LEGO Masters Australia is now long finished, but there’s still a lot of discussion around the show, the contestants and the incredible builds they produced.It’s been brilliant to watch the show, and I’m still a little sad it’s finished, so I thought I’d keep that excitement going.During the last week, I’ve been lucky enough to have a good chat with a few of the finalists, and it was a lot of fun!I chatted with the winners, Henry & Cade, as well as Bilsy & Kale, David, and Jordan.It’s a solid chat, so grab a cuppa, get comfy, and read on to find out what we talked about.BB: Firstly, a massive congratulations to everyone involved with LEGO Masters!Cade: For the audition, we were told we’d get three hours to build whatever we wanted, and we’d be judged on story, aesthetics, and technical ability.Bilsy: I walked in, did the splits, dropped the mic, and was flown to Melbourne the next day….Kale: Haha nah, we had gone in with a plan for a specific type of build, utilising brickbending, and then the bricks they presented us with had around a dozen 1×2 plates total.It’s worth saying for the AFOLs that are thinking of applying, building skills was only one of the things they looked for in the audition.Cade: Just on that though, only the good builds got to met with the producer at our audition, but it was a lot of fun!Kale: We did a couple of figures similar to the image below, based on my partner and I.They were standing on an A-tuin inspired creature looking through a telescope across a mountain that incorporated a revolving sphere.Cade: We build a boy riding a rocket made from cardboard boxes being held in the air by a half dozen colorful balloons.Below the scene we made a microscale town for a bit of forced perspective and the backdrop transitioned from rolling hills through a sunset to a night’s sky.Cade: I double checked my wife was still ok with holding the fort down for 10 weeks, then packed my bags!He had to pull out because he was having a kid at the time of filming, but they still really wanted me in and said they were going to find me a partner.Cade: They were very much on top of looking after us during builds, but yeah, just keeping hydrated, and chocolate!My back can get pretty sore after a solid LEGO build session.Brick building the wave on that massive baseplate was tough – constantly reaching over!Jordan: We’d see Hamish and Ryan when they were on set, and after we finished filming each episode they’d come and have a bit of a chat with us.Hamish would normally go in for the laughs and overview, and Brickman would give you input good or bad.After the tree build though, it was easy enough to find construction workers – I’d built 50 of them!Jordan: Yeah, during the first episode it was either left or right wings that were missing that really sucked, but we had most of the essentials.Dave: My biggest gripe wasn’t so much the variety, but when we did the bridge build, all the Technic pins were mixed together and it took ages to sort them out and pick out the ones we needed.They were just thrown together, like girl faces with guys hair and mismatched outfits.Cade: Yeah general bricks were practically in endless supply.Dave: I would have liked to have seen a robot wars challenge using Mindstorms or remote control.Henry: The Wild West build inspired me big time though.Kale: At some point it’s apples and oranges, and I can say something awesome about every one of the builds on the show.Bilsy: As a team, my favourite was the robot evil lair, but of all the other builds?BB: Ok, a more personal question – what is your all time favourite LEGO set?It was my first ever LEGO set, and building it with my grandpa is one of my few happy childhood memories.Jordan: It would probably be the Saturn V. It’s a great value for money kit that teaches you heaps about techniques.I think our final build was very special, and a lot of people have said that they couldn’t replicate it.Jordan: Probably my main ship a bit smaller, to allow for more story elements.Cade: That’s a tough question, I think a big part of the free build and anything on LEGO Masters is that it’s a collaborative build, so you are trying to achieve something together and take both parties strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes in to consideration.I’d love to make a massive skull carved into the side of a cliff that a ship could sail through it’s mouth.On the other side is a ‘pirate cove’ – a town built of broken shipwrecks, where they’re all partying.Dave: Well, LEGO wise, to complete a build for Bricktober Perth is my main aim!Also just beginning a YouTube “Tips and Tricks” series for budding builders, no matter their age.And there’s a lot of other cool, LEGO related and top secret stuff too.Henry: I’ll be submitting a project to LEGO Ideas (BB: pictured above), which I hope will lead to some new opportunities.BB: It’s an exploding octopus riding a magic carpet holding a lamp gatling gun.Kale: I’ll add my weekend will be spent building Kale-Scale commissions.If you want to be a part of LEGO Masters Australia Season 2, head over to to apply.


