It's easy to promote bushier growth in an okra plant (Abelmoschus esculentus), but there's a case to be made for following a different pruning approach with this prolific vegetable.Pruning okra to be "leggy" instead of bushy can make it easier to maneuver around the plants for harvesting and weed control.This may make the pods difficult to harvest late in the season, and the okra plant might threaten to overshadow other veggies in a small home garden.Fortunately, okra is a very durable plant that tolerates heavy pruning and pinching to promote shorter, bushier growth.Just remember to wear long sleeves and gloves if you grow a spiny variety of okra, or you may experience skin irritation while harvesting.If you can't easily slice through the stems with gardening shears or another okra harvesting tool, chances are the pod is already too mature and too tough for eating. .

Should you top okra plants?

Should you top okra plants, or should I trim the leaves?In warm weather climates, okra plants can grow up to six to eight feet tall. .

Growing Okra Plants

Or, you can improve the nutrition and texture of your native soil by mixing in aged compost-enriched Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics® All Purpose In-Ground Soil with the top few inches.Thoroughly water your seedlings an hour before you plant them.Gently remove them from the pot, separate the seedlings, and set them about 10 inches apart. .

How to Prune Okra Leaves

Keep your pruning tools sharpened and stored in a dry room.Oil your pruning tools when you have finished using them to prevent the formation of rust by wiping the blades with an oily cloth. .

How to Prune Okra Plants for Bush-Type Production

Because it takes less than two months to start producing, you can harvest the plant over a long period with proper pruning.Cut the tops of the plants back to 4 feet as they reach 6 feet.Cut the tops of the plants back to 4 feet as they reach 6 feet.Fertilize again as in Step 4 to encourage leaf growth and multiple branches.Tip Okra is at its best when the pods are young, only three to five days after flowering.Keep pods picked, or the plant stops producing. .

Okra – Pruning

Q: I have always wanted to plant some okra.Four weeks after clipping you should see new flowers and you’ll be able to harvest okra at a convenient height until frost. .

Should I prune my okra plants?

Now new leaves are growing and I can see there are two new okras coming from the bottom. .

How to Grow Okra

As a crop, oka thrives in any climate where corn will grow.Planting.In the South, plant the first crop in the early spring and a second crop in June.In short-season areas, start plants indoors six weeks before setting them out (three to four weeks after the last frost date).Sow the seeds 1/2 inch deep in light soil and 1 inch deep in heavy soil; spacing is 3 inches apart in rows 3 feet apart.When okra is 4 inches tall, mulch to keep out weeds and conserve moisture.If the disease causes leaves to yellow and wilt, pull and destroy affected plants. .


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