Transcribed image text : Date - 10.4 Puzzle Time How Did The Lettuce Get An A On The Test?Anar that lies between two lines, rays, or segments is called inscribed A 89 A intercepted S. subtend Hi complementary R. 71° D.

3.A quadrilateral can be inscribed in a circle if and only if its oposite angles are Find the indicated measure using the diagram.= 13. y Copyright Big Ideas Leaming LLC All rights reserved Geometry 351 Resources by Chapter 10.4 Practice A In Exercises 1-3, find the indicated measure 1. m2K 2 DF 3. m57 4.ZPRQ ZSOR In Exercises 5-7 find the value of each variable.You make a design using a pencil and a circular wheel, as shown.124.6 348 Geometry Resources by Chapter Copyright Big Ideas Learning, LLC All rights reserved. .

10.4 Puzzle

A(n) ________ angle is an angle whose vertex is on a circle and whose sides contain chords of the circle.If the endpoints of a chord or arc lie on the sides of an inscribed angle, the chord or arc is said to ________ the angle.The measure of an inscribed angle is ________ the measure of its intercepted arc.If two inscribed angles of a circle intercept the same arc, then the angles are ________.The circle that contains the vertices of a polygon is a(n) N. inclined H.

supplementary ________ circle.A quadrilateral can be inscribed in a circle if and only if its opposite angles are ________. .

GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE The Test of Critical Thinking Student

How well you do on this test will not affect your grade in this class.After you read each story carefully, you will answer some questions.Their teacher returned the tests she had graded.When they saw their grades, Nathan smiled, but Sean looked unhappy.The teacher said that many students had received low grades, and she hoped they would study more for the next test.Many students did not study for the test.c. None of the students studied enough for the test.d. Students cannot do well in math without studying.Explanation of answers for sample story S-1 Based on this story, what is MOST LIKELY to be true?We cannot tell from the story what grades these two students usually receive.The teacher said that many students had not done well, and she hoped they would study more for the next test.We can conclude from this statement that the teacher believes studying helps students do well on math tests.Many students did not study for the test.C. None of the students studied enough for the test.D. Students cannot do well in math without studying.The teacher’s statement suggests that she believes studying more would help the students who did not do well to do better on the next test.But she may also believe that some students can do well in math without studying.Each student claimed to be the best athlete in the class.Why did Simon MOST LIKELY choose Natalie as best athlete?d. Overall, Simon thinks short people are better athletes.a.

Natalie and Robert think short people are usually good athletes.b. Natalie and Robert think being the best athlete is important.d. Natalie and Robert think David is not a good judge of athletes.He looked at their sticks and asked, “Don’t you know that in the park you should take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints?” The boys were puzzled by what the ranger had said.The ranger walked the boys back to their campsite and talked to their father alone.That evening, the ranger joined the family for dinner.c. The boys did not understand the ranger’s question.To explain proper park behavior c. To explain why boys should not be alone in the woods d. To explain why people should take pictures in the woods GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE.What did the ranger think when he asked, “Don’t you know that in the park you should take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints”?He thought the boys should have known how to behave in the park.c.

He thought the boys were going to make a fire in the woods.Why might the ranger tell other children this story?Why did the ranger talk to the boys’ father ALONE?As the curtain closed, Carla’s teacher wiped away tears and gave Carla a big hug.Carla was glad her song was finished.When she got home, Carla told her parents that the audience had loved her song.b. Carla’s parents were proud of her.d.

Carla sang a funny song.Based on the story, what BEST shows that Carla may have told her parents the truth?Her song made the students laugh.Based on the story, how did Carla’s teacher feel?She was angry that the students laughed.d. She was sad that Carla’s parents were not there.She wanted the students to be able to hear the song.Paco wanted a new jeans jacket like the one many of the popular kids in his class were wearing.She wanted a nice jacket to wear to a meeting about a new job.Paco told her that all his friends had jeans jackets.d. Women’s jackets cost more than boys’ jackets.Based on the story, what did Paco’s mother think?d.

Paco’s friends should care more about him than about his clothes.IF all the popular kids in Paco’s class wear the same type of jeans jacket, what is MOST LIKELY true?Tanya told the campers she would take them to a movie if everyone came to dinner on time for a whole week.Tanya told Mrs. Greene, the camp owner, how well the reward had worked.Mrs.

