Welcome to the wonderful quest of Chocobo breeding for the eternal masterpiece – Final Fantasy VII!This guide may not be used for profit purposes (i.e. printing and/or selling it), and may not be published without my authorization.As a matter of fact, it is considered one of the most complicated quests in the entire Final Fantasy series.Do note that it is a side-quest, meaning you don’t need to complete it at all in order to finish the game and/or to enjoy it.However, if you choose to tackle it, you will not only tremendously strengthen your characters, but also have a chance to explore deeper into the mysterious, yet wonderful depths of Final Fantasy VII.Note: This guide contains many **SPOILERS**, and is recommended for players who have at least made it to the last dungeon of the game (the Northern Crater).Generally, what you do in the quest is catch Chocobos, raise them, feed them, race them, and then breed them.This Chocobo will be your best friend and your only means of achieving the strongest Materia in the game.By having these Materia, you will can build a powerful team which can take up on any monster or boss out there, including the insanely difficult Emerald & Ruby Weapons.By having the Materia acquired through this quest, you’ll find your team practically unbeatable.Knights of the Round (known as “KotR”) is the most powerful summon Materia in the game.You’ll probably want to grab some popcorn however, because 8 castings of Bahamut Zero would take a while.You can start your Chocobo Breeding bonanza at disc 2, when Cid becomes the temporary leader of the group.Equip the Materia on a double growth weapon / armor, and fight the monsters around the forests near Mideel.Selling a “MASTER” All Materia grants you a whopping 1,400,000 Gil, with which you can easily cruise through the quest.If you’re at the end of disc 3, and have reached the Northern Crater, you should go to the swamp area that is located at its depths.This is where you can encounter monsters that yield very high AP and Gil – the “Magic Pots”, and the “Movers”.You can rent them at the Chocobo Farm (disc 2 onward – after leaving the Great Glacier).Fourth and final, you’ll need the proper Greens and Nuts in order to breed your Chocobos.You can buy different kinds of greens in the Chocobo Farm, but just like the Nuts that are sold there, they’re all pretty much useless.His house is located in the world map, at the northern continent near the Icicle Inn (see pic).He sells Sylkis for 5,000 Gil a piece (told you Chocobo breeding is expensive..).If, for some reason, you’ve forgotten how to catch a Chocobo, allow me to refresh your memory.Do note that after a few turns, if you haven’t killed all the monsters around him, the Chocobo will run away.However, you can stall him by feeding him some Greens, and that way you will have plenty of time to get rid of the rest of the enemies.When you choose to get off of him, you’ll have an option to move him to the Chocobo Farm (assuming you have rented a stable!).Once you return to the farm, you can speak to Choco Billy (the kid, located at the shed on the right), and select “Moving Chocobos”.By doing so, you will move the Chocobo you’ve caught from the fenced area outside, to one of the 6 stables you have rented.While the cheap ones usually have the same effect as the expensive ones (preventing the Chocobo from fleeing in the battle), the cheapest one (Gyshal greens) will only keep the Chocobo occupied for a couple of turns, while the expensive ones (Reagan Greens) can keep him there for up to 8 turns.If short on cash, Curiel Greens should hold the Chocobo long enough for you to finish off the rest of the enemies.He’ll rate the Chocobo that you’ve caught and determine his type according to this table:.The following table shows just how you can find out the type of the Chocobo you have just encountered in battle and wish to catch.Area ( Enemies that surround the Chocobo ) = ( Chocobo Type ) Chocobo Farm Area 2 Mandragora = Poor Mandragora & Levrikon = Poor 2 Levrikon = Weak 2 Elfadunk = Weak Junon Area 2 Capparwire (Front view) = Poor 2 Nerosuferoth = Poor 3 Capparwire = Fair 2 Capparwire (Side view) = Fair Gold Saucer Area Harpy = Average 2 Flapbeats = Average 2 Spencer = Good Rocket Town Area Velcher Task & Kyuvilduns = Mediocre 2 Velcher Task = Mediocre 2 Valron = Great 2 Kyuvilduns = Great Wutai Area 3 Tail Vault = Average 2 Tail Vault (Front view) = Average 2 Tail Vault (Side view) = Fair 3 Razor Weeds = Fair Mideel Area 3 Head Hunters = Fair 2 Head Hunters = Fair Spiral = Great 2 Spirals = Great Icicle Inn Area.Give your Chocobo a name that will help you determine its type and gender, in order to prevent confusion in the future.Nuts make two of the Chocobos you choose mate (and you have to breed a male with a female, of course).You’ll be asked with what kind of nut you want to make them breed.By maxing out the Chocobo’s status I mean that his status won’t increase any further (for example: Feeding your Poor Chocobo with 5 Sylkis or with 99 Sylkis won’t make too big of a difference).Also note that each type of Chocobo requires different amounts of Greens in order to max out his stats.Here’s a list of approximately how many Sylkis you’ll need to feed each Chocobo in order to reach their racing potential:.If money isn’t a consideration, feel free to further feed your Chocobo with Greens.Remember how Cloud needed to participate in a race in order to escape Corel Prison?However, doing so will increase your Chocobo’s ‘Class’, which in turn would improve its chances of producing a better offspring when being bred.Go to the Chocobo Square