Japanese don't really own ovens so American food and grocery stores were fairly intimidating.So growing up, I always had a saide of rice and soy sauce with my fried gizzard.I remember my mother telling a bunch of African-American co-workers that she made excellent greens and they handily dismissed this 5 ft tall Japanese woman as delusional.Cook the onion and garlic in the bacon grease and nix the oil.Rating: 5 stars I have been voted as the chair person for the vegetable dish for Black History month at work, and needed a recipe.Only made a couple of changes which include I cut out the olive oil and used the bacon grease.I also used plenty of bacon (about a pound, as I love the flavor) and although skeptical, I added about 1 TBS.I also used 3 thick slices of salted pork and only used one cup of chicken broth for fear of being too salty.Served with black eyed peas, mac and cheese, corn bread and blackened tilapia, it was a yummy start to the New Year.Rating: 5 stars If you like greens, you're gonna LOVE this recipe!Many Southerners prize this flavorful watery liquid, and reserve it to dunk their cornbread in.It is messy but common thing to do after making collard or turnip greens.But we like our greens strained, and on the same plate as our blackeyed peas and ham.So before we serve greens, we ladle some of the pot likker off the collards and put a little in a small bowl next to each plate for dunking.Then we use a slotted spoon to strain and remove the collards to a serving bowl.A different thing some people do is to ladle the pot likker, often with a splash of Hot Sauce, onto their cornbread... but I think that makes it too soggy.But most of all, I want to go in there and eat that whole pot of collard greens I just made.Somehow, born and raised in Georgia....this is my first time making collard greens.In addition to upping the (reduced sodium) bacon to 8 strips, I added a little more salt, a heaping tablespoon of brown sugar, and probably two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar per reviews. .

Southern-Style Collard Greens

You can also up the smoky flavor by adding a teaspoon of smoked paprika to the broth.If you're new to making collard greens, this might seem like a strange addition, but the vinegar adds a welcome tangy note that brightens the dish and balances out the salty, savory flavors. .

Best Collard Greens Recipe

My brother Eddie was over for dinner a while ago one fortuitous night when we happened to be having collard greens.I say fortuitous because Ed introduced us to a wonderful new way to serve these healthful, somewhat bitter greens—with barbecue sauce.Our recipe works great as a base; feel free to add the BBQ sauce!To prepare, cut away the tough stem and slice the greens into thick ribbons. .

Quick Collard Greens Recipe

I’ve put cooked kale in my mashed potatoes, and now I’m sautéing collard greens for every dinner.They’re the perfect quick and healthy side dish, and they’re exactly what I’m craving as we get a taste of spring weather.I cooked these collards greens in the Brazilian style—quickly in hot oil, with some garlic and chili flakes.In Brazil, these collards frequently accompany the national dish, called “feijoada,” which is a rich black bean stew cooked with pork, and rice on the side.If you’re vegetarian or vegan, take note that these collard greens would go great with black beans and rice.Now that our brief history lesson is complete, want to learn how to make this delicious side dish?Cut the thick central ribs out of the collard greens, and stack the leaves on top of one another.I suggest adding the garlic at this point, rather than before, because otherwise it’ll burn by the time your collards are done.As I mentioned, these collard greens go great with cooked black beans and rice.For an Asian spin, you can simply reduce the salt (we’re adding salty sauce later) and substitute 1/2 teaspoon grated ginger for the garlic. .

Best Green Smoothie Recipe

How to make the best green smoothie recipe!This means I always have my freezer stocked with frozen fruit and greens and pre-portion all of the add-ins like protein powder!This green smoothie recipe calls for 1 cup of frozen fruit in addition to one frozen banana.Fruit to use in a green smoothie.Here are some suggestions for fruits to use in this green smoothie recipe.In this post I used half mango and half pineapple, which is my favorite combination!Be aware, that if you use darker fruits like blueberries, blackberries, cherries, etc.Greens to use in a green smoothie.If you are making this simple green smoothie recipe as a beginner, then I recommend sticking with spinach as the green of choice.Blend Greens and freeze in cubes.If you don't have a lot of space in your freezer, you can take the fresh spinach (or other greens of choice) and blend with a small amount of water until the mixture is smooth.Best Green Smoothie Add-ins.How to make a green smoothie!Ok, now that we've talked about all the delicious ingredients that go into making a green smoothie, let's actually dive into how to make a green smoothie recipe!Step 1: Use a Vitamix blender!Check out my Vitamix Buying Guide where I give my exhaustive reasons for choosing a Vitamix blender a decade ago, and my top recommendations about which model to buy!Step 2: Add liquid ingredients.When making a green smoothie, it's important to always add the liquid ingredients into the blending container first.Best liquids to use in a green smoothie recipe.I always use some sort of non-dairy milk in my green smoothies because I think it gives them the best taste and texture.Putting the frozen fruit on top of the greens helps push all the leaves into the blades and prevents them from sticking to the sides.Now it's time to blend our green smoothie!If you make this green smoothie recipe as it is written you will not be able to taste the spinach at all!You do not need any sweetener to make this simple green smoothie recipe!More green smoothie recipes. .

Best Ever Green Beans Recipe

I hope this recipe title caught your attention, because these green beans will be the standout on any plate.You can very easily double the recipe for a crowd as long as you use a Dutch oven to contain the beans.Most chefs will tell you to blanch your green beans, which requires a big pot of salted boiling water for cooking the beans and a very big bowl of ice water to stop the cooking process immediately.The good news is that I’ve found a cooking technique that I like a whole lot better, courtesy of America’s Test Kitchen.You’ve seen me use this method in my Green Bean Salad with Toasted Almonds & Feta and it works like a charm.Your perfectly tender (not mushy), bright green beans are ready to serve. .

Collard Greens {Easy Southern-Inspired Recipe!}

Collard Greens are the perfect southern-inspired side dish and so full of flavor.What Are Collard Greens?I use bacon because I most often have it on hand.How to Cook Collard Greens.A single bunch of cut collards produces a hefty mountain that will fill your pot to the top, but they cook down by less than half.Because collard greens are quite tough, they take longer to cook than most other greens.Cook until tender, up to 45 minutes.Give collard greens 20 minutes to cook in an Instant Pot or pressure cooker.Give collard greens 20 minutes to cook in an Instant Pot or pressure cooker. .

The Best Green Salad in the World

For the last three years, I’ve been obsessed with a green salad.I love pasta, buttery garlic bread and deeply caramelized roasted vegetables.I briefly wondered if Williams had sent me a grandma-style recipe, with the real secret ingredient sneakily omitted. .


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