20 Lettuce Jokes You Can't Leaf Alone!You won't be-leaf how funny these lettuce jokes are!If you liked these lettuce based puns, we've got even more food fun with our funny food jokes!And of course you can always find more lols at our jokes hub!Lettuce has no flavour That's an issue that really needs addressing!What type of lettuce stops babies getting messy?I know a lot about different types of lettuce And that's just the tip of the iceberg!What do you say to a lettuce who wants a fight?They always romaine calm What floats around the Artic sinking ships? .

Win the Race to Market With Greenhouses Engineered for

There’s a new cross-country race underway among commercial greenhouse operators to build large-scale indoor facilities to grow highly valuable strawberries, lettuce, and other leafy green vegetables.Commercial greenhouse operators in North America who can reliably supply high-quality fruits and vegetables throughout the year stand to gain long-term contracts with grocery retailers.Highly automated growing systems can significantly reduce labor demand compared to other controlled environment agriculture (CEA) crops and open-field farming methods.Advanced technologies precisely control indoor environments to create ideal conditions for producing the flavorful and healthy food crops grocers and consumers want.They’ve scaled CEA operations, established relationships with retailers, optimized cultivation processes, and mastered greenhouse technologies.It’s normal for established commercial growers to ask, “What’s next?” And many are considering whether they should convert existing greenhouses from production of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers to strawberries and lettuce.The better way forward is to invest in commercial greenhouse structures and their sophisticated growing systems that exactly match the requirements of the varieties of strawberries and leafy green vegetables you intend to cultivate.So a key consideration early in the planning process is to evaluate whether the location for the greenhouse provides enough space for a multi-phase buildout, but also has access to adequate infrastructure (power, water, sewers, roads) to support the envisioned level of commercial growing.Trying to build closer to grocery retailers and their consumers just won’t work if there’s no electrical service or natural gas pipeline nearby to power heating, cooling, and other growing systems.Commercial growers typically automate nearly every step from seeding in trays to irrigation and fertigation in germination and growing areas through to harvesting machines.The automated systems minimize human contact with the plants, which in turn can eliminate risks from E. coli and other bacterial contamination experienced in open-field crops.Insects and diseases that harm strawberries and lettuce or other leafy green vegetables when grown in fields are rarely an issue indoors.


Why can't tomatoes ever beat lettuce in a race? Because let

Why can't tomatoes ever beat lettuce in a race?Because lettuce is always a head, and tomatoes have to ketchup!Why can't tomatoes ever beat lettuce in a race?Because lettuce is always a head, and tomatoes have to ketchup!If ten zombies run after you, what time is it?Trippy tomato replies, "Nah, you go ahead.Tags: Running Puns | Ketchup |.Why was the marathon runner plucked out of the race and taken away to jail?Tags: Running Puns | Resisting |.What it is it called if you refuse to go running today?Tags: Running Puns | Resisting |. .

25 Funny Olympic Jokes for Kids – Scout Life magazine

Here are 25 funny Olympic jokes sent in by Scout Life readers that deserve a gold medal in humor.A book never written: “The Olympic Trials” by Willy Qualify.Fan: I see you won a silver medal at the Olympics.Seth: Why is basketball the messiest Olympic sport?Dan: She has a pumpkin for a coach and runs away from the ball.Joke by Danny C., Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.Daffynition: Olympiads — Commercials shown during the Summer and Winter Games.A book never written: “Winter Olympic Sports” by Bob Sled.Mike: Why is it so hot in a stadium after the Olympic games are over?Joe: What is a banana’s favorite gymnastics move?A book never written: “How to Do Gymnastics” by Tom E. Tuck.Zeke: Why were the swimming elephants thrown out of the Olympics?A book never written: “How to Win at the Olympics” by Vick Tori.Devan: Why did the spotted cat get disqualified from the Olympics?Teacher: Johnny, please use the word “account” in a sentence.Jake: What did the hot dog say when it won a gold medal?Wyatt: Why can’t tomatoes win races against lettuce at the Summer Games?Wyatt: Because the lettuce are always a head, and the tomatoes are always trying to ketchup!Nathan: Why couldn’t the wolf run in the marathon?Jack: Why couldn’t the bike finish the Olympic race? .

Win with greenhouses engineered for strawberries and lettuce

However, the science of greenhouse growing has expanded to universities in order for researchers to develop their studies.When you develop your own greenhouse, your plants will no longer depend on weather conditions or patterns.The seeds you plan can take root and thrive in the greenhouse even if in normal conditions, planted directly in the garden they would not manage to survive.Relying on demand, availability and production methods, the prices of vegetables vary as they come in and out of season.However, if you invest in a greenhouse, you have the opportunity to offer a wide variety of vegetables and fruit off season.Greenhouse farming also offers you the opportunity to grow flowers and new vegetables which do not generally thrive in your climate.To make sure you use the greenhouse to the best of its ability, you will need to invest in supplies or a kit that can assure a good lifespan for your crops.Furthermore, when it comes to heating, you will notice a huge increase in your monthly bills in case you decide to use electronic heaters. .

7 Expressions You Might Not Know Came from Horse Racing

Today this expression refers to something being incomplete or unfinished until the last possible moment, but it originated in hotly contested horse races.This expression has spread to all different sports as a metaphor for a close contest even though a nose isn’t the first body part to cross the finish line in most human competitions.In racing parlance a “nose” also refers to the smallest margin of victory allowed for a horse to be officially declared the winner.The “dark” in this sense has nothing to do with the color of the horse but is a reference to the unknown qualities of the horse—specifically the sire and breeding lineage.The “home stretch” is the closing portion of the race, the final straightaway between the last turn and the finish line. .

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