at the Golden Saucer and speak to Ester, on the upper-left corner of the room (she looks like a bunny…).Moving up a class means encountering tougher opponents but also better prizes.Important note: Sometimes, in B, A or S classes, one of your opponents will be Joe and his Black Chocobo Teioh.Cool trick: While racing, you can slowly replenish your Chocobo’s stamina by holding R1+R2+L1+L2 (Playstation), or [Page Down]+[Target] (PC).Cool reward: If you have a Chocobo at S class, and win 10 times in a row when racing it, Ester will give you a bunch of items: Counter Attack Materia, Sprint Shoes, Cat’s Bell, Precious Watch, and Chocobracelet.Random Number Generator bug: For many players, it appears that they always seem to be getting a Green Chocobo, no matter how many times they have tried reloading the game.There have been many discussions on the matter, and this seems to stem from a bug with the game’s internal RNG mechanism.This means that the game’s “randomness” is stuck – and you will always have the exact same result after breeding (i.e., always a Green Chocobo).In order to “unfreeze” this mechanism, it is advised to try entering/exiting the Chocobo Farm multiple times and feeding Greens of any sort.If you have a Chocobo that has just given birth and you need to breed it again but you can’t, simply go outside and fight between 3 to 10 battles.The reward for breeding colored Chocobos is the ability to access hidden Materia caves.Land the Highwind near the Mideel Area and ride your Chocobo on the water shallows to reach the cave.Mime Materia [Click here for a map] – This cave is located in the middle of the Wutai Area’s east coast and can only be reached with a Green, Black or Gold Chocobo.Land the Highwind anywhere in Wutai Area and ride the Chocobo over the mountains to reach the cave.The Ancient Forest is located east of Cosmo Canyon, and you can only get there with a green, black or gold Chocobo (You can also get there after you kill Ultima Weapon, at the end of disc 2).Lucrecia’s Waterfall – You can get there by a Blue, Black or Gold Chocobo, or using the submarine.This place is a hidden cave at Corel mountains and you can get there Vincent’s ultimate weapon and limit break, as well as learning an important part of the FF7 story.This section sums up all the above information into direct instructions on how to get a Golden Chocobo, and collecting the neat rewards.Before you start your quest, make sure you have enough money (at least 300,000 Gil, check How should I prepare myself?for tips on how to farm money) and that you’re after the part where Cloud returns to be the leader.After you’ve caught your Chocobo, press [Cancel] to get off of him and choose to send him back to the stables.Go to the building on the right, talk to the little kid in there (Choco Billy), and select “Moving Chocobos”.Now that you’ve got yourself a Good Male Chocobo, you’ll need a Great Female one.If Choco Billy says that he’s a male, reload your game and talk to him again until he’ll say that your Chocobo is a female.To get those, go to the Chocobo Sage’s house (near the Icicle Inn on the northern continent of the world map) and buy 10 Sylkis Greens (50,000 gil total).I would advise choosing the shorter route because it’s easier in the lower ranks.After that you’ll be asked with which nut you want to feed them in order to make them breed.At this point we would like to breed these two Chocobos (Good male, Great female) again, however, we need to wait for them to rest and recover.Now comes the tricky part: If you got a Green Chocobo (most likely), make the Good Male and the Great Female breed again (using a Carob Nut) but this time you’ll need to get a Blue Chocobo and he should be of the opposite sex of the green one!If you find yourself stuck, and keep getting an offspring with the same color, you might have a problem with the game’s RNG mechanism.Go to the Chocobo Sage’s house again and buy 20 Sylkis Greens (100,000 gil).The Wonderful Chocobo will appear with one or two Jumpings by his side, like this: This kind of fight can be rare, last time it took me about an hour and a half to finally encounter him!Mate these two with a Zeio Nut, but make sure you select the Black Chocobo first (due to a bug in the game).Make sure you give a cool name like “Goldy”, “Wing”, “Timmy” or whatever..The first thing you’ll probably want to do is collecting the most powerful Materia in FF7, Knights of the Round.You can collect more great prizes with your Golden Chocobo by racing it in Gold Saucer.In the S-Class you can win some great prizes like: Precious Watch, Counter Attack, Enemy Lure Materia, Enemy Away Materia, Chocobo Bracelet, Cat’s Bell, Megalixirs, Hero Drinks and many more.May 2004 – Lots of grammar and spelling mistakes fixed (I was pretty young back then ^^).Fixed some more grammar/spelling, changed font size so that ‘normal’ people can read it now.I am personally very excited for the release of the FFVII remake, and I will go through great lengths in order to update my guide with relevant information when the game is finally out.June 2019 – Some more minor text adjustments, trying to make some parts clearer.I truly appreciate each and every one of your emails, it makes me happy knowing I have helped so many people out there with this quest (I will never forget the frustration I had trying to figure it out back then).I have watched all the recent trailers for the remake and was elated with the amount of detail they have put into it.I hope this guide has helped you, and if it didn’t, please let me know, by sending me an e-mail to mike_chocobo AT outlook dot com. .

