Kenobi features a bunch of new additions to the Star Wars universe, but Red Hot Chili Pepper fans have noted that one particular character appears to be portrayed by bassist Flea.The RHCP bassist appears as Princess Leia Organa’s kidnapper as ‘Vect’, who sets Kenobi off on the series of events that forces him to leave Tattooine and his post watching over Luke Skywalker.He has appeared in a bunch of films, TV shows, and animated series over the years, including Baby Driver, Back to the Future Part II, and American Dad. .

Rock Band adds a dash of Red Hot Chili Peppers on August 30

Come Tuesday, August 30, a total of eight new Red Hot Chili Peppers songs will be available for download, spanning the group's more recent albums -- including the band's upcoming I'm With You .If you're looking for older Chili Peppers tunes, then you can just download some of the band's classic offerings , already available.Hit the jump for the full track list.Included in the "I'm With the Chili Peppers" pack ($13.49):Each individual track will cost $1.99 on Xbox 360 and PS3, or $2 on Wii. .

Black Friday pepper spray suspect surrenders – Orange County

LOS ANGELES A woman suspected of showering Black Friday shoppers with pepper spray surrendered to authorities but was released pending further investigation after she refused to discuss the incident, police said Saturday.The woman, whose name was not released, is suspected of firing pepper spray into a crowd in order to clear a path to a crate of Xbox video game systems that were being unwrapped late Thanksgiving night at a Walmart in the upscale Porter Ranch section of the San Fernando Valley.The attack took place about 10:30 p.m., shortly after the Walmart opened its doors for the traditional Black Friday sales that kick off the Christmas shopping season. .

Xbox Family Settings: Responsible Gaming for All

Parents can filter or allow games, apps and websites based on the age of their children to ensure they are interacting with age-appropriate content. .