Greene said her new rule had caused Tanya’s campers to come to dinner on time.What caused Tanya’s campers to come to dinner on time?Does Tanya know more about campers’ behavior than Mrs. Greene?c. What can be done to make campers come to dinner on time?What would Tanya MOST LIKELY tell her campers if they stopped making their beds?After taking apart the old clock, Juan looked closely at each piece.d. He wanted to see how clocks work.Why did Juan look at his watch and smile?What would MOST LIKELY have happened if Juan had not finished the clock before his parents arrived?c. Juan’s parents would have been angry.He asked his sister to watch him work.IF you expect Juan to be punished if his parents see him with the clock, what are you assuming?b. Juan was supposed to fix the clock before his parents arrived.c.

Maria and Juan were not supposed to make a mess.Mr. Kelso’s students were making paper models of the sun and planets to put on the classroom wall.They made Earth the size of a quarter and colored it blue and green.The students wanted the sun and the other planets to be just the right size compared to Earth.Several students suggested that their planets and sun should be the right distance from each other, just as they are in space.The students decided to make the sun and planets smaller.He wanted to make Mr.

Kelso smile.c. He wanted to help the other students.d. He was happy that the class made the planets smaller.Why did the students decide to make the sun and planets smaller?The students wanted to get a good grade.The students did not believe André.d. The students thought Mr. Kelso smiled because they were right.John’s friend Paul usually talks and laughs a lot during lunch.On the way to class, John asked Paul if he was upset with him, and Paul said, “No.” Then John asked Paul what was wrong, and Paul said, “Nothing is wrong.” John thought Paul might be angry because John had not chosen him for his basketball team in gym class on Friday.He thinks Paul should not be upset about gym class.b. Paul and John have been best friends for a long time.c.

Paul got a bad grade on a math test before lunch.She told Karen her parents would not allow her to go to the movie after all.When Karen called her friend later that evening, she was told Mollie had gone to a party.Karen was angry because her friend had gone to a party instead of a movie with her.After talking with Mollie Saturday morning, what did Karen think Mollie would be doing that evening?a. Mollie would be going out with her parents.c. Mollie would be watching TV with a friend.What would show that Karen’s thoughts about Mollie were unfair?a.

Mollie had not known that her parents wanted her to go to a party.What BEST shows that the story is told from Karen’s point of view?c. To talk to Mollie about her day.c.

Something happened to Lisa’s lettuce the night the rabbit got out.d. The lettuce leaves will grow back if the rabbit stays in its cage.What new information would BEST show that the rabbit ate the lettuce?Based on the story, what does the neighbor believe about his rabbit?What new information, IF TRUE, would make it IMPOSSIBLE for the rabbit to have eaten Lisa’s lettuce? .

FDA will, for the next year, test romaine lettuce for pathogens

Frozen raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries were implicated “in recent decades” for viral infection outbreaks.The FDA reports it is now “conducting a small, focused assignment to collect samples of the raw agricultural commodity (RAC) romaine lettuce to test for Salmonella app and pathogenic Escherichia coli.Testing for Shiga Toxin-producing E. coli or STECS includes the microbial hazards that are associated with romaine lettuce consumption.“Sampling of RAC romaine lettuce before it is commingled during fresh-cut processing or before preparation at point of service where it may be commingled with other produce enables FDA to quickly trace lettuce to the point of origin when samples test positive for the presence of a human pathogen.”.The agency plans to prioritize sampling at FDA registered facilities and farms identified by traceback from 2017 to present amid foodborne illness outbreaks for which romaine lettuce was confirmed or suspected to be the food vehicle.The agency plans to collect samples throughout the year from November 2019 to November 2020, with increased frequency in March-April and October-November, the transition periods for the California Central Coast and Central Valley to/from the Imperial/Yuma Valley growing regions, when foodborne illness outbreaks associated with romaine lettuce consumption have most frequently occurred.Per the Investigations Operations Manual (Chapter 4; Sub-Chapter 4.4), FDA field staff will collect information such as the name and address of the product manufacturer and/or distributor, the collection site, photographs of the product label, the food identification code (lot codes), and supply chain information.The agency routinely notifies firms of the results of the bioinformatic analysis of the sequence data, which may include communicating linkages to clinical illness or other food or environmental isolates.The FDA encourages voluntary corrective action and, in all cases, seeks to employ an approach of “educate before and while we regulate.”.The agency may consider multiple compliance and enforcement actions based on the available evidence and the adequacy of the firm’s response to prevent future contamination.MDP testing was conducted by laboratories at Land Grant universities around the country with funding from Congress that was administered by USDA.An E.

coli O157: H7 outbreak in late 2017 was linked to simply to leafy greens in the U.S, while it was “likely romaine” in Canada, according to investigators.Editor’s note originally posted Nov. 3: At this time, the credibility of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is not to be trusted. .

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