Lunch gets a bad rap: Breakfast holds the title for most important meal of the day, and we pull out all the stops for dinner. .

Why You Should Keep Cut Potatoes in Water

), try our favorite technique: Peel and cut raw potatoes, then store them in a container with water in the refrigerator to prevent them from turning brown.Start by scrubbing potatoes under cool running water to remove dirt; dice, slice, or chop as directed in recipe. .

Can I Peel and Slice Potatoes Ahead of Time?

Whether you’re planning a Thanksgiving menu or hosting a special dinner, finding ways to cut down on prep work can be game-changing, especially if you’re feeding a large crowd.Here's the problem: when you slice into a potato, you expose its natural phenols to oxygen, a chemical reaction that results in an almost immediate pinkish hue.Small cuts, like diced potatoes, get waterlogged faster, so are best kept in cold water for a short time, like while you prep other ingredients.Such a fine cut takes on water quickly and is typically cooked until golden—think latkes or potato pancakes—so none of that discoloration will show anyway.If your dish depends on the most crisp exterior (like pommes Anna) or requires your potatoes to give off very little moisture (like a gratin with other water-heavy veggies), there's no need to cut those ahead of time and soak them. .

Proper Steps to Storing Peeled Potatoes

Peeled potatoes left out by themselves at room temperature, on a refrigerator shelf or wrapped in foil or plastic wrap will still get dark overnight, so submerge them in a bowl of water, cover and refrigerate.I get ready to do my mashed potatoes by having a bowl of chilled water sitting on the kitchen counter next to a double sink.Once you have a few peeled, rinse the potatoes in the strainer and then place into the chilled bowl of water.You’ll be surprised at how well this works. .

How to Peel and Slice Potatoes Ahead of Time

With some smart strategies and advance planning, you can clean, peel and chop potatoes the night before or morning of your dinner party, so your spuds will be ready to go when you need them for mashing, baking, Hanukkah latkes and more.But certain labor-intensive dishes, such as mashed potatoes, can sometimes cause last-minute anxiety if you don't leave yourself enough time for the washing, peeling and chopping required before you can even begin cooking.Reduce time for smaller pieces.Just before you're ready to fry, dry the potatoes well and grate them. .

Creamy Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes

Perfect for the busy holidays, these ultra-creamy make-ahead mashed potatoes can be prepared two days ahead of time and reheated in the microwave.Much as my family loves mashed potatoes with pools of melted butter and gravy on Thanksgiving, I’m always reluctant to make them because they’re difficult to make ahead.In all my years of cooking, I have never seen a mashed potato recipe that starts with baked potatoes.Scoop out all of the flesh from each potato half into the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment (or the bowl of an electric mixer).Using a large rubber spatula, gradually fold in the hot cream and butter mixture.It will take a few minutes to mix the liquid in; keep folding until the potatoes are smooth and creamy.Season to taste, then transfer the potatoes to a serving bowl. .

How to Keep Potatoes from Turning Brown

Here’s how to keep potatoes from turning brown, so they’ll be worthy of both your finest dinner party and your casual weeknight meals (these mashed potato dishes are perfect for either!Slow browning with water.When sliced spuds are placed in water, the oxidation process slow.Place your mandoline and grater directly over the bowl and grate straight into the water to keep your potatoes as white as possible.As mentioned above, placing spuds in water will slow the oxidation process, but it will not stop it. .

Cook Faster: Simple Tips on Peeling Potatoes Ahead of Time

Peeling potatoes ahead of time can save a lot of cooking time, but make sure you don’t store the peeled potatoes for too long.Peeling and boiling potatoes well ahead of time, will save a lot of energy and time the next day.⇒ Then use a drainer and pour the potatoes and water through it, and quickly immerse the potatoes in the ice water pot for around 15-20 seconds.⇒ Hold the potato at its sides with your right hand, and keep other side of the potato on the chopping board, holding the potato at an inclined angle.You can also keep the bowl of water and potatoes in refrigerator, to preserve the potatoes better.⇒ This method will help you peel the raw potatoes a day before, but be sure you don’t store them for long.⇒A potato contains 80% water, so avoid freezing cooked potato recipes.⇒ The method for peeling sweet potatoes before time is similar to normal potatoes. .


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