However, be sure to remove any candles or other decorations before you toss it in the pile.You should also remove all of the pumpkin’s seeds if you haven’t done so already.If you leave the seeds inside the pumpkin, new pumpkins may begin to grow within your compost pile.Dig shallow holes into your garden and place small pieces of your Halloween pumpkins inside.Some animals enjoy eating pumpkins, so you may want to consider feeding the wildlife in your area with your old Halloween pumpkins.Make sure you place the pieces of pumpkin far away from your home so the animals don’t get too close for comfort. .

6 Eco-Friendly Ways to Recycle Pumpkins

However, after celebrations of National Pumpkin Day and Halloween are over, pumpkins may start looking a bit droopy—the carved smile turning into a grimace, the cheerful orange becoming somber.Pumpkins are filled with nutrients.The water that is harmful to the landfill is beneficial to your compost pile.Clean out the seeds so you don’t have unwanted pumpkins growing in the pile.You may not want the critters raiding your compost pile, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feed them.You can leave the jack-o-lantern out, as is, for your furry friends to snack on, or cut it up into pieces and scatter them about.Eat the seeds.Next day, spread the seeds out on a cookie sheet and roast for no longer than 20 minutes.Put the skins into a large bowl, sprinkle generously with Kosher salt and toss well.Apply the mask to your face, let sit for 15 minutes, rinse off with warm water. .

5 Halloween Recycling Horrors You Should Avoid

Republic Services, Inc. (NYSE: RSG) is an industry leader in U.S.

recycling and non-hazardous solid waste disposal. .


Bring pumpkins without candles, paint, glitter or other decorations to the yard waste collection sites for free. .

Pumpkin Recycling Tips

Halloween is behind us, which means it's time to stuff your wigs, fake cobwebs, and plastic skeletons back into the attic until next October.Leave old pumpkins for local wildlife.Instead of letting it go to waste, set it out for the wildlife in your ecosystem to enjoy.Compost pumpkins in your garden.Pumpkins are biodegradable, which makes them great candidates for composting. .

How to dispose of or recycle Pumpkins

We are Solid Waste & Recycling, a division of Washington County's Department of Health and Human Services.Welcome to the Garbage and Recycling Day online tool! .

Pumpkin Smash

On November 6th, you can compost your pumpkin at one of several locations in the Chicago area.SCARCE and the cities of Wheaton and Elmhurst hosted the first pumpkin collections in 2014, diverting 9.31 tons of pumpkins from landfills and helping to improve composting laws in Illinois.Composting is nature’s way of recycling with many benefits: Avoids landfill greenhouse gas emissions from decomposing organics (currently, landfills are the 3rd largest producers of methane in the U.S.!).Health & Safety Precautions: All attendees must wear a mask over their nose and mouth and practice social distancing. .

How To: Recycle a Pumpkin

Leave a Snack for Wildlife: As any gardener knows, even in the suburbs you can expect deer, squirrels, fox, rabbits, and birds in your backyard.As long as you don’t mind attracting these critters, find an out-of-the-way spot to leave your pumpkins for them to enjoy.Create a Bird Feeder: Give your feathered friends a treat before they head south for the winter.The Penny Hoarder website has a great list of things you can make using pumpkin puree, including lasagna, pickles, butter – even beer.Cut the top off the pumpkin, scoop out the guts and seeds, poke a hole in the bottom for drainage, and add dirt.(You may want to put a plant saucer or decorative planter under the pumpkin to catch water running out the bottom.). .

How to Recycle Your Halloween Pumpkins

Instead of piling them up for trash day, try our eco-friendly ideas for repurposing, reusing, or recycling your gourds post-October.Sara's Silky Pumpkin Pie Credit: Peter Frank Edwards.Some varieties like Jarrahdale, Hubbard, and Pie pumpkins are grown specifically for eating, so they have naturally sweet, smooth flesh.See if you can donate leftover pumpkins to zoos, animal shelters, farms, or community gardens.Attract feathered friends to your yard by turning your Halloween pumpkin into a bird feeder.Just cut a pumpkin in half horizontally, empty the cavity, and fill it with birdseed.Either leave it out as is or hang it from a tree with several lengths of thick twine or rope wrapped under the base.Turn pumpkin smashing into a fun family activity; you probably won't have to look far to find willing participants.Even when Halloween's over, you can keep the festivities going strong with fun activities using your leftover pumpkin.Try pumpkin bowling by filling plastic bottles with water and setting them up in a 10-pin triangle.Your old Halloween pumpkin also makes the perfect snack for neighborhood wildlife, which you may have already noticed, especially if you have resident squirrels. .

How to Recycle Pumpkins for Birds and Wildlife

Repurpose your leftover Halloween pumpkins to benefit backyard wildlife such as birds, butterflies, deer and more.Share Pumpkin Seeds with Birds.Many people roast and eat pumpkin seeds themselves, but you can also share them with birds.Share Pumpkins with Butterflies.Cut Up Pumpkins for Wildlife. .

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