What is Okra?Okra vegetable is used in many dishes and cuisines and is rich in nutritional content.It is rich in dietary fiber, mucilage and folates which have a number of pertinent nutritional benefits.The fiber present in okra also helps us to regulate the absorption of sugar in our body as it clears out the excess cholesterol.Okra is rich in Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants that help to strengthen our body immunity by acting against the harmful free radicals in our body.Okra has high content of Vitamin A and other anti-oxidants which act against the free radicals in our body.Okra ford Diabetes treatment & Kidney disease.The high content of soluble fiber present in okra helps to regulate blood sugar levels.Okra also rich in nutrients and dietary fiber which helps to keep your digestive system in good health.Okra water good for asthma.Incorporating okla in your diet helps your body to properly absorb water as this vegetable is rich in a number of essential nutrients.Uses of Okra.When okra is boiled with water, a transparent mucilage is formed which can be used to moisturize your hair. .

Okra: Nutrition, benefits, and recipe tips

Inside the pod are small, edible seeds.Scientists think that these compounds may help lower the risk of cancer .Okra, its pods, and seeds contain a variety of antioxidant compounds, including phenolic compounds and flavonoid derivatives, such as catechins and quercetin .A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can reduce a person’s chances of developing a range of health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.The nutrients in okra may make it useful for preventing several health problems, including:.In a 2014 study, researchers used lectin from okra in a lab test to treat human breast cancer cells.Okra is a good source of folate.One 2016 review suggested that folate may have preventive effects against breast cancer risk.Some scientists think that very high levels of folate may fuel the growth of cancer cells.Consuming folate from food sources alone is unlikely to have this effect, and people should aim to obtain enough folate from foods, such as okra.Folate is also important for preventing fetal problems during pregnancy.Many women take vitamin supplements during pregnancy.Find out more about foods that are good for people with diabetes.According to the American Heart Association (AHA), eating foods that are high in fiber can reduce harmful cholesterol levels in the blood.After the age of 50 years, they recommend a daily intake of:.Consuming foods that are good sources of vitamin K may help strengthen bones and prevent fractures. .

14 Extraordinary Okra Health Benefits And Side Effects

Okra or okro, known in many English-speaking countries as ladies’ fingers or ochro, is a flowering plant in the mallow family.If you plan to control your diet, eating okra will make you feel full for a long time.Okra is packed with antioxidants and so can provide support to cells to fight off free-radicals that can lead to cancer.Vitamin C also stimulates the production of more white blood cells which are our body’s primary defense mechanisms against foreign pathogens and other materials.The high folate amount in okra is important in a conception diet as it decreases the incidence of neural tube defects in offspring.The high content of soluble fibre in okra helps to regulate blood sugar levels.This helps to manage diabetes as the soluble fibre affects the absorption of sugars in the intestine.Okra’s powerful dose of vitamin C has been linked to easing respiratory issues like asthma.Okra health benefits include its anti-inflammatory property that makes it good for joints, as well as treating lung inflammation, sore throat, and irritable bowel syndrome.These free radicals are formed as a result of cellular metabolism and can harm the cells which help our eyesight.So, okra helps to protect our eyes against the dangerous effects of these free radicals and prevent the onset of macular degeneration and cataracts.Okra’s nutrients like vitamins C and A have been linked to a reduction in the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.The vitamin K and folates is okra is effective for preventing bone loss and fending off osteoporosis.Okra intake may nullify the effect of Metformin which is meant to control the levels of blood sugar.Also, okra is rich in oxalates which may bind with existing gall and kidney stones and cause them to deteriorate. .

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Aphrodisiacs: Better Sex or Just Bunk?

Men and women have sought aphrodisiacs, agents that arouse or increase sexual response or desire, since the beginning of time.Foods One category of foods that were thought to be aphrodisiacs are foods that resemble genitalia.Spicy foods have long been considered to be sexual stimulants. .

