After the Spanish took over they brought the crop back to Europe, and from there it spread worldwide — including onto the shores of a little Channel Island called Jersey.Much like British asparagus and white and black truffles, their relative scarcity (compared to the abundance of their cousins) coupled with their short availability means that there’s a buzz when they come into season.The first seeds are sewn in November under glasshouses with the bulk of the crop following suit outdoors from January to April.Once cooked, serve with some top-quality gourmet butter (such as Beurre d’Isigny) and some fresh herbs, such as mint, chives or parsley, or even alongside some wild sea veggies. .

Jersey Royal

In around 1880 a Jersey farmer, Hugh de la Haye, showed friends a large potato that he had bought.They cut this potato into pieces, which they planted in a côtil (a steeply sloping field) above the Bellozanne valley.Under the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union Jersey Royals are covered by a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). .

Jersey Royals Recipes

Make the most of baby new potatoes in this super crispy chorizo salad served with peppery rocket, vibrant broad beans all tossed in oily garlic.Seasonal Jersey Royals are put to great work in this spicy recipe, with cumin, mustard seeds, turmeric and garam masala.Try this vibrant side dish with golden roasted Jersey Royals, crunchy radishes, peppery rocket and baby spinach from 26 Grains in Covent Garden.Serve a big bowl of these moreish mouthfuls with a green salad for a very easy lunch or supper, or alternatively, with meat or fish as a satisfying side dish.Similar to the popular Swiss dish, ‘Raclette’, this recipe for baked Jersey Royals with brie and pickles feels really indulgent.The sharpness of the pickles helps to cut through the rich, creaminess of the cheese, which balances beautifully with the texture of crispy, crunchy potatoes.Catalan roast chicken, soft Jersey Royal potatoes and sweet red peppers marry together beautifully in this quick, easy and satisfyingly healthy salad.A celebration of different textures and flavours, this fresh and vibrant dish is the perfect addition to any picnic blanket or dinner party table.Soft halibut is the ideal companion for Jersey Royal potatoes and a rich caper beurre blanc adds a welcome sharpness. .

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The island itself is optimal for growing potatoes, with its unique microclimate, soil and environment creating the perfect conditions for this special spud to flourish.Jersey has some of the most formidable tidal flows in the world, and the strong movement of the sea deposits large quantities of vraic on the shore.The potatoes are harvested, graded, packed and shipped daily to ensure that consumers are buying them when they are at their freshest and finest. .

What to make with Jersey Royals

The arrival of Jersey Royal potatoes is a joyous moment in the food calendar that deserves a bit of celebration.Jersey Royal potatoes have a distinctive flavour that is slightly nutty, earthy and sweet, and, with their firm but creamy texture, they are a real treat.They need only very gentle cooking, and are at their best simply steamed and served with a small knob of salted butter as a quick potato salad, barbecue side or a summery accompaniment for roasts or grilled fish.Place them in a large pan of salted water and bring to the boil, adding a couple of sprigs of fresh mint, if you like.Toss the warm potatoes in 150ml natural yoghurt, then finely chop ½ a bunch of soft herbs (15g; dill, mint, parsley or chives all work well) and scatter over the top.Make a salsa verde by mixing 30g of soft herbs, such as mint, parsley and basil, then finely chop with 1 tablespoon of capers, 4 cornichons and 6 anchovies. .

Stores gets fresh new season veg early

Morrisons is proud to announce they are the first supermarket in Yorkshire to offer Jersey Royals for sale this year.Jersey Royals will be available in selected stores across the county for a limited period and Morrisons aims to deliver the potatoes from field to store within just 48 hours, ensuring customers get the freshest produce possible.Nigel McCormick, Senior Potato Buyer for Morrisons comments: “Our shoppers love Jersey Royals and they are known to be the best spuds out there.We encourage everyone to try at least one tasty recipe using Jersey Royals and I’m sure they will be hooked!”.A great source of fibre and vitamin C, their fluffy skin and lovely golden colour make them perfect for spring salads.Jersey Royals will be on sale in selected Morrisons stores from Thursday 26th March.Our Grocery Managers in each store are available for photography opportunities to illustrate the arrival of the Jersey Royals in each local town and county.To set up a time and date suitbale for your photographers please call Jessica Wilkinson on 0845 611 5366. .

Jersey Royals

The Jersey Royal Company are their proud guardians, working hard to ensure they’re grown to high standards and arrive in our stores full of flavour. .