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough: Chocobo Farm

You can use the map below to help guide you to the location but essentially the Chocobo Farm is the only location you can currently travel to.Afterwards the Chocobo that you warked at will give you your first summon Materia which is called Choco/Mog Materia.His name is Choco Bill and he will tell you that the best way to get through the marsh and past the creature that lurks within (the Midgar Zolom) is to capture and ride a Chocobo.Gysahl Greens which keep a Chocobo occupied for 2 turns in battle Krakka Greens which reduce a Chocobos chances of running away in battle to 33.3% each turn Tantal Greens which keep a Chocobo occupied for 3 turns in battle Pahsana Greens which reduce a Chocobos chances of running away in battle to 20% each turn Curiel Greens which keep a Chocobo occupied for 5 turns in battle Mimett Greens which keep a Chocobo occupied for 1 turn and allows the Chocobo to use Chocobobuckle.The best Greens to purchase are Curiel Greens.Exit the Chocobo Farm and equip the Chocobo Lure Materia on one of your characters.Travel close to the Chocobo footprints nearby to the farm until you encounter a battle which includes a Chocobo. .

Final Fantasy VII/Chocobos — StrategyWiki, the video game

The earliest point in the game when this is possible is right before getting the third and fourth Final Fantasy VII/Huge Materias.A gold Chocobo will also allow you to get Vincent Valentine's Level 4 Limit Break before you get the submarine, and in turn see the secret "Lucrecia scene".As well as that, you can access the Ancient Forest near Cosmo Canyon before defeating Ultimate Weapon.Luckily, this is not only enjoyable, but by the time you get to B/A class you're getting more GP a race than you could get in an hour in Wonder Square.These four small areas with four great prizes are probably the main reason for breeding chocobos.Quadra Magic (blue): found on an island to the east of Chocobo Billy's Farm.(blue): found on an island to the east of Chocobo Billy's Farm.To improve your chances, level up your Chocobo lure materia as much as possible, and try to get your luck stat as high as possible using Luck Plus materia and the Amulet accessory, which you can purchase at Mideel before it is devastated by lifestream.Stables cost 10 000 gil (nothing compared to what you'll be spending on greens) and you can buy them from the ranch owner in the western building.You'll also need enough money to buy about 300 Sylkis Greens from the Chocobo Sage (visit his house located near the Icicle Inn).So to speed the process up, save the game outside the Chocobo ranch and then if you don't get the gender you want simply reload and try again.Chocobo Ranch Area 2 Mandragora "This one doesn't seem very good" Poor 1 Mandragora + 1 Levikron “This one doesn’t seem very good” Poor 2 Levikron “I really can't recommend this one” Weak 2 Elfadunk “I really can't recommend this one” Weak 2.At this point you should have a comfortable lead, press Square until your Chocobo is going full speed and just run until you get near the end.The disadvantage of this method is that you need to spend a couple of hours at the race track and possibly sell some stuff to fund this.Once you are in possession of this simply take it to the Kalm Trader who will exchange it for a gold Chocobo.However, it is much harder to defeat Ruby Weapon without the equipment and materia one can only acquire using the special chocobos.Getting a Golden Chocobo through breeding is actually quite easy - don't let the peoples' talk of this being hard disappoint you, if at all this can get a little bit boring.It just involves tons of resetting and luck manipulation if you want to do this the fast and logical way.You can steal these from Vlakondrios (the red dragon thing) south of Bone Village.You can steal these from Vlakondrios (the red dragon thing) south of Bone Village.Easily the most troublesome part of this mission: You can buy these from Chocobo Sage (north of Bone Village).Easily the most troublesome part of this mission: You can buy these from Chocobo Sage (north of Bone Village).Now, the gender of the caught yellow chocobo is determined when they are moved to the stables - not before.The best strategy is thus to save the game outside the stables on the world map, then go talk to Billy, and if you happen to get wrong gender, just reset.(Excluded from this definition of "losing" is losing to Joe and TEIO — beating that pair is nearly impossible without a golden one anyway...) Some say that the best way is to simply feed each of them 99 Sylkis, but that may be serious overkill, because the stats will max after about 40-60 Sylkis fed.I abused a lot of Mideel critters and ultimately sold a mastered All materia.Basically, you need to take your Great and Good breeding pair, feed them some Sylkis, then race them on Gold Saucer until they're both class A or S. While this is not strictly necessary, it greatly increases the chances of them producing a special offspring.Two class C chocobos can produce special offspring, but the odds are so low it will likely take hours of trying, failing, and restarting in order to get the desired results.Either way, you need to breed your Great Female with the Good Male, give them a Carob Nut, and the end result should be either a green or a blue chocobo.The parents won't breed again right away, though, so meanwhile, you should again Sylkis this colored chocobo up and race it to class A or S. Fighting battles seems to help pass the time as well or you can just catch 4 more chocobos (any kind from anywhere) and send them to the stables, you don't need to bring them inside they can just be let go.The end result should be a golden one (slightly darker than yellow chocobo).But if you can't stand listening to the race music any more times, try going treasure hunting.


