If you’ve been to a Whole Foods recently, you probably already know that kale scores a perfect 1000 on Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Aggregate Nutrition Density Index (ANDI).I’ll bet you’ve even heard about those great Eat More Kale shirts, and the fight with Chick-fil-A.With that in mind, I put together this list of 10 fun, easy, really tasty ways to eat more kale.Kale stands up to big flavors and it is sturdy enough to survive a bit of mistreatment (e.g., being forgotten in the fridge for a few.There are really only two things you can do to mess up kale salad beyond repair: not removing the stems from the leaves, and not massaging the greens.(And a lesser grievance is giant pieces of kale—no one can gracefully shove half a kale leaf in their mouth!).¼ teaspoon dried herbs or spices such as thyme or ground cumin, optional.2 cups (220 g) shredded or chopped mixed crunchy vegetables, such as bell peppers, beets, carrots, and celery.¼ cup (40 g) finely chopped red onion, or 2 scallions (white and light green parts), sliced.¼ cup (30 g) dried fruit Directions: Place the kale in a large bowl and drizzle with the vinegar and oil, then add ½ teaspoonsalt and the herb(s), if using.Just before serving, season with salt, pepper, and vinegar to taste and sprinkle with the nuts and dried fruit.I’ll be the first to admit you won’t fool anyone if you put them in an Utz bag and try to pass them off as regular chips, but at least your body will thank you.This recipe not only has you boil the kale for a few minutes to soften it up, it adds panfried walnuts to up the excitement factor.Try this quinoa, white bean and kale stew from the can’t-miss PPK, or if you’re feeling seasonal, here’s an autumn harvest soup from Terry Walters.Again, dinosaur kale is a better choice than other varieties here — the leaves are flat, so they’ll do a better job of containing all that Mexican goodness without making a mess.Keep it simple — I know I said it gets boring eventually, but a little olive oil, a clove or two of garlic, a few minutes in the pan and squirt of lemon juice or soy sauce at the end make for a terrific and fast side to just about any main dish.If you like your kale softer, add some water and cover the pan for few minutes before adding the lemon juice or soy sauce.Leave it a comment (feel free to link to your own recipe if you’ve got a blog), and you’ll help make this post a great resource for potential kale-heads! .

5 Ways to Eat Kale

Weird news: 4 out of 6 of the people in my house have decided that they really like kale.Since I’ve been buying it more often, sometimes I end up with part of a bag leftover.I don’t have a photo of this, but I’ve made it for my lunch a few times.Cook a little chopped onion in olive oil.These Kale Chips are easy to make and fun to eat.Cook chopped onion and garlic in a skillet.Add crushed red pepper flakes, kale and a little water. .

