Stuffed bell peppers are awesome, but I always find them slightly awkward or difficult to eat.You can also try using cauli rice and skipping the broth, but you’ll be missing a lot of flavor with that option.Make sure to divide the skillet into single serving portions just after cooking, and chill them completely in the refrigerator before transferring to the freezer.Even cooking plain rice on the stovetop can be a bit challenging for some folks, and when you add in other ingredients it can end up a little more tricky.Cookware: A really good quality (thick and heavy) skillet is really important for making this recipe work correctly.Heavy cookware conducts heat really evenly so the sides of your skillet will cook at the same rate as the part that is right above the flame.If it’s a thin skillet, it might scorch right in the center and leave the outer edges uncooked.If you don’t have a good skillet, a dutch oven or heavy soup pot would also work well.So once you’ve got everything in the pot and have already brought everything up to a boil, turn the heat down to the lowest setting that still maintains a light simmer.1 Tbsp chopped parsley (optional garnish) ($0.05) Instructions Mince the garlic and dice the onion and bell pepper.Add the olive oil and ground beef to a deep skillet.Next, add the diced tomatoes (with juices), uncooked rice, and beef broth.Once the rice has rested for 5 minutes, remove the lid and fluff it with a fork, gently folding the ingredients back together (peppers and tomatoes may float to the top while it simmers).Place the lid back on top and let the heat from the skillet melt the mozzarella.Mince one clove of garlic and dice a yellow onion and bell pepper.ground beef to a deep skillet with 1 Tbsp olive oil.Place a lid on the skillet, turn the heat up to medium-high and allow the broth to come up to a full boil.Pour the prepared tomato sauce over the rice in the skillet, then top with 1 cup shredded mozzarella.Place the lid back on the skillet and let the residual heat melt the cheese. .

6 Stuffed Veggie Recipes To Replace Your Old Stuffed Peppers

People have developed a certain obsession with stuffing tasty ingredients inside their favorite foods.On the healthier side of the scale, stuffed peppers have been a classic for generations.For some reason, a side of rice with diced peppers just isn’t as much fun as an entire veggie filled with grains.We’ve searched the web to bring you six delicious stuffed veggie recipes.The orange tubers pack a hefty dose of fiber, vitamins A and C, and potassium.Take your orange spuds to the next level with these Tex-Mex sweet potatoes from What’s Gaby Cooking.Black beans add even more fiber and a dose of protein, while guacamole and salsa ensure plenty of zesty flavor.This recipe is vegetarian, but feel free to add some meat along with the beans.Just brown some ground beef, chicken, or turkey, season it with salt, then mix with the black beans.A squeeze of lime and a dollop of sour cream also make nice finishing touches.Prick skin of each sweet potato several times with a fork, and set on a sheet pan.Bake sweet potatoes about 60 minutes, or until a knife easily slides through the flesh.Slice sweet potatoes lengthwise down center, and push ends to open.Fill with beans, guacamole, salsa, cheese, onions, and cilantro.Let the juicy fruits shine in The New York Times’ Greek stuffed tomatoes, brimming with herbed grains.Inspired by versions made in the Mediterranean, these tomatoes will make you feel like you’re on a European vacation.Just core the tomatoes, squeeze out some of the seeds, then fill with a mixture of rice, zucchini, and herbs.Using a small spoon, scoop out interior, making sure to leave sides of tomato intact.Place tomato seeds in a strainer over a bowl, and reserve flesh.Toss shredded zucchini with a generous amount of salt, and let drain in a colander for 10 minutes.Squeeze liquid from zucchini, and transfer to bowl with tomato pulp.Add garlic, minty, parsley or dill, and rice or bulgur.Jerusalem’s fragrant recipe, featured on Serious Eats, is brimming with spiced lamb and toasty pine nuts.The vegetable basically serves as a blank canvas for all those bold flavors, making it a great choice for skeptics.Place eggplant halves, skin side down, in a large roasting pan that allows them to fit snugly.Brush flesh with 4 tablespoons olive oil, and season with 1 teaspoon salt and some black pepper.While eggplant cooks, heat remaining olive oil in a large skillet.Place remaining spice mix in a bowl, and add water, lemon juice, tamarind, and remaining 2 teaspoons sugar, cinnamon sticks, and ½ teaspoon salt.Martha Stewart Living’s recipe avoids both issues by keeping the vegetables in large pieces, and scraping out some of the watery seeds.Filled with savory sausage and topped with shaved Parmesan, this meal is a great way to get a taste of Italian comfort food.Scrape seeds and soft flesh from zucchini, reserving ½ cup.Cook, breaking up meat, until sausage is browned and onion is softened, about 5 minutes.Bake until filling is firm and each zucchini is tender and wrinkled at the edges, 35 to 40 minutes.No cocktail party would be complete without an appetizer spread featuring stuffed mushroom caps, because almost everyone loves them.Turn the party snack into the main attraction with Clean Eating’s stuffed portobellos.The meal might sound decadent, but these mushrooms are packed with good-for-you ingredients that will supply plenty of fiber and protein.6 portobello mushroom caps, stems and gills removed, brushed clean.Place chicken on a large, rimmed baking sheet lined with foil.Add to bowl with chicken along with spinach, remaining chives, walnuts, 1½ ounces cheese, shallots, garlic, and mustard.Fill each portobello with 1 cup of chicken mixture, packing tightly.Cookin’ Canuck’s stuffed veggies put the green produce in the spotlight, and the results couldn’t be more delicious.This method requires hardly any cooking, just a quick trip to a sauté pan for the shrimp.If you’re dealing with a real scorcher, you can turn the dish into a heat-free recipe by purchasing already cooked shrimp from the store.Cut each cucumber in half crosswise, then lengthwise to end up with 8 pieces total. .

Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

A healthy way to indulge your craving for Mexican food, they’re taco-seasoned and loaded with black beans and pepper jack cheese for a satisfying kick. .

10 Ways To Take Stuffed Peppers To a New Level

Try this recipe for a shrimp stuffed pepper filled with a creamy sauce.Put the cheesy pasta into half a bell pepper and top with some cheddar before baking to perfection. .

The 20 Best Stuffed Pepper Recipes

While the typical stuffing includes ground beef and rice, home cooks have developed many creative versions over the years.The filling might be a simple rice and vegetable mixture, or it could include poultry, fish, shellfish, or pork. .

Bell Pepper Substitutes

The unripe version is green, but they gradually transform into other colors such as yellow, red, and orange.If you don't enjoy the flavor of bell peppers or you simply can't get hold of any, then you're going to need a replacement.We've pulled together a list of our favorite bell pepper substitutes so that you can finish any recipe without them.They share similar features such as thick walls that are meaty and hold their structure well even when cooked.Their large internal cavities make them perfect for stuffing, a common use for bell peppers.You will find that poblanos lack the grassy flavor that green bell peppers provide.Although the walls of a cubanelle are thinner than a bell pepper, they are useful for stuffing with meat, spices, and other vegetables.Anaheim peppers give a slightly fruity, peppery flavor to dishes and have a delicious crunchy consistency when raw.People that struggle with hot food may not enjoy this option as they are considered a medium heat chili.Although it is conceivable that you could stuff a large jalapeno, the bell pepper is larger and more suitable.Zucchini is a great choice that will fit into most recipes that call for any color of bell pepper.Zucchini can also add color to stir-fries and provides texture to casseroles or any savory baked dish.A common complaint about bell peppers is that their texture becomes soft and slimy once cooked.If you want a super-healthy vegetable that holds its shape and crispy bite once cooked then broccoli may be worth considering.The skins of a bell pepper are the main culprit for people who suffer from indigestion.A green bell pepper hasn’t yet had the chance to ripen and has a mild grassy flavor.Although bell peppers can be found in any supermarket, that doesn’t mean seeking out an occasional alternative isn’t worth your time.Whether you want a similar-tasting pepper with slightly more heat or a completely different flavor, replacing them in recipes is straight forward. .

Mexican Stuffed Peppers {Tasty, Easy Recipe!}

Colorful, fresh bell peppers that are split, stuffed with a tasty cumin-and chili-spiced Mexican chicken filling, then baked until tender, they’ve become one of our favorite healthy weeknight dinners.While I love one-pan, veggie-packed Mexican recipes like my Healthy Beef Taco Skillet, I have a deep affection for stuffing all the flavor into my vegetables instead.It’s as if someone gave me a pepper present: a healthy, yummy meal neatly packaged just for me.Add the fact that stuffed peppers are freezer friendly, made to be packed for lunch, and reheat like a dream, and it’s anyone’s guess as to why we don’t make them every week!Their flavor profile is based off of my Crockpot Stuffed Peppers, which was one of the first recipes I learned to cook.Red and green are our favorites for Mexican food, but you can use any combo of colors you like.Red and green are our favorites for Mexican food, but you can use any combo of colors you like.Ground chicken is lean, high in protein, and ideal for spicing up with a blend of authentic Mexican flavors.Ground chicken is lean, high in protein, and ideal for spicing up with a blend of authentic Mexican flavors.Chili powder and cumin give this recipe an authentic Mexican flavor.The peppers are still fairly mild, so if you’d like to spice them up more, add a pinch of cayenne or chipotle chili powder (YUM).Chili powder and cumin give this recipe an authentic Mexican flavor.The peppers are still fairly mild, so if you’d like to spice them up more, add a pinch of cayenne or chipotle chili powder (YUM).We topped ours off with nonfat plain Greek yogurt (a healthy stand-in for sour cream), jalapeno, and cilantro.Halve your peppers from top to bottom (cut right down through the stems), then arrange them, cut-side up in a baking dish that’s large enough to hold them comfortably.If all of your peppers don’t fit, you can bake the rest in a separate dish.The filling is fully cooked at this point, so you can taste and adjust the seasonings as you like.Omit the cheese and top the finished peppers with lots of creamy avocado instead.Omit the cheese and top the finished peppers with lots of creamy avocado instead.If microwaving, for the easiest reheating, cut the peppers into a few pieces first so that they warm evenly.If microwaving, for the easiest reheating, cut the peppers into a few pieces first so that they warm evenly.Prepare a large batch of the stuffed pepper filling, and store it in the refrigerator for up to 3 days or freeze for up to 3 months (these containers are perfect for meal prep storage).If you freeze the filling, let it thaw in the refrigerator the night before you want to bake the stuffed peppers.Additionally, you can save time by preparing a big batch of rice and freezing it for future uses, like these peppers.These tasty Mexican stuffed peppers are very filling and well-balanced enough to be a full meal on their own, but here are a few ideas of what you could serve with them:.Or, just set out a big bowl of chips and salsa, pour yourself a Skinny Margarita, and call the fiesta complete. .

