Common allergens & sensitivites Eggs Shellfish Corn Fish Soy Gluten Milk Tree nuts Added MSG Peanuts Wheat Pepper (white & black).We did not include breadsticks, hush puppies, dipping sauces, and other sides as part of any meal. .

Dallas' Six Best Baskets of Fried Okra

Support Us Keep Dallas Observer Free.As Southern side dishes go, there is none better than fried okra.Unfortunately, most of the fried okra you’ll find is frozen, prepackaged stuff, which can leave you a little underwhelmed when you’ve got a craving.Fortunately, when you need a fried okra fix, these six restaurants take the South’s finest side dish and treat it right.The next time you’re at one of these establishments, order a basket of fried okra and prepare to be amazed.Let’s just say Ms. Ellen knows her way around flour and frying grease, and that doesn’t just apply to chicken fried steak. .

Southern Fried Okra

My 55th recipe “Southern Fried Okra”, a quick and easy snack / side.When I moved to Texas a few years back, I did not have many restaurant options where I get vegetarian food.So whenever I decide to visit one of the local restaurants here, I was forced to just stick with ordering the sides.This Southern Fried Okra was one such side which I had on multiple occasions and loved.This was crispier and the okra still remained crunchy inside, which made it an instant hit with me.Learn how to prepare the perfectly crisp and delicious fried okra at home.Now take a bowl, add the butter milk, ginger garlic paste and mix thoroughly.Drain the okra from butter milk, dredge it in cornmeal flour mixture and fry in hot oil for a couple of minutes until the color changes to golden brown.Place the fried okra on a paper napkin to remove excess oil. .


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