[1] He also served in the band Scrubbaloe Caine.In 1987, he was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame as a member of The Guess Who.Kale joined the local Winnipeg band Chad Allan and the Reflections in 1962; that band later evolved into The Guess Who.Kale left The Guess Who in 1972 after the Live at the Paramount album, going on to join Scrubbaloe Caine.Kale also participated in a reunion of the classic Guess Who lineup with Peterson, Cummings, and Bachman in 1983,[13] and another in 1999. .

Great Guess Who divide embodies one of rock's oldest dilemmas

Canadian musician Burton Cummings performs following medal ceremonies at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, February 25, 2010.The Daily O’Collegian diligently reported the concert lost enough student funds that poor Chuck Mangione had to pay the price in a canceled gig.But we weren’t into the first-person thing back then, and the paper’s adviser replaced my breathless account of the encounter with a paragraph that said band members “were bitter” about the review.The last time I thought of it all was when I read an Atlantic piece about how hard it is for comedians to be politically correct if they want those college gigs now.It turns out that all those years ago, I walked — or was lured — into a feud that would become a recurring theme of doing this job in Las Vegas, a classic-rock nostalgia mecca.Saifer echoes years of litigation by R&B oldies groups such as the Platters, Coasters and Drifters when he argues the Nugget’s Guess Who is “fraudulent,” deceiving fans who didn’t come to hear the original rhythm section: “The person who wrote and sang those songs is not on that stage.”.Another visit by Styx, a group that covers every aspect of these debates: Despite a bitter split with a singer-songwriter who tours separately, Dennis DeYoung, the band has prospered by getting the public to accept a replacement (Lawrence Gowan).Saifer is speaking of the enemy Guess Who but doesn’t deny “people are still thirsty to hear these songs and recapture a bit of their youth, the soundtrack of their lives.”.Instead of being naive and calling for these guys to bury the hatchet while they still have time, let’s celebrate the songs and the freedom of choice in the information age: You don’t have to rely on a student newspaper if you’re the least bit curious about who is in which band.Disclosure: The Review-Journal is owned by a limited liability company controlled by the Adelson family, majority owners of Las Vegas Sands Corp., which operates The Venetian. .

The Day Randy Bachman Left the Guess Who

Guitarist Bachman, after falling in love with a Mormon girl, had converted to the faith and was living a strictly clean life – not the easiest achievement in the sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll era.Meanwhile, the other members (vocalist Cummings, bassist Jim Kale and drummer Garry Peterson) were indulging fully in the excesses made available to famous musicians.To complicate matters, Bachman was having serious health problems at the time, suffering gall bladder attacks while the Guess Who were on tour to promote the “American Woman” single and album (both released earlier in 1970).Bachman returned to Winnipeg to get the medical attention he needed and rest up while the band continued to tour with fill-in guitarist Bobby Sabellico.Bachman recovered quickly and even made plans to produce an album by Winnipeg band the Mongrels for RCA, the Guess Who’s label.Due to that arrangement, and Bachman’s restored health, the guitarist flew to New York a day early to meet with RCA brass and discuss future plans.But the rest of the band wasn’t too thrilled to find out about Bachman’s business dealings, not when they were still on the road with a ringer.The band brought on guitarists Greg Leskiw and Kurt Winter, who took the role of Cummings' new writing partner. .

