Trash qality mangos paired with crappy ice cream topped with hot sauce.You could get better quality made mangonadas from a street vendor than this trash they serve here. .

Local Food: Where To Eat All The Garlic In Gilroy

One thing’s for sure: you’ll know when you’ve arrived in Gilroy, California aka the “Garlic Capital Of The World.”.As a result almost every restaurant has something garlicky on the menu from bread to fries to ice cream!Located in an historic spot and one of the oldest restaurants in the region, they have a hopping bar scene and classic white table cloth vibes in the dining room.To get an assortment of seasonally-driven flavors, head to Café Thyme where you can opt for one of their tapas or get a whole entree for yourself.For something non-garlic, go for one of the fresh salads like the one with spinach, pears, Blue Cheese, almonds, and a balsamic fig reduction.Most locals agree that the best version is served at Fifth Street Roasting Company the cute coffee shop in downtown.The slow roasted garlic with the creamy vanilla ice cream is well made but definitely an acquired taste.Ask locals and they’ll have their personal pick for the best tacos, burritos, but if you’re in search of a legit chile verde, the go to is Cielito Lindo.Head to the Garlic Shoppe to get some to snack on or to bring home as a souvenir. .

Gilroy Garlic Ice Cream Recipe

It may sound unusual, but those who have eaten it claim it is delicious and worth trying; the ice cream still has a nice, sweet flavor but with just a hint of garlic.Add your favorite toppings or experiment with something different, such as strawberries and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, or a little honey and dash of red pepper flakes. .

Garlic World: Home of the World's Longest Garlic Braid in Gilroy

While driving along Highway 101, a few miles south of Gilroy, I came across a huge store called Garlic World and knew that I had to pull over and check it out.It is a few miles south of downtown Gilroy, but there are a bunch of signs, so it is pretty hard to miss.When you enter, the left side of the store has lots of non-garlic items like fruits and vegetables.The other section of the store had canned and jarred items ranging from green olives to pickled garlic.After perusing the store, I made my exit, thankful for this fun stop where I could try touristy garlic items in Gilroy. .

6 Weird Things I Ate at the Gilroy Garlic Festival

*Affiliate disclosure: I may receive commissions if you buy via the links below.I guess you could say I like garlic enough to drive 50 miles to a festival that celebrates it.I guess you could say I like garlic enough to ditch my friends and drive to this festival alone on a Friday morning at 9.As a lover of garlic and all things weird, I simply couldn’t WAIT to try it out.I got to the festival as soon as it opened and made a beeline for this booth, so there weren’t many people lined up yet.“Have you tried it?” I asked the man handing garlic ice cream out.Swipe my FREE Profitable Blog Business Plan!I'M READY TO BE A DIGITAL NOMAD & MAKE MONEY We won't send you spam.For the first two seconds, you can convince yourself that it’s just sweet vanilla ice cream.If I owned a waffle booth and had to incorporate garlic into one of my items, I’d make a savory waffle, rather than a sweet one trying to disguise the taste of garlic.The cake itself was good, as was the pineapple sauce on top, but then there were bits of garlic (which were disguised by lots of syrup).But unfortunately, the chocolate surrounding it keeps luring me to take another bite, which always makes me gag, but then I keep doing it.First of all, the chocolate shell is DARK chocolate–not NEARLY enough sugar for my sweet tooth.Second, the garlic is encapsulated inside this chocolate shell, giving it time to really soak into the peanut butter, resulting in an oily, strong garlic presence inside.I still have the partially eaten garlic chocolate peanut butter cup inside my fridge if anyone wants it.I walked over to this booth, and they kept shoving free food samples in my face, which is my idea of paradise.The strangest thing was the garlic jelly; it’s tart and sweet and a little garlicky, actually pretty tasty.The garlic butter was pretty good; I could picture that being spread on bread or crackers.The employees and I joked that instead of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, we could make a garlic jelly and garlic butter sandwich…can someone please make that happen?This is the one instance in which I found a food that combines sweetness with garlic and it actually worked!I walked over to a volunteer booth, assuming all of them were locals and knew much more about the festival than I did.Immediately, they all pointed to their left, “The crab garlic fries!”.And though the whopping $9 price tag killed me a little bit inside, I do not regret buying the fries.Buying drinks at the festival is pricey, about $3 for a bottle of water.1) The parking lot COLOR 2) The row LETTER 3) The row NUMBER I parked in Green parking lot, row G. However, I didn’t realize there was also a tiny number on the sign bearing the “G.” So when I got back to my parking lot, I found several G rows, and it took 20 minutes to find my car.You may even hate going there because it smells like garlic everywhere and, like, it’s kind of the point of the festival. .

Gilroy's Famous Garlic Ice Cream

Driving up north on Highway 101 after spending Thanksgiving with the family in the CA Central Coast, we suddenly started smelling garlic.If you have the chance to visit Gilroy in CA, make sure to taste the garlic flavored ice cream!!! .

Garlic Ice Cream for the True Garlic Lovers

This semi homemade recipe is quick and easy to make at home.Plus great music, wine and beer tasting as well as arts and crafts sale.There was no way my husband and son would care to partake in the Great Garlic Ice Cream Tasting Adventure - translation they would gag at the mere suggestion of trying it - so I cheated, and just added minced garlic to vanilla ice cream.I actually got my son to try a small bite, and 5 seconds later he was running to the bathroom to spit it out and try to get the taste out of his mouth.If you want to go all in and make 2 quarts from scratch use this Country Vanilla Ice Cream recipe and add a clove or two of finely minced garlic before freezing.I would stick with minced and mashed fresh garlic cloves instead of powder or granulated simply for the texture.1 small clove garlic ( about ¼ teaspoon or less minced) Instructions Remove ice cream from the freezer for about 5 minutes to soften.Cover the ice cream and place back in the freezer to refreeze for a few hours before enjoying.We are celebrating National Ice Cream Day in our #FestiveFoodies hosted by Radha from Magical Ingredients Join us for celebrating #NationalIcecreamDay with wonderful flavors of ice cream perfect for the summer. .

Garlic ice cream is a flavor experience that must be savored

While vampires might not be screaming for this sweet and savory treat, garlic ice cream could be the flavor experience that deserves a second spoonful.Garlic ice cream isn’t necessarily a new idea.The subtle garlic flavor mixed with the sweet cream and honey is a lovely treat.While some people have found other savory applications to this ice cream, the reality is that the flavor really works as a dessert.Whether eaten on its own, drizzled with caramel or boosted with some hot honey, this ice cream will surprise you.Recently McCormick shared this recipe using Gourmet Garden Chunky Garlic Stir-in Paste.For the ice cream, place all ingredients in blender container; cover.Why not enjoy a bowl of garlic ice cream and open yourself to the flavor possibilities. .

Gilroy Garlic Festival

The event starts at 1 p.m. Friday, June 24, with a shotgun start and a four-person scramble format, followed by dinner at 6 p.m. and fun games, all supporting the Gilroy Garlic Festival Association, which has raised more than $12 million for community groups and charities.


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