Made with seasoned beef patties, sriracha mayo sauce, lettuce leaf buns, cheese, and tomatoes, this low-carb burger is anything but boring.If you are trying to limit your carbs, you don't have to deprive yourself of eating a delicious cheeseburger!The crispy lettuce wrapped around the patty is the ultimate bun swap.Serve your lettuce-wrapped burgers alongside a refreshing salad or a veggie tray with hummus.Full directions for how to make Lettuce Wrap Burgers are in the printable recipe card below.When breaking up the meat, aim to make similarly sized patties.That way, your lettuce is more likely to stay firm and wrap around the burger patty.You're less likely to have a big mess on your hands while eating these burgers if your lettuce wraps all the way around!Try adding some sliced purple onions, pepper jack cheese, or even some bacon!Add a teaspoon of vinegar to a bowl of water to help remove any microbes on the lettuce leaves.Get the latest scoop on all the recipes I'm whipping up in the kitchen by following along with All She Cooks on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. .

The Best Lettuce for Burgers, According to Burger Nuts

Most of us just slap anything remotely green between our buns and call it a day — it helps us pretend that we’re not just eating a greasy lump of cheesy beef, and we can sheepishly say we ate a veggie.Gregory Mrvich of Ballistic BBQ, a YouTube channel specializing in burger cooking: My personal favorite is green leaf lettuce, because it has a little more body to it than iceberg.Kasey Mills, executive chef and CEO of Bless Your Heart Burgers in Portland, Oregon: Iceberg is the best lettuce.This is in part because of the cooling sensation it gives due to its water content, but also because it holds up to heat better than other lettuces, hence the crunch.As a side note, a classic burger of mayo, pickles and iceberg lettuce takes me back to my childhood.Kimberly Cornelison, known as a “Burger Queen” by Boise, Idaho locals: Butter lettuce has a nice crispness, but you also get that buttery bite from the leaf. .

Cheeseburger Lettuce Wraps

A flavorful burger topped with cheese, tomato, and a mouth-watering spread is always a winning combo.Wrap it up in a nice piece of lettuce and you won’t even miss the bun.2 large heads iceburg or romaine lettuce rinsed then dried.small red onion sliced thin Spread: 1/4 cup light mayo.In a large bowl, mix together ground beef, seasoned salt, pepper and oregano.Top with spread, one slice tomato, red onion and whatever else you like. .

Bunless Burger Recipe (Paleo, Whole30 + Keto)

It’s piled high with toppings and an amazing sauce all wrapped up in a crunchy iceberg lettuce bun.It’s pretty quick and easy to put together, especially if you have a Paleo + Whole30 compliant mayo on hand like Primal Kitchen or Chosen Foods.This is totally optional, but as you can see in the pictures we opted to double up the patties to make this a truly epic bunless burger.Since we made the patties so thin (see the recipe), doubling them up seemed like a good idea.Craving a meal you can pick up and eat with two hands or just looking to switch things up from the same old boring recipe routine? .

Best Lettuce for Burgers

It adds a nice crunch to the texture of the hamburger or cheeseburger.Both questions will have an army of fans on either side, I’ll just tell you my preference and the reason why.Whole leaf lettuce slides around too much with sauces and melted cheese.And as I use shredded lettuce it is much easier to manage if I place it on the bun before the patty is added.Iceberg lettuce is renowned for being low in flavor and having very little nutritional value.Once shredded, I’d pat iceberg lettuce down with tissue paper before adding to your burger bun, as it holds a lot of water.Also, iceberg lettuce handles heat reasonably well, so it won’t wilt fast if your burger is sitting on it for a while.But this is a lettuce leaf that definitely needs to be shredded in a burger, as it is one that is harder to get a clean bite through.Bibb has both green and yellow leaves, which makes some people think they are going bad, and only has a slight crunch.It’s a tough choice picking a winner, and think you can’t go wrong with any of the lettuce on this list.And if pushed to pick a winner, as there should only be one champion, I’d say iceberg lettuce wins for it extra crunch over romaine. .

