Originating in Asia Minor and the eastern Mediterranean, kale was cultivated for consumption as early as 2000 B.C.In the 1800s, Russian traders brought kale into Canada and subsequently the United States.During the Second World War, the Dig for Victory campaign promoted kale cultivation in Britain.At the time, the vegetable was the perfect candidate for cultivation because it provided crucial nutrients lacking from meals due to rationing. .

National Kale Day

National Kale day is the first Wednesday in October and is an annual celebration.Team Kale provides tools, resources, and community so that every American has access to this incredibly nutritious, inexpensive whole food, but can also learn ways to cook and grow it.It would be a shame for such a healthy, affordable, versatile and delicious vegetable to go the way of the sun-dried tomato or the other fad foods before it.A leafy green that can thrive on windy city rooftops through the harsh Northeastern winters should be tough enough to hang onto the spotlight, as long as its friends step up to support it.Kale is extremely dense in nutrients and provides incredible amounts of vitamins in just one single cup.Kale is packed with special phytonutrient molecules making it a power plant that can fight obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.In fact, just a few cups of kale daily may have the power to battle cancer, inflammation, and low moods.Kale happens to be hearty, which means it travels well and lasts for up to a week when stored in a loose paper or plastic bag in your refrigerator crisper.Kale is also incredibly low in calories and contains no trans-fat, which makes it one of the top detoxifying foods available and ideal for weight loss.Recieve toolkits and recipes to spread the word of National Kale Day.Dr. Drew Ramsey, MD and Chef Jennifer Iserloh recognized the tremendous health benefits of the leafy green and founded the grassroots organization in October 2013.National Kale Day is celebrated annually on the first Wednesday of October.


Happy National Kale Day All You Haters

By some standards, including an analysis by Technomic, a food industry consulting group,the use of kale as a menu item has increased by over 400 percent in the past five years.But watercress, chard, mustard greens and even the lowly leaf lettuce rival or even surpass its vitamin, mineral and fiber content.Kale ranked a mere 15 out of 47 in a new study of super foods by William Patterson University, behind more pedestrian produce such as parsley, cabbage, and the aforementioned leafy greens.Kale is in the spotlight now because everyone – not just nutrition nuts – feel righteous and noble when they make chips out of it, blend it into a smoothie or build a salad around it, Harley speculated.She also pointed out to possible evidence that it overdosing on it -- or any other cruciferous veggie such as broccoli or cauliflower – could theoretically interfere with the thyroid gland’s ability to uptake iodine potentially leading to a condition called hypothyroidism.Besides, Ramsey added, there’s a national day for an entire assortment of unhealthy fare such as doughnuts, pizza, bacon, pie, sticky buns and pudding. .

National Kale Day

Team Kale provides tools, resources, and community so that every American has access to this incredibly nutritious, inexpensive whole food, but can also learn ways to cook and grow it. .

National Kale Day

It contains phytonutrients that fight against obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and inflammation, and may even help improve mood.Kale also assists in balancing blood sugar, is detoxifying, and promotes weight loss.Kale is usually harvested in fall or winter, being grown in the seasons prior; the colder weather improves its quality and flavor.By the 2010s, kale had increased in popularity to become the most beloved of superfoods, even though some other foods are just as nutritionally dense.Today we celebrate kale on account of its many health benefits and its versatility in the kitchen, and we work to promote its continued use.If you'd like to increase visibility for this event while gaining exposure for yourself or your brand, you can learn more here We would love to hear from you! .

National Kale Day in United Kingdom in 2022

It has been growing in popularity thanks to its wide variety of health benefits and high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. .

On National Kale Day, how will you kaleabrate?

National Kale Day even has an Indiana connection – its creator Dr. Drew Ramsey, co-author of the cookbook “50 Shades of Kale," is an Indiana University School of Medicine alumnus – so it should come as no surprise that Indianapolis has a so-called kaleabration of its own, spearheaded by Eskenazi Health.“Kale,” said Dr. Lisa Harris, Eskenazi’s chief executive officer, “is the king of green vegetables.”.Rich in fiber and flavonoids, kale has been linked in studies to lowering the risk of certain cancer and contributing to weight loss.Kale is also high in lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that lower a person’s risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration.Kale’s growing season begins in early spring and will continue to produce late into winter.After a frost, kale becomes sweeter, according to a website that Ramsey started to promote the vegetable, which has been cultivated for 6,000 years.Perhaps the simplest way to eat this vegetable is to throw it in a smoothie or toss it with olive oil and salt and pop it in the oven to make kale chips.Pour into a muffin pan, cover with aluminum foil and poke a hole with a straw or popsicle stick.If you want to celebrate but can’t make it to the circle, you can always do it virtually and participate in the National Kale Day Twitter Party from 2 to 3 p.m.

Wednesday hosted by @NationalKaleDay. .

National Kale Day Celebrates All-Things Kale

Today is National Kale Day, a time designated to raise awareness of the myriad health benefits that the cruciferous vegetable offers. .

National Kale Day

Superfoods are those which are considered to have a high level of nutritional benefits.The majority of people who eat apples, aside from enjoying them, is because they are so well known to be an excellent source of the many nutrients that the body needs.Here the berries that fit into the superfood categories are strawberries and raspberries.All other forms of chocolate have a lot of ingredients that are not appropriate for a healthy diet.These are just a few examples of some of the superfoods that people can rely on to enhance their health. .


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