Gamertag ideas

A Gamertag is a unique name that is chosen for video game players.If you play basketball games then maybe consider choosing a name like Dunk King.Alpha AlphaReturns Angel Angels Creed Arsenic Coo Atomic Blastoid Automatic Slicer Baby Brown Back Bett Bad Bunny Bazooka Har-de-har Bearded Angler Beetle King Betty Cricket Bit Sentinel Bitmap BlacKitten Blister Blistered Outlaw Blitz BloodEater Bonzai BoomBeachLuvr BoomBlaster Bootleg Taximan Bowie Bowler Breadmaker Broomspun Buckshot Bug Blitz Bug Fire Bugger Cabbie Candy Butcher Capital F Captain Peroxide Celtic Charger Centurion Sherman Cereal Killer Chasm Face Chew Chew Chicago Blackout Chip Queen ChocoNutsX Chocolate Thunder Chuckles Club Nola [email protected] CobraBite Cocktail Collaterol Damage CommandX Commando Congo Wire Cool Iris Cool Whip Cosmo Crash Override Crash Test Crazy Eights Criss Cross Cross Thread Cujo Cupid Dust Daffy Girl Dahlia Bumble DaisyCraft Dancing Madman Dangle DanimalDaze Dark Horse Darkside Orbit Darling Peacock Day Hawk Desert Haze Desperado Devil Blade Devil Chick Dexter Diamond Gamer Digger Disco Potato Disco Thunder DiscoMate Don Stab Doz Killer Dredd DriftDetector DriftManiac Drop Stone Dropkick Drugstore Cowboy DuckDuck Earl of Arms Easy Sweep Eerie Mizzen ElactixNova Elder Pogue Electric Player Electric Saturn Ember Rope Esquire ExoticAlpha EyeShooter Fabulous Fast Draw FastLane Father Abbot FenderBoyXXX Fennel Dove Feral Mayhem Fiend Oblivion FifthHarmony Fire Feline Fire Fish FireByMisFire Fist Wizard Flakes Flame OUT Flint FlyGuardX Flying Doodle FrankenGrin Freak Frozen Explosion Gadget Gas Man General Broomdog General Finish Ghostrider Global meltdown Glyph Goatee Shield Gov Skull Grave Digger Greek Rifle Green Ghost Green Scavenger Guillotine Gullyway Guncap Slingbad Gunhawk HeroOfBlackday High Kingdom Warrior Highlander Monk Hightower Hog Butcher HollySparta Houston Houston Rocket Hyper Hyper Kong Impulsive Flower Indiana IonicHound Jack Cassidy Jelly Camber Jester JesterZilla JigKraken Jigsaw Joker’s Grin Judge Junkyard Dog K- K-Tin Man Keystone KiTParty Kickstart Kill Switch Killah Goose Kingfisher KingofWolfstreet Kitchen Knight Light Knuckles Koi Diva LFAKing Lady Killer Landfill Max Lava Nibbler Lazy Killer LeSpank LexusGTXXX LifeRobber Light Lion LightInOut Liquid Death Liquid Science Little Cobra Little General LittleTickle Lope Lope Lord Nikon Lord Pistachio Lord Theus Lucifer%us rain Lucky LunaStar Lunar Treat Mad Irishman Mad Jack Mad Kid Mad Rascal Mad Robin ManMaker Manimal Marbles Marigold Loot Married Man MarshalKing Marshmallow MaxicanChoncho MeetWit Mental Mercury Reborn Metal Star Midas Midnight Rambler Midnight Rider MightyFellow MindBuggle Mindless Bobcat Mint Ness MonkeyKing MonkeySmash MonsterMania Moon Solitaire Mud Pie Man Mule Skinner Mum Mary Murmur Mustang MysteryEnds Mystic Nacho Natural Gold Natural Mess Necromancer NemesisX Neophyte Believer Nessie New Cycle New York Winder Nickname Master Night Magnet Night Train Nightmare King NoiseFire Nutmeg Riot Old Man Winter Old Orange Eyes Old Regret Omega Sub Onion King Osprey Overrun Papa Smurf Paradise Pearl Girl Pepper Legs Peppermint Phoenix Tetra PhoenixHeat Pinball Wizard Pink Hopper PinkFloyd PinkPanther Pistol Hydro Pixie Soldier Pluto Pogue Polar Bee Poppy Coffee Poptart AK Prometheus Psycho Thinker Pusher Racy Lion RadioactiveMan Raid Bucker Rando Tank Ranger Red Combat Red Rhino RedFeet RedFisher RedMouth Reed Lady Renegade Slugger Reno Monarch Returns RevengeOfOmega Riff Raff Roadblock RoarSweetie Rocky Highway Roller Turtle Romance Guppy Rooster Rude Sniper Saint La-Z-Boy Sandbox Scare Stone ScaryNinja ScaryPumpkin Scrapper Scrapple Screw Screwtape Seal Snake Sexual Chocolate Shadow Bishop Shadow Chaser Sherwood Gladiator Shooter ShowMeSunset ShowMeUrguts Sidewalk Enforcer Sienna Princess Silver Stone Sir Shove Skull Crusher Sky Bully Sky Herald Slow Trot SmartieQuest SmashBuster SmashDtrash Snake Eyes SnakeEye SniperInstinct SnoopWoot Snow Cream Snow Hound Snow Pharaoh SnowWhiteLuvr Sofa King Solo Kill SpeedBreaker Speedwell SpellTansy Spider Fuji Spike SpitFire Spooky Yellowjacket Springheel Jack Spunky Comet Spy Squatch Stacker of Wheat Stallion Patton Star Sword Station WMD Street Squirrel Subzero Taffy Sugar Man Suicide Jockey Sultan of Speed SunVolt Swampmasher Sweet Talker Swerve SwiftFox SwiftSpeed TWitMeet Tacklebox Take Away Tan Stallion TecTonic Terror Master Thanksgiving The China Wall The Dude The Final Judgement The Flying Mouse The Happy Jock The Howling Swede The Shield Toronto Third Moon Thrasher ThunderStroke Toe Toolmaker Tough Nut ToxicCharger Toy Dogwatch Trash Master Trash Sling Trick Baron Trip TrixiePhany Troubadour TulipCake Turnip King Twin Blaze Twinkle Cutlass Twitch Twix Bond UCantBeatIt Uncle Psycho Vagabond Warrior VenusLion VenusQueen Vicious Street Voluntary Vortex Washer Waylay Dave Wheels White Snare Wholesome Widow Curio Willow Dragon WindyGod Winter Bite Wolf Tribune Wolverine Woo Woo Wooden Man Yellow Menace Zero Charisma Zesty Dragon Zod.Also share your gamertag with us in the comment section below and let us know whats your favorite game. .


David Walsh is an American professional gamer, entrepreneur, writer, and commentator.Walsh is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most successful Halo players of all time.[4] Walsh has been featured in Electronic Gaming Monthly,[5] BPM, WZZM news station, Lansing State Journal, Game Informer Monthly, MTV, and The Grand Rapids Press.After his former team, Final Boss, placed poorly at two of MLG's 2008 tournaments, (San Diego [7th], Orlando [5th]) his teammates (Ogre2, Ogre1, and Strongside) decided to drop him from the team for fellow MLG Pro Player Neighbor, formerly of Str8 Rippin.He also serves as a board member of Gamers Outreach Foundation—a charity that uses video games for various community projects.However, he also stated that he will no longer be working with Kiaeneto, the gaming clothing line that he co-founded.[10] Prior to becoming a pro, he worked with his dad at a post office in Grand Rapids. .


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