Lettuce for Burgers: The Best Types

Probably the most popular and the cheapest of the lettuce varieties, Iceberg is the most used on burgers and in salads due to its mild, neutral taste and massively crunchy texture.It also holds up well in the fridge so you can count on it being ready when you are, which makes it one of the best types of lettuce for burgers.These help fight the free radicals that invade our bodies every day.Romaine lettuce is widely known and most people prefer it used in salads due to its nutritional value and its rich flavor.First it is a healthy choice (I know, not really looking for that on your burger, but can’t hurt) as it is an excellent source for fiber, and vitamins C and A.Romaine leaves have a low tolerance for heat resulting in wilting on the burger.Green leaf lettuce has a buttery flavor which is a nice enhancement to your burger.Green leaf is crisp and can have a sweet or bitter smell depending on the variety.Like many other varieties, green leaf is rich in antioxidants, a good source of Vitamin C and A.The leaves grow somewhat in the shape of a rose, so if you are looking to bump up the appearance factor of your burger, this is the way to go.Since the leaves form a type of cup it works well on the burger as it is a rounded shape and holds up well.This variety is a bit on the high priced side, but it helps that it has a very long refrigerator shelf life – just keep the roots wet.The nutritional factors of radicchio include B vitamins that help metabolize fat, protein, and carbs.So growing and using it in our summer grilling will ensure a sweet, not bitter, taste.Since this lettuce is a deeper colored leafy green, it is known to have a higher value of vitamins and minerals, so here is your nutrition factor added to your burger. .

KFC Australia swaps lettuce for cabbage in burgers, and customers

The news prompted outrage on social media, where many fans of the fast-food chain criticized the choice of cabbage to replace lettuce in KFC burgers.“As a cabbage stan I’m not mad about this,” wrote Cameron Gooley, a reporter who covers Indigenous affairs at the Sydney Morning Herald.Australia’s east coast was hit by severe floods this year that killed at least 22 people, according to the Brisbane Times, and disrupted agricultural crops.Social media users in the country have shared photos of the price of a head of iceberg lettuce at their local supermarkets — the cost can run as high as $12 Australian (about $8.60 in U.S. currency).Earlier this year, the company said it had to drop some items from its menu amid disruptions in its supply of chicken — a distressing development for a brand whose reputation is built on fried poultry.


Best Lettuce for Burgers

Many people enjoy adding lettuce to burgers for the crunch, the flavor, and the textural contrast.If you want shredded lettuce, use a rough chop with a knife, run it over a box grater, or use your food processor.I’ll summarize them in a table with the relative crunchiness and flavor of each lettuce, then we will get more specific about each option.Type of Lettuce Flavor Profile Crunch Factor Negative Attributes Iceberg Mild,.It also needs to have a contrasting texture and level of crunch to fit well on the burger without wilting.You also want one with a high heat tolerance so that the leaves don’t wilt quickly on your hot burger and make a soggy mess.If you pick lettuce with a higher tendency to wilt, stack it further away from the hot meat.If you want crunch with a little more flavor and less chance of bitterness, romaine is the best choice for your burger.This lettuce has a high crunch factor from the thicker spine but the leaves give it plenty of flavor.If you want a consistent lettuce experience in every bite of your burger, this would not be the best choice because the spine and the leafy edges are completely different.Green leaf has significantly less crunch than iceberg and also stays together well so it can be used for lettuce wraps.Red leaf lettuce is a little crunchy and a bit of texture from the curled leaves.It comes apart more easily than green leaf lettuce, especially where the colors meet, and is therefore not as good for lettuce-wrapped burgers.This classic lettuce can easily be used for wraps because it is flexible and will bend without breaking.Boston lettuce is soft, buttery, flexible option with a very low crunch factor and a slightly sweet flavor.If you want an intense crunch factor with a different texture than iceberg or romaine, consider this option.Kalera Krunch lettuce is a baby form of romaine and has sweetness and consistent crunch throughout.It has intensely curled edges with broader leaves and an ever so slightly sweet flavor.When you want extra bitter lettuce with texture, frisée is a great choice.The bitterness offers a nice contrast and balance to a sweet BBQ sauce or a pineapple slice.Frisée lettuce is moderately crunchy, very textural, and has an intensely bitter flavor.It is mild and peppery, making it a perfect choice when you want a little bit of bite, or an earthy flavor on your burger without bitterness.I’ve seen it referred to as both an herb of Mediterranean origin and a cruciferous vegetable.Arugula really doesn’t have any crunch at all and has a licorice smell with a slightly sweet, nutty, peppery flavor.These different lettuces are more expensive and offer a special treat when you want to really dress up a burger and wow your guests.Artisan lettuces vary in color, texture, crunch levels, and flavor each according to their type.Simply roughly chop it with a knife or use a box grater to get a finer shred.While shredded lettuce can fall off a burger easily, it gives you consistent flavor in every bite.Shredding pretty much removes any crunch factor the individual leaves might have.Green leaf lettuce is an excellent choice because it is flexible with a little bit of crunch.Kalera Krunch is a great choice for burger wraps if you can find it.It has many benefits, including flavor, texture, crunch, contrast, and of course — a little vegetable with your beef.Then, chop off the end and pull the various pieces apart in burger size portions.For romaine lettuce, use the top six or seven inches of each leaf for your burgers, and the remaining ends can be chopped up for a later salad.You can also choose to shred it using a box grater, food processor, or some simple knife action.Just grill your burger like you normally would, and wrap it in green leaf or Boston lettuce. .