How To Cook Jersey Royal Potatoes

“Baby new season Jersey Royals, served warm and buttered are exquisite draped in crème fraîche and dolloped with caviar.” Sally Clarke, 30 Ingredients.And at the bottom of this post there is some information about La Bonnotte potatoes which are even more delicate, even more prized, and, inevitably, priced accordingly.To browse the rest of this site (there are posts on all kinds of surprising things) follow this link.Gently wash off any soil and scabby skin in luke warm water (for heaven’s sake don’t peel – see below).And, in any case, any tissue-paper thin strips of skin remaining will, in my view, only serve to add interest in terms of texture and flavour.Now I am really sticking my neck out, and contradicting the advice of many other culinary heroes (Elizabeth David for starters… also Nigella Lawson and Nigel Slater… and then there’s Delia Smith, and Jamie Oliver).But it really can’t take that long to bring them to the boil, and I am following the advice and reasoning of William Church, the Director of Sales and Marketing at The Jersey Royal Company who explains, “the Jersey Royal is quite a delicate potato, especially early in the season.Don’t peel them of course, simply wash off the soil, coat in olive oil and a little textured Maldon sea salt, and roast for about 45 minutes, turning once.“Sitting deep in the red hot ash below the grate is a long, shallow terracotta baking dish of potatoes, small as a thumbnail, and the luscious sage-smelling fat drips over them.From the pocket of her pinafore she takes a handful of dried wild fennel flowers, rubs them between her palms over the potatoes, and the maddening perfumes they send up cause sighs of longing from us.” Marlena de Blasi, The Umbrian Thursday Night Supper Club.Do as Sally Clarke suggests and serve them draped in crème fraîche and dolloped with caviar.A lovely idea from Lindsey Dickson’s The Eating Tree instagram feed (@theeatingtree), serve the new potatoes with what she straightforwardly calls a green sauce with herbs – a heady mix of what she has to hand: parsley, basil, mint, garlic, red onion, anchovies (because, she says, these go wonderfully with potatoes), oil, cider vinegar (or whatever you have to hand), and Dijon mustard.Serve them smashed (slightly overboiled) with generous quantities of tarragon and chive butter and some spring onions snipped over.“Having tutored me in vegetable love, Fisher then did something marvellous: she had me buying, boiling and buttering new potatoes.It was these words that did it: ‘Perhaps the most subtle I ever ate were in Sweden, when they were steamed quickly, right from the garden, on a bed of fresh dill, and lifted out like fragile eggs and served on hot plates with more chopped dill and sweet butter.’ Each one, she writes, was as round and plump as a cherub’s cheek.I bought miniature new potatoes, small and round as ball bearings, from the Saturday market, steamed them and skirled them in butter and chopped dill.Fisher concludes her thoughts on new potatoes with this: ‘Plenty of butter, freshly ground pepper, chopped herbs if one wishes, and there is a frabjous dish indeed.’ The day, the three days, that Fisher helped me over my fear of potatoes done in butter were frabjous ones.Jersey Royals can be grown anywhere, so if Life Wasn’t Too Short, you’d probably be better off growing your own, nutty little morsels.Exposure to light also increases alkaloid levels and turns potatoes green and can be harmful.As Dorothy Hartley, writing in the early ’50s in her seminal work Food in England, puts it:.“These are so delicious direct from the soil that it is worthwhile for any gardener to grow a few early ones, even if there is no room for the main crop.They will grow well in the sandy soil of seaside bungalows – or any odd scrap of land, as it is not a heavy crop you want but an early one.Not ideally – but, if you find you have many left over after cooking and you feel you must freeze, when you unfreeze, slice, mix with a generous slug of olive oil and some sea salt, maybe some herbes de Provence, and fry.Jersey’s soil is light and well-drained, and seaweed (known as vraic) collected from the beaches during the autumn storms used to be used as a fertiliser – a tradition dating back to the twelfth century.The story of the origin of the Jersey Royal tells of a Jersey farmer, Hugh de la Haye, who organised a big end-of-ploughing celebration (these celebrations were known as La Grande Charrue – and a famous one still occurs in Carhaix in Brittany, now morphed into a music festival at which the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Vanessa Paradis and Elton John perform).One came up, an unusual kidney shape, and a very thin flaky skin, which he named the ‘Jersey Fluke’.The Jersey Royal has designation of origin protection from the EU in the same way that Stilton cheese and Scotch whisky does. .

What sets Cornish New potatoes apart from Jersey Royals?

While Jersey’s climate benefits from it being the most southern of the British Channel Islands, Cornwall’s extreme south westerly location presents similar opportunities.The earliest, during the first few months of the year, tend to be the fields that slope up from the English Channel, catching the sun and benefiting from the Gulf Stream.Jersey Royals are all the same variety – International Kidney - which was created back in 1880 and they are typically grown as a New potato.These are all perfect Early potato varieties, with a mild, slightly sweet taste and a firm texture that keeps it shape when cooked.The farmers monitor their crops very closely as they grow, checking their progress regularly as the potatoes develop underground. .

Ron Budd looking forward to New Jersey potato season

“We actually got an early start planting compared to normal,” Budd told The Produce News Tuesday afternoon, May 5.However, he added, “Since then we’ve had some cooler and damper conditions than normal, and planting is hopefully going to wrap up this week.In addition to potatoes, Gloucester County Packing Corp. has an imported sweet onion deal.“Peruvian onions run generally from August through February, then Mexico and Texas in March and April,” said Budd.My brother has spent numerous hours learning about the virus and implementing a plan to minimize the exposure to all the employees here.The company is following all the federal and state guidelines, “and the local department of health has even given us some guidance on packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables as well,” he said.



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