, 20, 30, or 50pc wings, paired with exotic flavors like lemon pepper and Jim Bean Honey BBQ.Also on the menu are 8pc buffalo wings and the Island Style Jerk Chicken Dinner, which are equally delicious.Serving up Korean fried chicken at this unassuming wing joint, Crisp offers options like Seoul Sassy—made with ginger, soy, garlic, and other select spices, but NOT teriyaki—and Korean-American fusion BBQ.Sure, this place is more seafaring than the others on this list, but that doesn’t mean Surf’s Up South Shore can’t compete.Boasting some of the best chicken wings in Chicago, you can order up to 75 pieces, served in whatever sauce your heart desires — including Hennessey! .

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