The Best Stuffed Peppers Without Rice (Low Carb!)

Stuffed peppers make delicious and easy comfort food in a snap and will be something the entire family will enjoy!If you’ve been looking for a recipe for stuffed peppers without rice, you’ll LOVE this version!Traditional stuffed peppers include ground beef, tomatoes, rice, seasoning, and cheese.Vegetables – We used a low carb chunky marinara sauce so that the peppers would hold their shape and the filling wouldn’t get too liquidy.If you decide to swap with tomato sauce, I’d suggest increasing the seasoning and also know that the filling might be a little runny (but will still taste fabulous!).Stuffed peppers with no rice are actually a perfect keto friendly meal and is one of my husbands favorites!Saute the olive oil, onion, chopped garlic, and riced broccoli for 4-5 minutes on medium heat, until softened.Pile the filling nice and high into the stuffed peppers, it’s not going to spill over the sides.Remove foil and continue cooking 15-20 minutes more until the pepper is soft, starting to bubble and easy to cut through.Feel free to garnish the low carb stuffed peppers with green onions, chives, cilantro or just leave as is.One thing I love about making stuffed peppers is how easy it is to change up the ingredients for what you have on hand.Really, you could even skip the peppers and just eat the yummy filling too and turn it into a low carb savory casserole!While you can definitely serve your stuffed peppers without rice as is since it’s already filled with protein, dairy and vegetables, sometimes it’s nice to have at least one other simple dish to put on your plate.One of the things I like most about stuffed peppers, is that they’re easy to put together and use for meal prepped lunches and dinners.If you need the peppers quickly for a lunch on the go, I’d recommend microwaving them from frozen for 3 minutes at 50% power.Please share your low carb stuffed peppers photos and comments on the post or on the Pinterest pin. .

Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers With Spinach And Ricotta

This post may contain affiliate links which will not change your price but will share some commission.An easy Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers Recipe made with spinach and ricotta.This easy vegetarian recipe is a meatless meal the whole family will love.It requires minimal prep time and will be on your dinner table in 30 minutes or less!Lately, I’ve been really craving spinach and ricotta stuffed shells but was looking for a low carb alternative.This vegetarian stuffed peppers recipe has an Italian flair, less carbs, and more veggies!I’m mixing spinach, ricotta cheese (obviously), red pepper flakes for a little bit of heat, lemon zest for a little tang, among a few other delicious things.Vegetables and herbs: bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, garlic, spinach, yellow onion, basil, lemon.Add cherry tomatoes, 1/2 tablespoon olive oil, salt, and pepper to a 9 x 11 inch oven safe baking dish.Drain the spinach well (I like to use a fine mesh strainer) and set aside in a mixing bowl.I love to serve mine with a side of farro because it’s a protein rich grain.They recommend eating two cups a day but that’s a lot of peppers for me so as long as I get a few servings a week, I feel good!If you’re looking for new ways to incorporate bell peppers into your diet, try this Mushroom Bolognese or these Sheet Pan Chicken Fajita Lettuce Wraps.You can prep them ahead of time by completing all the steps except the final 5 minute bake to melt the cheese.Taco stuffed peppers – ground chicken or beef, chili powder, garlic cloves, tomato paste, black beans, white rice.Stuffed peppers will keep in the fridge for several days, so they make an excellent meal prep option.Roasted Sweet Potato Bowls Easy weeknight vegetarian dinners never looked so good!Vegetarian Cornbread Stuffing is flavorful, moist, and the perfect holiday side dish.Crispy tofu, covered in hot buffalo sauce and served bowl style; what more could you ask for? .

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