Either way, make sure to choose a pumpkin with no bruises, smooshy spots, nicks, or cuts, which will reduce their lifespan (especially if you want to display them, not eat them)."Pumpkins like slightly more irrigation at the flowering stage for proper fruit development," says Patty Buskirk, lead plant breeder and horticulturist at Seeds by Design.Pumpkins set lots of flowers then drop the fruit the plant can't sustain to maturity.If you have loads of problems with rotting fruit, try planting in raised bed planters or hills about 3 to 4 feet wide next year.When the pumpkins are set, place the fruits up on the tops of the planters or beds, which allows the extra water to run off.In smaller gardens, you can grow pumpkins vertically on a trellis or fence, providing additional support for heavy fruit by making little hammocks from bean or pea netting.Remove every bit of pulp so you won't attract any bugs, then wipe down all surfaces, inside and out, after you finish your masterpiece.Keep your carved pumpkin out of direct sunlight and refrigerate it for up to ten days when not on display, especially if you live in a warmer climate.It's not proven, but many people say applying petroleum jelly to the carved edges of your pumpkin helps retain moisture and prevent shriveling.Weather that's too cold can lead to decay, so avoid sticking pumpkins in the freezer or exposing them to frost.This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. .

How to Keep Pumpkins From Rotting This Halloween

With October comes all kinds of beloved fall traditions: spooky movies, delicious candies, pumpkin spice lattes and delightful, hearty casseroles.Whether you go for the traditional triangle eyes and a toothy grin or mix it up with some truly artsy designs, there’s no denying the fun of turning that orange orb into a Halloween icon.That’s why vinegar-soaked pumpkins look so new; they’re unblemished by the grossness that inevitably befalls their untreated peers.And best of all, this method is safe for wildlife, too, so if a squirrel or bird thinks your pumpkin is a tasty snack, they can chow down.For whole pumpkins, rub petroleum jelly all over to keep ’em from going bad and keep pests away. .

8 Tips for Making Your Halloween Pumpkins Last Longer

Despite the fact that Halloween decor is in full force, we all can agree that there is nothing scarier than a sunken, sad pumpkin.Put on a delightful display all season long with these easy tricks to extend the life of your Halloween pumpkins.The oils from your fingers can speed up the rotting process, so only touch your pumpkins when you absolutely need to.Handling the pumpkin too aggressively can also lead to unwanted cuts from fingernail snags or bruises from gripping too hard.If you plan on keeping your pumpkins outside, be sure to place them in a dry, shaded spot—like a covered porch—for the entire season.Ensuring that your pumpkins are properly moisturized will keep them fresh for a longer period of time.Peppermint has anti-fungal properties that will keep your pumpkins soft and smooth when they begin to dry out.Unfortunately, because pumpkins are vegetables, pests want to snack on them just as much as they like to enjoy your homegrown tomatoes, zucchini, and other produce.The most effective way to avoid ground-lurking pests like ants and squirrels is to keep your pumpkins off the ground.This means that the first step to fruit fly prevention is to carve your pumpkin properly.If you notice that these pesky insects are still hanging around your pumpkin, place a fruit fly trap nearby. .

How to Keep Pumpkins from Rotting

These festive vegetables provide the perfect front door decor and after-school activity for kids.A rotting pumpkin can attract unwanted pests, like fruit flies, if left out too long.Pumpkins rot when exposed to air, through the process of oxidation, and when they lose moisture, so these vegetables slowly begin to decay once cut from the stem.This process is expedited if the pumpkin has been cut open and carved, which is why so many jack-o-lanterns sag and start to decay just a week or two after Halloween.Pumpkins can also attract unwanted pests that will feed on the insides, causing it to decay even faster.Spread a layer of the jelly or oil along the carved edges of your pumpkins to prevent them from drying out quickly.The heat cooks the pumpkin from the inside and causes it to wilt faster than it would if lit by an electric candle. .

How to Keep Carved Pumpkins From Rotting

After spending time, money, and energy creating the delightfully frightening jack-o'-lantern of your dreams, you notice after a week, your pumpkin is starting to rot.Fill up a spray bottle with water, then add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.With a spoon, swirl the mixture together to create an organic mist that moisturizes your jack-o'-lantern and deters insects from making your pumpkin their new home.But real candles just dry out the inside of a pumpkin, making it die faster since it lacks the moisture to keep itself healthy.Your pumpkin needs to maintain a bit of moisture so it doesn't dry up, but placing it somewhere extremely humid will make it get moldy and rot.The best chance of extending the lifespan of your pumpkin will be keeping it somewhere dry and off the ground to avoid an invasion from pests and rodents. .

How to keep Pumpkins from Rotting on the Vine

One of the most important things to address with your Fall harvest is how to keep pumpkins from rotting on the vine.These fresh meaty fruits are great for making a wide variety of sweet treats or roasting for a delectable side dish.Children love carving and painting pumpkins as part of their fall activities and celebrations.Rot is usually caused by excess soil moisture, which is a breeding ground for fungal issues.This will help protect your pumpkins from the moisture in the soil before you find them to place a barrier lifting them off the ground.Not enough water for lack or pollination are the main causes of pumpkins rotting on the vine right after the blooming stage.If your pumpkins are not properly pollinated they will easily die on the vines before they have time to form.These baskets are designed to hold heavy fruits like melons and pumpkins up off the ground to protect them from the moisture in the soil.These wooden containers will help keep your pumpkins up off the ground after you show them how to dispose of pains you be longer need on your time off. .

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