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The Fastest Way To Dry Lettuce

These easy techniques help you dry lettuce quickly so you can throw together a salad on the fly, but first, make sure your greens are clean—grocery store produce is seriously dirty.Shake water off of lettuce leaves and lay in a single layer on a clean dishtowel.Cover the top of the colander with a clean dishtowel, wrapping it around the edge.Store the dried greens in airtight containers to keep them fresh, and you'll be assembling summer salads in a flash!This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. .

Marlins first base coach Perry Hill uses wet lettuce in helmet to stay

— Apparently Hill tried urging his wife to use this strategy … "Butterhead" wouldn't fit in the helmet properly.We're used to seeing stadium foods served in replica helmets — nachos, ice cream, chicken fingers — but hopefully we won't be seeing Hill eating any greens out of his lid anytime soon.Superstitious, a little-stitious or not, the lettuce strategy didn't help the Marlins to victory, as they lost to the Braves, 6-1. .

Marlins coach keeps wet lettuce under his helmet to stay cool

The Marlins and Braves met Monday afternoon for the first game of a day-night doubleheader, and it was your prototypical Atlanta summer day … hot and humid.In that kind of environment, players and coaches will look for creative ways to stay cool — particularly when the temperature on the field can near triple digits. .

On Being Savaged by a Wet Lettuce

Now if this argument was valid, it would in my opinion call the whole Responsive Environments approach severely into question, but it is not.It is certainly true that this approach does advocate a repertoire of built form which is indeed long-established, both in practice and in theory: the earliest attempt that I know of to theorise, at least in England and, is in Thomas More's Utopia; whilst the Feng Shui and Vaastu sages of the Far East were into it some millennia earlier. .

Marlins first base coach Perry Hill puts wet lettuce under helmet to

Hill was forced to battle the sweltering Georgia heat as Miami took on the Braves on Monday afternoon, and he had some tricks up his sleeve to keep cool under the lid.I'd be remiss if I didn't go ahead and suggest that Hill could also keep cool by losing that long sleeved black t-shirt he's wearing under his baseball jersey in 90-degree weather. .

Why It's So Important to Dry Salad Greens Before Using

Instead the dressing will slide off and pool at the bottom of your bowl, where all that extra liquid will make the whole salad go soggy and limp faster.To build the best salads possible, you need to start with a base of fresh, dry greens that will easily hold onto whatever amazing dressing you put on them and will stay lively and crunchy long enough to enjoy.It can be so tempting just to throw those still-somewhat-wet greens into the salad bowl at that point; after all, washing lettuce is enough of a pain without adding an extra step to the mix.In an ideal world, I trim and wash my lettuces and greens as soon as I bring them home, and that way I have plenty of time to properly dry and store them before turning them into salads.But even if I haven't prepped my greens in advance, I don't skip that crucial step—I just get that lettuce washed and lay it out to dry before making the rest of my dinner. .

wet lettuce meaning and definition

wet lettuce meaning Phrase commonly used in the North of England to describe a person who acts like a fanny or in a manner betraying his male gender.wet lettuce meaning When someone has their personality rapidly drained from them and does everything their girlfriend asks.Wetlipper meaning One who takes a toke off of a pipe and leaves the end wet, then passes it without wiping it off.wet living meaning A lifestyle that involves combating the effects of chronic dry mouth. .

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