4 Benefits Of Okra (Lady's Finger) During Pregnancy

Okra, also known as ladies’ finger or ochro, is grown in tropical and warm temperate parts of the world.Its nutritional goodness has made it a part of pregnancy diet in various regions of the world.Here, MomJunction tells you about the benefits of eating okra during pregnancy, its nutritional value, and ways to include it in your diet.Yes, okra is a nutritious pod vegetable that is good to eat during pregnancy.It is rich in fiber, folic acid, protein, carbohydrate, Vitamin C, B3, and K, beta-carotene, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus.Whether you eat it boiled, stewed, fried or pickled, you will be able to benefit from the nutrients it has (1).The nutrients present in okra are very beneficial for pregnancy and aid in the healthy development of the baby.It also boosts immunity of the mother and promotes the development of skin, bones, and capillaries in the baby (2).It also boosts the metabolism of carbs, protein and fat, and helps synthesize DNA and red blood cells (3).A source of antioxidants: The major antioxidants in okra include carotenoids, phenolic compounds, vitamins C and E. They promote the mother’s and baby’s immune system, and therefore lower the chances of any infections and cardiovascular issues (1).In the following section, we tell you how to include okra in your pregnancy diet, along with a few easy recipes that you can try.Make delicious finger food by slitting the vegetable in half, coating with gram flour and frying in oil.Consume the water next morning for detoxification and regulating cholesterol levels.Simmered in tomato sauce with cilantro and garlic, this is a flavorful okra stew you will love.Cook tomatoes for one minute, and transfer them into another bowl of cold water.Add tomatoes, water, cilantro, salt and red pepper.A scrumptious yet straightforward okra recipe that makes a great addition to your meal.Next, we answer a few commonly asked queries about eating okra during pregnancy.It is believed that okra will increase the chances of easy labor and delivery, but there is no scientific evidence supporting the claim.In case, you notice any allergic reaction to the vegetable, stop its consumption and consult your doctor.MomJunction's articles are written after analyzing the research works of expert authors and institutions. .

Okra & Diabetes: Can Help Lower Blood Sugar? Benefits, Risks

Several studies say that it can help lower blood sugar, which makes it another possible tool for those with diabetes.It's better to get your fiber through food, rather than supplements.Talk to your doctor before making any big changes to what you eat. .

Top Health Benefits of Okra (Bhindi) + Side Effects

Common in Southern and Creole cooking, okra is a tasty delicacy found in many dishes.However, not only does it make a tasty addition to meals, okra may help with diabetes, high cholesterol, fatigue, and even liver issues.The amount of minerals absorbed from okra is high, due to its low content in antinutrients (such as phytate, oxalate, and tannins) [6].Okra may achieve its health benefits through numerous mechanisms of action, including:.Increasing the breakdown of glucose and fat (by reducing levels of a receptor called PPARγ) [11].Increasing blood antioxidants (such as malondialdehyde, superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, and catalase) [13, 20].Decreasing harmful substances in nerves (reactive oxygen species and hydrogen peroxide) [24].Reducing the activation of a protein linked to Alzheimer’s disease (called tau phosphorylation) [24].Okra decreases proteinuria and oxidative markers (beta 2-microglobulin, N-acetyl-beta-glucosaminidase, lipid peroxide, superoxide anion) in the kidneys [25, 26].You may discuss with your doctor if including okra in your diet or taking supplements could be helpful in your case.No clinical evidence supports the benefits of okra for any of the conditions listed in this section.In pregnant rats with diabetes, okra reduced fasting blood sugar and insulin.Two complex carbohydrates (rhamnogalacturonan and ‘OP’) and a hormone (abscisic acid) from okra have been shown to lower blood sugar levels [34, 35, 36].In a cell-based study, okra extract prevented the death of the pancreatic cells that produce insulin (beta-cells) [38].Okra extract reduced blood fat levels and total cholesterol in obese mice by blocking their production and stimulating their breakdown (inhibition of PPAR and LXR signaling) [11, 39, 40].The okra seed, but not the pod, improved markers of endurance in mice (swimming time) [20].A similar study in rats found that it reduced nerve-related inflammation and pain (temporomandibular joint) [51].In mice, both okra extract and its flavonoids quercetin and rutin prevented the brain damage caused by a drug (dexamethasone) and the resulting cognitive impairment [52].In a cell-based study, okra increased beneficial antioxidants in cells with this gene (decreased reactive oxygen species (ROS) and tau phosphorylation), which may protect against disease [24].However, it reduced sexual function in animal studies and resulted in increased body weight.Do not eat okra at the same time of day that you take metformin pills (used for treating diabetes), as it can reduce the absorption of this medication [37].You may eat okra or take supplements if you and your doctor determine that it could be appropriate for your health condition.Users and supplement manufacturers have established unofficial doses based on trial and error.The opinions expressed in this section are solely those of okra users, who may or may not have medical or scientific training.Never delay or disregard seeking professional medical advice from your doctor or other qualified healthcare providers because of something you have read on SelfHacked.We understand that reading individual, real-life experiences can be a helpful resource, but it is never a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.Users taking supplemental okra claim that it helped coat their stomach and improve digestion. .

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