Rearview Mirror: Burton Cummings Reflects on The Guess Who

Every country has its own seminal band or artist that everyone can look to, lift up, and point to as that which represents their particular nation.Britain has The Beatles and The Stones, the U.S.A. has Elvis and Sinatra, and Canada has The Guess Who.It may be tempting to the average listener to dismiss that statement out of hand, but if you consider that in 1970 The Guess Who outsold The Beatles, they are a group to be reckoned with.But, as the rock and roll hall of fame will tell you, success isn’t measured on album sales alone.In the 1950’s, Canada’s youth watched with rapt attention while Elvis burned up the charts and drove teens wild.They watched again in the 1960’s when the British Invasion was in full swing, waiting for their messiah; the musical landscape at that time was pretty barren.Some may argue that there were plenty of other acts to come out of the north; Buffalo Springfield had Neil Young, Dylan had The Band, and countless others had made their mark.If you were around then, you couldn’t miss the sound of those singles blasting out of your neighborhood jukebox.In short, they put the country on the musical map and opened the door for all the other artists who stayed and followed at the same time.Burton Cummings and the Guess Who gave Canadians what it had longed for, for decades; a seat at the big table.No longer would Canada be dismissed as a cultural wasteland and merely a sportsman’s paradise.In a country that’s used to being the quiet one, going about its business without noisily celebrating their successes, The Guess Who was like a 10-year energy drink.Over the years, the band had a few lineup changes, but the one constant has always been Burton Cummings.Cummings, now a part-time resident of Los Angeles recently sat down with me to spill the beans and set the record straight on some of the stories behind the music.What follows is a frank and often illuminating account of the most successful band in Canada’s history.The best lineup was Kurt Winter, Donny MacDougal, Bill Wallace, Gary Peterson and myself.Definitely that would have been the best “live” Guess Who lineup, we toured endlessly, about ten months of the year.I was singing five or six nights a week, and we never slept, sleep was never on the list.I’ve always detected a Native Canadian element in your music, imagery, and poems.Sunday mornings, this guy on CKY named “PJ the DJ”, Peter Jackson, or maybe it was Dino Corrie, would come on at 10am.We would hear Cliff Richard and The Shadows, Billy Fury and The Tornados, Digger Revelle from Australia.I guarantee that in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver they were just not hearing these things, Winnipeg was really special.There was a huge air force base in Grand Forks North Dakota, about 130 miles south of Winnipeg, just across the American border.They would get a weekend pass and would come up and bring their record with them; James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, tremendous R&B artists that I don’t think they were hearing in the rest of Canada.Randy and I had heard everything, from Georgie Fame to James Brown to The Rooftop Singers.You’ve mentioned that your mother was very supportive of you throughout your career; what were her thoughts on you being one of the most prolific songwriters to come out of Canada?I’ll tell you what was great about my mom; when I left high school I had nothing, no money whatsoever.She came home one day from working at Eaton’s and I said, “by the way, I quit school today,” expecting the roof to cave in, but she was cool about it all.Yeah, I worked in the mail department there doing a job that you could train a pigeon to do.After about a day of that I made a great big sign that said “PUT ANY MAIL IN ANY BAG”.What really makes the accomplishments of The Guess Who amazing, and a lot of people outside of Canada don’t know this, is that the band achieved all their early successes without the presence of the Canadian content laws.When they brought in that law, at first I was offended and said “what good is it”, and “we’re just a bunch of pussies if we need the government’s help”, so I spoke out against it, and in retrospect it was quite foolish because for decades after it’s enactment it turned out to be the hand that fed me.Without the CRTC [Canadian Ratio-Television Telecommunications Commission] there wouldn’t have been all that money that helped lure all those producers and engineers up, and then before you knew it, Elton John and Rod Stewart were flying to Montreal to record, and then Van Halen and Steven Tyler and people like that were going up to Vancouver to record, and by that time Vancouver had Bryan Adams and Loverboy.Yes, we were around at a very pivotal time for the Canadian recording industry, and we made a lot of noise, enough for that law to be infused.The last Prime Minister we had, Stephen Harper, he was a bit of a singer and he used to do Share The Land at parties.We got screwed out of millions of dollars, and I didn’t know where all the money was going, and I just decided that I’m gonna put my head down and keep going.It was my very first solo album, and he had just finished working with Barbara Streisand, Carly Simon, The Pointer Sisters, all kinds of acts.I tell you what gets harder over the years, it’s coming to grips with “is it finished yet or do I want to make one more change”?I bet you’ve seen a lot of changes take place in the recording process over the years.Yeah, I’ve seen it go from tape to computer, and I was there when they first brought in “phantom faders” where you could make a mix, and not have to go through the motions the second time.We used to have a joke; “If Brian Wilson had had phantom faders, Pet Sounds would be almost finished by now.”.Before that they used to lump us in with Ohio Express and Tommy James, which is really funny now because I don’t mind those artists at all.I had stayed up all night partying, and the next morning didn’t make the gig.They had set up a mobile recording unit and all kinds of stuff, and I stayed up all night doing blow.And Randy says to us one day “Oh my God, I have gall bladder problems, I might be dying, I’ve got to get in the hospital, I’ve got to get home to Winnipeg” and so we recruited this kid from Philadelphia named Bobby Sevelico to play guitar to save us from lawsuits.Bobby finished the tour with us in San Francisco, with me playing rhythm guitar, and I’m not really good enough to do that.So when we got to New York to play the Fillmore East, I found out about all of this and said to Peterson and Kale, “you either go with him or you go with me”.I mean shame on me, I let Domenic Troiano talk me into singing the hits as a medley, so he could have his arrogant fucking jazz solos go on a little longer.It was a desperation money machine at the end, the other guys wouldn’t hear of it, and I just said “this is not what I want to do”.I remember us playing this one show in Honolulu where Aerosmith went on before us, and Wolfman Jack emceed the whole thing.No, they had a song they were working on called “Clap For Napoleon” and it was all about the CB radio craze, which was the really popular thing of that time.I’ve always wondered about the song “Heartbroken Bopper,” it sounds a lot like “Last Child” by Aerosmith.I showed up late for the practice and the guys had already worked out the riff, and I just started singing over it.There was no Christopher or an astronomer, those were just words I chose to rhyme with “Where’d you get the gun John.” John was my next door neighbor and one day I went over and he was sitting on the steps cleaning his rifle.The drums sound awful, Kale played walking bass and it should have been A-C-D-C eights.This goes back to one of my earlier questions where I said I detect this kind of Native Canadian element.This guy was 81 years old, and we all scampered up a hill for the photo shoot, and he beat us to the top.Yeah, they recruited me because Chad Allan was going back into college and they got me because I could scream like Eric Burdon.Keith is the soul of The Stones, and Mick’s records sound like he just came down from the penthouse to go to the Gucci store, and then maybe stopped in to sing a song or two.They had a big chorus line of horn players, and backup singers, and then Justin Timberlake came out to sing “Miss You” with them.First of all they had just witnessed AC/DC blowing the lid off of half a million people, and then out comes Mick and he invites Justin Timberlake on the stage, and they’re going “whoo-ooh-hoo-ooh-hoo-ooh-hoo”.That was back in 1969 with Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Byrds, The Burrito Brothers, Frank Zappa and The Mothers, Alice Cooper, Bo Didley, Chuck Berry, Ike and Tina, The Chicago Transit Authority.Cameron Crowe had interviewed us a bunch of times, he was the only one that Jan Wenner would send out to speak with us.That was quite a long time ago in Tarzana, around 1979 or 1980; I was younger and a bit more adventurous than I am now.I do the best ever Mack The Knife that the entire Valley has seen in forty years, I get a bit standing ovation, the place is going nuts.I only sleep three or four hours a day, and when I’m not working on my library of music, I do chat with my fans on Facebook.The Guess Who, more than any other band from Canada seems to hold a special place in the minds of Canadian listeners, why do you think this is?Peterson flew sick one time and almost blew out his eardrums and rather than get sued, we went and did the gig.It was Kale on bass, Bachman on guitar, and me on drums and lead vocal.The only time I got up from the kit all night was to play the keyboard intro to “These Eyes”.We’d been touring the states and the girls grew up fast and they wore more makeup at an earlier age.Didn’t the song come about because Randy was playing the riff at a sound check?It was the second show of the night, we were playing at The Broom and Stone, a curling club in Toronto.We weren’t so big then obviously because we were still doing two shows in a night, it wasn’t exactly Madison Square Garden time.Colored lights can hypnotize, sparkle someone else’s eyes just came flying out, and that’s a great line, that explains the whole thing about being lured into show business.And we were doing a lot of acid in those days, and the big fear then was the death trip.One time when we were in Hilo on the big island in Hawaii, Kurt and I took acid and went out in the jungle.He was in a band called Wild Rice and that was one of the things that they did before we snagged him up after Randy was bounced.It was banned in Texas and a couple of southern states for having “leftist leanings.” Bernie Sanders is saying far worse things today, all I was saying was we should share the land.I remember us doing a promotional tour for that in 1970 in the U.K.