Burger Salad with Special Sauce Dressing (Paleo/Whole30 friendly)

The ultimate Burger Salad with Special Sauce Dressing!If you are thinking, why would I ever want to eat a burger salad, I promise this one will change your mind.This burger salad steals the show and is probably my favorite recipe I am sharing this whole week.Second – pickles, cheese, avocado, jalapeños, and all your other favorite burger toppings.I don’t do boring salads over here and the key is adding all your favorite toppings.It’s also packed with veggies, protein, and healthy fats and makes a great balanced meal.These burger bowls are packed with all your favorite toppings for the ultimate salad experience.The recipe list looks long, but this salad is super easy to make.First start off by prepping all your ingredients for your salad – cut up the lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, onion, jalapeños, and whatever other toppings you want to use.Add the beef, sauté for a few minutes, and then stir in the dijon mustard and salt and pepper.While your ground beef is cooking, make the homemade special sauce (more on that below).Prep all your ingredients in advance (cut up the veggies, make the burger meat, and make the special sauce), and then just store in separate containers in the fridge.All you have to do is just assemble the night before (keep the dressing in a small container on the side) or day of when you are ready to eat!If you have been to In-N-Out, P. Terry’s (our household favorite), or maybe even McDonald’s, you should have an idea what special sauce is.Highly encourage you to double or triple the batch and keep it on hand all week!Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Burgers with Basil Avocado Aioli.4.64 from 80 votes Burger Salad with Special Sauce Dressing Author: Kelly The ultimate Burger Salad with Special Sauce Dressing!Pin Recipe Print Recipe Course: Main Course Calories: 539 kcal Protein: 28 g Carbs: 17 g Fat: 41 g Prep Time: 10 minutes Servings: 4 ingredients Burger Salad 8 cups chopped romaine (2 heads/470 grams).any other additional toppings you like Special Sauce Dressing 1/4 cup homemade mayo*.salt and pepper, to taste instructions Prep all your salad ingriedients - chop the lettuce, tomatoes, onoins, avocado, jalapeño, and whatever other toppings you want to use and shred the cheese (if using).Add onions and salt and pepper and sauté for 4-5 minutes until soft and golden brown.Add ground beef and break it up with the back of a large spoon.Cook for about 7 minutes, adding mustard halfway through and stirring occasionally.Add the mayo, tomato paste, mustard, pickles, pickle juice, garlic powder, and paprika to a glass jar and stir to combine.Divide the lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, avocado, jalapenos, cheese, and ground beef between 4 large bowls.notes Leave off cheese for paleo and Whole30 *I find that homemade mayo tastes a lot better in this recipe and makes it more "dressing like".I follow this recipe and just leave out the cayenne and chipotle paste nutrition Nutrition Facts Burger Salad with Special Sauce Dressing Amount Per Serving (1 burger salad) Calories 539 Calories from Fat 369 % Daily Value* Fat 41g 63% Saturated Fat 13g 81% Polyunsaturated Fat 1g Monounsaturated Fat 5g Potassium 1050mg 30% Carbohydrates 17g 6% Fiber 7g 29% Sugar 6g 7% Protein 28g 56% Vitamin A 12150IU 243% Vitamin C 22.3mg 27% Calcium 390mg 39% Iron 4.1mg 23% * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.If you make this recipe or anything from Eat the Gains, leave a comment and rating to let people know how you liked it! .


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