33 Delicious Kale Recipes

These delicious kale recipes include comforting pastas, cozy soups, bountiful salads, and more!On its own, this lemony sautéed kale is a nourishing side dish, but it’s also a great addition to larger recipes.We’ve all eaten kale salads that are tough and dry, but don’t worry – you won’t find any like that here.Roasted chickpeas and toasted seeds add crunch, a rainbow of root veggies makes it vibrant and colorful, and an electric carrot-ginger dressing ties it all together.It’s a stunning dinner side dish, but thanks to the wheat berries and roasted squash, it’s also hearty enough to eat for lunch.Soba Noodle Picnic Salad with Tahini Miso, page 117 of Love & Lemons Every Day.This method saves time, and the finely chopped kale integrates nicely with the noodles when you eat.The hearty greens make up the base, while a creamy kale pepita pesto acts as the dressing.I round it out with cooked quinoa, crispy chickpeas, roasted veggies, and scoops of sauerkraut for pop.I love how the sweet, creamy delicata squash plays off the nutty farro and Tuscan kale in this recipe.Steamed, blanched, sautéed, and massaged kale are all fantastic additions to grain bowls.Swap cooked lentils for the chickpeas, or substitute butternut squash for the sweet potatoes.Tender baby kale adds extra green power to this veggie-packed noodle bowl.Still, sriracha baked tofu, kimchi, and a creamy coconut sauce pack it with bold flavor.Packed with roasted veggies and fresh kale, this lasagna is my ideal dinner on a cold winter night.I shared this spaghetti squash “pasta” over 6 year ago now, and to this day, it’s one of the most popular recipes on Love & Lemons.Savory sun-dried tomatoes, chickpeas, and kale transform the roasted squash into a flavorful main dish.I love the way the hearty greens hold onto their texture in soups and stews, becoming tender, but not at all mushy.Blended white beans, cashews, and miso paste make up its creamy, savory base.Coconut Soup with Sweet Potatoes & Kale, page 85 of Love & Lemons Every Day.Lime zest, lemongrass, ginger, and cilantro add bright, aromatic flavor to the rich coconut broth.Thanks to white wine, fennel, lemon juice, and fresh thyme, this healing soup is plenty flavorful without it.Don’t worry – if you’re not craving pasta, a grain bowl, or a soup, we still have main dish kale recipes for you!Creamy, tangy slabs of feta cheese melt into a kale and chickpea-filled tomato sauce.Quinoa, Apple & Sage Stuffed Acorn Squash, page 191 of Love & Lemons Every Day.Stuff a puffy baked sweet potato with a tasty filling, and it transforms into a nutritious dinner in a snap!This verdant breakfast bowl is brimming with scallions, dill, radishes, avocado, and, of course, kale.Matcha green tea adds an invigorating pick-me-up to this ginger, peach, and kale smoothie.Baked Eggs with Kale, Sage, and Sweet Potatoes, page 215 of The Love & Lemons Cookbook. .

Five Ways to Eat: Kale

Kale’s thick, almost rubbery leaves are ruffled and chewy as leather, and its bitter taste requires learned appreciation. .

9 Things to Do with Kale

It’s rich in fiber and one of the world’s best sources of vitamin K. Not only is it a nutrition powerhouse, but it can also be pretty delicious when prepared correctly.Keep it simple by drizzling with olive oil and salt and bake or microwave until crispy, or spice things up by playing with different seasonings, like dill, sriracha and lime.To balance out the bitterness and round out your salad, go for a zesty vinaigrette (citrus works really well) and indulgent toppings like Parmesan, nuts and dried cranberries.One of the easiest – and tastiest – ways to turn this fibrous green into a side dish that’s hearty and healthy.Cook in a frying pan over medium high heat with a bit of oil and garlic, and in minutes you’ve got delicious greens to add to your meal.Cook up in your wok with ginger, garlic, low-sodium-soy that leftover chicken breast and any veggies you have lying around, and you’re in for a delicious Asian-inspired meal with kale front and center that the whole family will love.Replace the basil in your pesto recipe with kale, and smear it on pasta, zoodles, pizza, chicken, and even omelets to reap its nutritional benefits.But don’t get carried away covering the taste with sweet fruits – you’ll end up with a sugary drink more likely to sabotage your fitness goals than help them.Kale is the perfect green to throw into a pot of soup or stew – strong enough to survive the heat, but it becomes deliciously tender once simmered down.


How To Cook Kale - Easy Sauteed Kale Recipe

The water that clings to the leaves will create steam when you toss them in the hot skillet. .

How to Cook Kale

Kale used to only be used as garnish for buffet items like potato salad.Sautéed with some garlic it only takes 10 minutes to make and will be the easy side dish you crave.If you are trying to make your kale as healthy as possible, skip most of the olive oil.It'll tenderize the kale, therefore making it way less bitter and wayyy more appetizing.Store your sautéed kale in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.Leftovers are great cold or warmed back up in a skillet.Editor's Note: The introduction to this recipe was updated on September 25, 2020 to include more information about the dish. .

45 Best Kale Recipes

You can massage it into a bountiful seasonal salad that everyone will enjoy, or ladle out a luxe bowl of soup or stew with plenty of satin-like kale ribbons; it even turns up our favorite baked pasta dishes up a notch.Antioxidants and other nutrients in kale can help reduce your risk of chronic disease like diabetes; it's loaded with carotenoids to help keep your eyes sharp; and its potassium and magnesium counts counteracts extra sodium in your diet. .

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