Kurt and I decided to sail back after 3 weeks of whirlpool shit.Let’s sail back”, not even thinking that the North Atlantic in December was probably the worst place in the world to be.Eight days at sea, the same route that the Titanic took… There was almost nobody on the boat because nobody would be crazy enough to do this in December.“Do you miss me darling” was Kurt’s hook, but I had the “what good is it, if I can’t even sing it to you” part kicking around for a while.One day Kurt picks up his guitar and starts doing his bit in D, and I just thought, “Fucking A, here we go.”.I hear all kinds of stories from my fans who have experienced personal loss or tragedy and tell me “your song brought me through it”.I came up with the lyrics while we were doing an interview in a Los Angeles radio station and we were scheduled to leave for Honolulu the next morning.I was talking about the records and American Woman, and the personnel changes, and in the middle of the conversation, the DJ pressed this button on his console that was labeled “Alert Flasher”.I was stoned at the time; I had smoked a little before the interview and when I looked down, I thought, “what a great name for a song!”.Kurt had a habit of coming to me with these great guitar riffs, and all I had to do was sing over them and there we’d have a hit song.I’ve read that a lot of people think this song is about a drug overdose.That’s where the lyric “American hunter, bring ‘em up the north side” came from.So that’s what started the idea of writing the song, and then I got more ethereal; “you be the red king, I’ll be the yellow pawn”.As a matter of fact, I liked the song so much; I re-recorded it on “Dream Of A Child” with Jeff “Skunk” Baxter on guitar.I was traipsing around Europe all by myself, and I was sitting in Orly airport in Paris on my way to visit my sister.Once I knew it was going to be a Cummings/Winter song, I wrote all those lyrics about gas stations and all those little places we used to visit when I was so young in The Guess Who.“Star Baby” was about a specific female singer that had a bit of a tryst with one of our roadies, and I wrote that through his eyes, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.The live version of “American Woman,” what’s with “watcha gonna do when the roast beef’s gone”?That was Greg Leskiw, we called him “The Roast Beef” for some strange reason I can’t remember.What happens is the management, and the booking agents, and the promoters see a money machine, and they want to keep it going.I was just so fed up of the road and staying in Holiday Inn’s, I just wanted to go home and get drunk or get high.They interviewed Peterson and me, Wallace wouldn’t talk to them, and this was for “Power in the Music” and “Flavours,” the two Troiano albums.There’s a guy who’s name I can’t remember, who writes liner notes for all the re-releases, and to do that he has to talk to the living members of the band.And I remember him saying once that in his thirty years of doing this, he’s never experienced the level of vitriol that surrounds The Guess Who.Then he told some people, not knowing it would get back to me, “I can’t wait until Cummings finds out about this, it’s going to drive him nuts”. .