'Kale is so arrogant!' Viewers slam Lego Masters contestant's 'self

Despite teammate Bilsy's concerns, the 41 year-old dashed his team's chances with overly ambitious plans to recreate a lifesize Delorean car from the Back to The Future movie franchise.Viewers slam Lego Masters contestant, Kale Frost's (right), 'self-obsessed' behaviour... as Maddy and Jimmy are eliminated over 'The Exorcist' scene.But judge Brickman wasn't impressed with their 'comical' representation of the horror classic, especially a pair of mechanical running legs on the priest character.Elsewhere, Jordan and Miller moved into the final with their incredible recreation of the Empire State Building scene from King Kong. .

LEGO Masters Australia Episode 4 Recap

Last night’s episode of LEGO Masters Australia was all-business and hardly any filler, which is good news for those of you who have been clamouring for more building.Jimmy and Maddy, determined to stop themselves from being pigeon-holed as “that team who only makes builds depicting themselves in love” take it to the next level with their creation, an angry man on a motorbike that’s about to run over a duck.Frontrunners Henry and Cade are comfortable flexing their creative muscles with a clever depiction of two super-sized boxers, who are actually characters controlled in a video game.Unfortunately, Jordan and Miller didn’t quite do much with their model, as their vision for the pirate ship fails to materialise and they’re left red-faced with this weird-looking creation – they’re saved as this isn’t an elimination round.The structure splits open in the middle like the dollhouse, and all the teams are excited by the challenge as it gives them a chance to build at a minifig scale.Some highlights include the giant Spaceman which has suddenly enlarged himself, the anti-gravity staircase and they even managed to sneak in their Alien from Episode 2, who is oozing green stuff out across the entire space station.Determined to redeem themselves after the last challenge, Jordan and Miller come up with a massive house-party, and tons of jokes about not knowing what cool parties are and not being invited to them.Some clever details are included such as the newly married bride and groom leaving their clothes behind and jumping into the tub, as well as the chandelier, however the build as a whole was quite conservative.During the closing half of the challenge, you could see Gayan and Dinushi scrambling to complete their floors, as the incomplete and rushed design certainly shows.Finally, we have Maddy and Jimmy, who put their quirkiness and love of pop culture and horror movies to excellent use with their incredible Haunted Apartment.They clearly pulled out all the stops with this horror-themed build, with Technic ghosts, a moving spider and tons of other cool little Easter Eggs like the Twins from the Shining.This is the 2nd round that they’ve finished on top of the field, after being considered for elimination just last episode, and they’re quickly beginning to assert their talent on the competition.Kale and Bilsy are knocked for their inability to work together, and Gayan and Dinushi lose marks for their incomplete and rushed build. .

LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 7 Recap – Bricking Around

If that means you didn’t watch this and just want to find out who goes home feel free to jump to the end of the article.In saying that I have had interactions with Kale online where I have personally found him to come across just like he does on TV.The teams arrive to find Hamish preforming his one man show version of Disney’s Up.Scott and Owen don’t want to hear the word elimination.Teams must build something to be suspended by a giant helium balloon.Scott and Owen are tossing up between and astronaut or a child floating through space.Gabby and Ryan are using Power Functions to create a Flying Machine.Scott and Owen test their astronaut and it’s kind of hovering.Half way through and Scott and Owen are basically starting from scratch.The countdown goes and Scott and Owen are the only team that don’t hit the 10 second mark.Really cute build that makes great use of the balloon in their story.They have pulled off Power Functions in a really whacky and fun build.The top two teams are David and Gus, and Gabby and Ryan.The Pegasus was great but Gabby and Ryan take it out with an outstanding build.It would be terribly ironic if these two went home today, after breaking the curse.He pulls out the finger guns and I resist the urge to throw stuff at my TV.Gabby and Ryan’s advantage is an extra 30 minutes to build.Scott and Owen are trying to plan out their build so they don’t have to restart half way through.Sarah and Fleur’s build is a minifigure crossing sign.I like the story part of it but this sounds a bit boring.Brickman stops by to have a chat with Scott and Owen about their dinosaur.These two are unaware that it was a failed dinosaur build that sent Kale and Bilsy home in Season 1.They’ve lost an hour of time on a challenge where you HAVE to go big.I like the sneaky idea of using the fishing rod to get height.I think this was just a fun way to remind Kale that he’s not the first S1 contestant to come back.Jordie and Kale do their best impression of the Hamish and Brickman chat.Brickman comes over to tell Michael and Harrison that he hates their idea.Michael and Harrison start adding detail to the bottom of their build.From the look of it the sign part literally just sits on top of the pole with no attachment.It stays in place BUT they’ve got the crossing part of it completely wrong (on one side).Sarah and Fleur have got their sign fixed and go to put it back on the pole.The sign comes apart and as they go to fix it their pole falls over and smashes.The sole purpose of Kale today is to be a tool and he could very easily have been replaced with a stick.I’m not a big Kale fan but if you are going to get him back at least get him involved in judging in some capacity.Brickman says their idea was the best in the room and I loudly proclaim “BULLSHIT!” to my television.Honestly feel like this could be something from a LEGOLAND or a store display.The attempt to add story elements has been a bit of a fail.Sarah and Fleur play the platinum brick and dramatically place it back in the fancy storage unit.Today’s bottom two are Michael and Harrison, and Gabby and Ryan.Getting out of an elimination build at the start is one thing, but having the ability to fail and then send somebody else home seems cruel.At the end of the day this is a LEGO building competition and yeah I get accidents happen but if their build wasn’t structurally sound enough to not fail twice then do Sarah and Fleur deserve to still be here instead of Gabby and Ryan? .

LEGO Masters Australia Episode 7 Recap

Tonight’s episode is a celebration of all things Hollywood and the first challenge has all the geeky contestants salivating as Hamish pulls up in an actual Delorean from Back to the Future, complete with his best Marty McFly outfit.One of the most underrated (and most challenging) aspects of LEGO building comes with having to bring a life-sized replica to life, especially things that have unique shapes like the Deloran with its trademark gullwing doors, narrow sloping profile and prism-shaped back.With only 8 hours, it’s clear that Kale’s call to build an upsized version completely blows up in his face, and the “villain” of the show gets his reckoning as he’s forced to present what is about a quarter of an actual Delorean to the Brickman.Their model captures all the iconic design elements of the Delorean, complete with the gullwing doors, impressing the judges although the Brickman remarks that the build was a little flat, the back was a little squarish.David and G’s Delorean included some motorised remote control functions such as moving front wheels and lights, but their design suffered from a blocky shape as a result of having to making enough space for the batteries and motors.The scale was stunning, and the Brickman was suitably impressed by the shark’s construction, including the teeth and pink roof of its mouth, and the movement captured by the breaking waters.In addition to being massive, The Brickman was also wowed by the greyscale monochrome colour of the build, which paid homage to the 1933 black & white flick.Maddy and Jimmy picked the horror movie Exorcist for their scene, and designed this cutout room where the priest encounters the demon-possessed child.Despite their best efforts incorporating motorised functions into the build in the priest’s running legs, and the demon’s rotating head, the Brickman felt that it made the scene look comical and weren’t quite up to the usual Jimmy and Maddy standards.Jimmy and Maddy were one of my favourite teams and I loved their fun, geeky chemistry and their slightly different take on LEGO designs.Unfortunately, this also means that there were no more women left of the show, which kinda sucks, but hey, I felt like most of the teams with the exception of Kale and Bilsy 100% deserved to be there. .

LEGO Masters 2019 Contestants

Deliver and maintain services, like tracking outages and protecting against spam, fraud, and abuse.Personalized content and ads can be based on those things and your activity like Google searches and videos you watch on YouTube. .

LEGO MASTERS Australia Season 1 Episode 5 review

When the bridge only holds 24kg, voice over reminds the audience that Kale had promised it would take 120kg.Everyone else approaches the challenge in an earnest way, with Jimmy and Maddy’s determination proving inspiring, as they are racked with self doubt throughout yet manage to build something again that shows their abilities with the LEGO brick.Another endearing duo are the calm and collected Henry and Cade, who also doubt their bridge building prowess yet manage to construct a worthy model.David and Gerhard just edge it in the judging thanks to a nice aesthetic that evokes real word bridges and considering the methodical and engineering minded way they approach the task is well-deserved. .

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