Paired with a crusty loaf of bread, these sautéed dandelion greens with leeks, eggs and feta cheese highlights an often under-appreciated leafy green.We can get away with simpler meals and flavors in the summer months, and I love that.As you’ve probably noticed, the star of this dish is the fresh dandelion greens.[Although, I strongly recommend seeking out the organic variety from the farmer’s market or grocery store, because, well, yeah.Dandelion greens are actually one of the healthiest green vegetables out there.Paired with a crusty loaf of bread, this dish highlights the under appreciated dandelion green into an ingredient that I can’t wait to experiment more with in the kitchen, especially over the remainder of the summer months! .

10 Recipes Using Dandelion Greens

Yes, dandelion greens — the toothy-looking leaves of those small, sunny, invasive flowers that overtake fields and yards every spring and fall, are completely edible. .

Dandelion Greens With Garlic Recipe

Easily spotted during the spring in backyards, on sidewalks, and along train tracks, dandelion flowers, green leaves, and roots are entirely edible.If dandelions grow in public areas, ask the local authorities first before foraging them, as parks and trails are also sprayed during the hot months of the year. .

Dandelion Greens Recipe

An easy recipe for sautéed dandelion greens with cannellini and kidney beans makes a simple vegetarian meal that’s ready in under 30 minutes.I saw them in Whole Foods, bought a bunch, threw them in a pan like I would spinach or kale and was like “ok, wow these things are a quite bitter.”.So, when I saw a small starter container of dandelion greens at the nursery earlier this year as I started my stock tank garden (Megan has a great post on starting a stock tank garden if you’re interested), I grabbed it and stuck it in the dirt.Soluble fiber plays a big role in helping maintain the healthy bacteria in our guts.Their bitter nature allows them to pair with heavier, fatty flavors like eggs or bacon very well.Since discovering that pairing the dandelion greens with other foods while cooking is more palatable, that’s often my approach these days.Herbs of choice – I use fresh thyme but rosemary, oregano or tarragon would be all be great.You can also keep the meal preparation to one-skillet and consider adding some chicken, tofu, ground beef or lamb to the pan as you cook.With my own nutrition goals leaning much more heavily in the plant-based direction as of late, this meal is the exact kind of thing I tend to throw together when I don’t really have a “plan”.This simple equation is always a good fallback when you find yourself wondering what to make for dinner:.For example, take up 75% of your plate with the dandelion greens and beans then add your favorite grain or starch (rice/potatoes/millet/pasta), a fun sauce (hot sauce/tahini/pesto, etc.).and throw a healthy fat (sliced avocado/drizzle of extra virgin olive oil/chopped nuts/seeds) on top for a complete (and nutritionally sound) meal.Dandelion greens are delicious and I’d love for you to try them but, if you have spinach or kale or Swiss chard in your fridge instead, use that! .

10 Delicious Healthy Ways To Eat Dandelion Greens

Despite being a sustainable choice, it keeps cooking exciting (you have to somehow figure out how to eat that fall rutabaga and those spring nettles), and vegetables just taste better when they’re at their peak. .

What the Heck Do I Do with Dandelion Greens?

On top of that, they also contain more protein and iron than spinach.Whether weed, herb or flower, dandelions are a great addition to the diet.Sautéing and braising are simple and delicious ways to cook dandelion greens.You can add the greens to a white bean salad, stew or even soup for that extra flavor and nutrition.Emeril Lagasse: Garlic Braised Dandelion Greens with White Bean Puree and Crispy Pancetta.Just a nice citrusy vinaigrette will do the trick to balance the bitterness of a raw dandelion greens salad.An easy and familiar way to incorporate dandelion greens into breakfast (or any meal) would be including them in an omelet, frittata, quiche or tart.Pesto.And for a dandelion pesto, it is really important because the bitterness of the greens can overpower the other flavors.Throw some dandelion greens into a soup just as you would kale, chard or any other tough green.And as you might expect, dandelion greens work really well in a bean based soup such as lentil or pasta fagioli.For a quick meal, mix the braised or sautéd dandelion greens with cooked pasta, a spoonful of pasta water and grated parmigiano or romano cheese. .

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