Chocobo Breeding

He'll also tell you about the Chocobo Sage, a being purported to know the secret to breeding special Chocobos.Purchase at least four stables and head out to catch some Chocobos.Equip Chocobo Lure Materia (the more the better) and walk around near the tracks until you encounter a Chocobo in battle.Head for the barn, talk to Choco Billy, and select 'Moving Chocobos'.If you want to have any hope of reaching Class S, you'll have to build up the vital statistics (Speed, Intelligence and Stamina) of your Chocobos by feeding them greens.Tantal Greens - Speed, Stamina, Intelligence.Breeding Special Chocobos.'Great' Chocobos can be found near the tracks in the Rocket Launch Pad and Mideel Areas and 'good' Chocobos can be found near the tracks in the Gold Saucer Area.When you have an appropriate male and female Chocobo and you've raced them both to Class S, talk to Choco Billy and select 'Mating Chocobos'. .

Final Fantasy VII

It's not necessary to breed chocobos to win the game, but it's a cool side-quest, plus each special type of chocobo (Green, Blue, Black, and Gold) gives you access to a new cave with special materia, including the ultimate Summon materia.Green, Black, and Gold chocobos also enable you to reach the Forest of the Ancients (near Cosmo Canyon) without defeating the Ulimate WEAPON.At the end of the road you will find the W-Item materia, which will make your chocobo breeding much easier.If you use it to fill an extra space on your armor or weapon during the whole game, this is no problem.2.A Good Male chocobo from the tracks SE of Gold Saucer.3.Eventually, you will also need a Wonderful Male chocobo from the tracks on the North Continent.Make sure to remove any Counter Attack materia your characters might be wearing, as you'll want to leave one enemy alive.For the second item, also select the Sylkis Greens, but instead of giving them to an enemy, hit X to cancel.Get used to this procedure: it's a good idea to feed 90 Sylkis Greens to each chocobo that you plan to breed.Your chocobos will now be maxed out in all areas: Speed, Endurance, Intelligence, and Cooperation.This, coupled with racing parents to S Class (explained below) phenomenally increases the chances of getting the chocobo you want, as well as making the babies stronger and better.**If you don't want to use the W-Item procedure because you consider it cheating, that's your choice, but it takes a lot of money to buy 99 Sylkis Greens.I HIGHLY recommend feeding all your parent chocobos 10 Sylkis Greens then racing them up to S Class before using them for breeding.This will keep your stamina meter from being drained so quickly while dashing, and actually refill while running normally.1.After feeding 10 Sylkis greens to both your Great Female and your Good Male, and racing them both up to S Class, save your game.Save your game and mate the original parents, again using a Carob Nut.3.When your Green and Blue chocobos are at S Class and are able to mate, couple them and use yet another Carob Nut.If you do, feed it 10 Sylkis Greens and race it up to S Class (sound familiar?).It is impossible to get a gold chocobo without racing your Wonderful Male up to S Class! .

Green and Blue - Chocobo Breeding Guide

With the right Chocobos, Greens and a Carob Nut you should be able to breed a Green or Blue Chocobo!Breeding Green and Blue Chocobos¶.When you get a Green or Blue Chocobo, you can breed that colored bird with another Good or Great Chocobo (even its parents!and hopefully get a Chocobo of the other color… or you can try breeding its parents, or another set of Good or Great Chocobos, it’s all rather luck whether you get a Blue or Green Chocobo, so keep at it!Personally, luck seems to favor getting a Green Chocobo first, then a Blue Chocobo from breeding the Green Chocobo with a Good or Great Chocobo. .


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