the Guess Who

the Guess Who, Canadian rock group that was the most successful band in Canada in the late 1960s and early 1970s and that country’s first rock superstars.Early years In the late 1950s, lead singer Allan formed the Silvertones with fellow Winnipeg teenagers Kale, a bassist; Bachman, a guitarist; and pianist Bob Ashley.Heavily influenced by the British Invasion, the group developed a loyal following in Winnipeg, but its recordings suffered from the refusal by most radio stations in Canada to play Canadian groups.International success After acquiring the band’s contract from Quality Records for $1,000, producer Jack Richardson placed a second mortgage on his house to finance the album Wheatfield Soul (1969), which yielded the million-selling “These Eyes,” a Top 10 hit in both Canada and the U.S. Canned Wheat (1969) followed and included double-sided hit singles “Laughing” and “Undun.” It was the next album, American Woman (1970), however, that made the Guess Who stars.Its title track, the first recording by a Canadian rock group to hit No.9 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart, making it the only Guess Who album to reach the Top 10.Two guitarists, Winter—who became Cummings’s primary songwriting partner—and Leskiw, replaced Bachman. .

Band – The Guess Who

Garry Peterson is a Canadian and American drummer who over the course of a iconic career spanning more then six decades is best known for: being a founding member and co-owner of the legendary Canadian rock band The Guess Who; performing with former Guess Who member Burton Cummings; and performing with Bachman Turner Overdrive during their support of Van Halen’s 5150 Tour. .

Former Guess Who friends now bitter enemies

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS Jim Kale is the last man still playing from the original band that gave birth to the Guess Who.Jim Kale was passing by my daughter's house in Norwood Flats with Jippy, his cat-sized Pomeranian chihuahua cross.I hadn't read the story, but just a few days earlier, Burton Cummings had used an interview about the release of a new solo album to gratuitously attack former Guess Who mates Kale and Garry Peterson for continuing to tour under the storied band name.Kale is the last man still playing from the original band that gave birth to the Guess Who.It was immediately evident Kale had been stung by Cummings' comment, because he brought it up almost as soon as I asked how he was doing.Cummings' big voice carries a long way, so I asked Kale if he wanted to have his say.Over the years there have been reunions under the Guess Who banner -- including one that Kale was paid for, but didn't play in -- and in 2005, Cummings and Bachman launched a court action to take back the name, but to no apparent end.And then, as Canada Post was preparing to reunite the original Guess Who on a stamp, Cummings shoots off his big mouth again.Kale says if Cummings and Bachman really want the Guess Who name back, all they have to do is pay him and his partner Peterson.I sensed there was something unfinished about our first interview so this week I returned and the topic turned to another tortured relationship with another man.Kale's abusive, alcoholic father died 45 years ago while the Guess Who were on their ill-fated tour of England.Get the day’s breaking stories, weather forecast, and more sent straight to your inbox every weekday morning.Sign Up I agree to the Terms and Conditions, Cookie and Privacy Policies, and CASL agreement. .

Winnipeg group wants The Guess Who in the Rock and Roll Hall of

A group out of Winnipeg, called Guess Who 4 The Hall, launched the campaign Thursday with the goal of getting The Guess Who nominated for the Hall of Fame in 2021.“It started as a conversation among music fans talking about how much music they listen to, and how grateful they were for the music in their lives,” Motkaluk said.“Speaking for myself as a fan and a Winnipegger, they were the original rock and roll superstars,” Motkaluk said.Bands are eligible for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25 years after the release of their first recording. .

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