Despite the fact that Halloween decor is in full force, we all can agree that there is nothing scarier than a sunken, sad pumpkin.Put on a delightful display all season long with these easy tricks to extend the life of your Halloween pumpkins.The oils from your fingers can speed up the rotting process, so only touch your pumpkins when you absolutely need to.Handling the pumpkin too aggressively can also lead to unwanted cuts from fingernail snags or bruises from gripping too hard.Ideally, you'll set your pumpkin in its desired home for the season and it won't need to be touched again!If you plan on keeping your pumpkins outside, be sure to place them in a dry, shaded spot—like a covered porch—for the entire season.Ensuring that your pumpkins are properly moisturized will keep them fresh for a longer period of time.Peppermint has anti-fungal properties that will keep your pumpkins soft and smooth when they begin to dry out.Unfortunately, because pumpkins are vegetables, pests want to snack on them just as much as they like to enjoy your homegrown tomatoes, zucchini, and other produce.The most effective way to avoid ground-lurking pests like ants and squirrels is to keep your pumpkins off the ground.If you notice that these pesky insects are still hanging around your pumpkin, place a fruit fly trap nearby. .

How to Preserve Pumpkins

Most Brooklyn neighborhoods take fall decor seriously, but mine really gets in the spirit.Think: pumpkins, gourds, ghouls, and cobwebs—times 100.Avoid carving until you need to.Once you expose the skin, the clock on that pumpkin officially starts ticking.Give it a soak.Turns out, a bleach soak is the internet's most popular way to preserve both whole and carved pumpkins.Leave your pumpkin (carved or uncarved) soaking in this wash for anywhere from an hour to overnight.... without the bleach.If it's a carved pumpkin you're treating, you can use petroleum jelly or vegetable oil to rub into all the exposed parts (do this after a bleach soak for twice the benefits).Petroleum jelly, according to these carving experts, helps it to not dry out and shrivel up.When you do put it out, place it in a spot that doesn't get direct sunlight or rain.A cool dip will do wonders to revive its flagging spirit.But just one thing: whipped cream is not optional.


How to make your carved pumpkin last longer

The pumpkin is most durable when you dry it.After you harvested or bought the pumpkins in autumn, they should be stored in a warm and above all dry room for a few months.Let the pumpkins dry thoroughly.Using the dried pumpkin you can carve the perfect Jack-o-lantern to which you then apply a layer of acrylic or paint spray.No matter if you use paint spray or hair lacquer, make sure that it is completely dried before lighting a candle to put into your carved pumpkin.But: Even using these method, you will not get more than a maximum of three to four weeks out of a fresh carved pumpkin. .

How To Make Pumpkins Last Longer! Keep Your Pumpkins Looking

Nothing helps create a perfect autumn display like a few pumpkins thrown in the mix.Whether left natural, painted brightly with an autumn theme, or even carved into ghostly shapes, fall just wouldn’t be the same without them.There is nothing worse than watching the pumpkins in your beautiful autumn display start to shrivel up and rot away.But the key to keeping those decorations looking great is to make sure they stay bright and fresh for as long as possible.In fact, with just a few little tips and tricks, you can keep any of your fall gourds strong all the way through the decorating season.Missing, small, or a loose or decaying stem spells early trouble.Once a stems has been damaged, it will quickly lose its firmness, and in the process rot at a much faster pace.The stem is a key indicator of a gourds health, and a great predictor of just how long it will last.At the same time, be sure to avoid any pumpkins with dents, bruises, or obvious signs of distress.A deep nick, scratch or a soft spot is an open invitation for decay to accelerate.Depending if you will be carving, painting or keeping your little gourd plain and simple, the approach to preserving will be a bit different.In fact, with a simple two-part process, you can keep a healthy pumpkin looking great for a few months with ease!Allow the bleach to dry, and then rub down the entire pumpkin with a good coating of mineral oil.The paint acts much like the mineral oil and a natural shield to keep moisture out. .

How to Keep Pumpkins From Rotting

Either way, make sure to choose a pumpkin with no bruises, smooshy spots, nicks, or cuts, which will reduce their lifespan (especially if you want to display them, not eat them)."Pumpkins like slightly more irrigation at the flowering stage for proper fruit development," says Patty Buskirk, lead plant breeder and horticulturist at Seeds by Design.Pumpkins set lots of flowers then drop the fruit the plant can't sustain to maturity.If you have loads of problems with rotting fruit, try planting in raised bed planters or hills about 3 to 4 feet wide next year.When the pumpkins are set, place the fruits up on the tops of the planters or beds, which allows the extra water to run off.In smaller gardens, you can grow pumpkins vertically on a trellis or fence, providing additional support for heavy fruit by making little hammocks from bean or pea netting.Remove every bit of pulp so you won't attract any bugs, then wipe down all surfaces, inside and out, after you finish your masterpiece.Keep your carved pumpkin out of direct sunlight and refrigerate it for up to ten days when not on display, especially if you live in a warmer climate.It's not proven, but many people say applying petroleum jelly to the carved edges of your pumpkin helps retain moisture and prevent shriveling.Weather that's too cold can lead to decay, so avoid sticking pumpkins in the freezer or exposing them to frost.This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. .

How to make your Halloween pumpkins last longer — tips and tricks

Halloween season is upon us, and now is the time to head over to the pumpkin patch and start carving out some spooky creations.After all, you don’t want to spend hours working on your masterpieces, to only have them shrivel up and rot after a few days.So if you want to preserve your spooky pumpkins, these useful tips and tricks will make them last longer into the Halloween season and beyond.Also, when choosing your perfect pumpkin, make sure you feel for any soft spots —these indicate it will rot as soon as you’ve carved it.Soak in a bleach-bath — Once your pumpkin is completely gutted and free of seeds, you need to clean the inside and outside to keep it fresh and healthy.Bear in mind that liquid likes to pool at the base of the stem, so ensure that area is extra dry.Never leave it to dry outside as the elements will speed up the decay, and don’t use a blow dryer as it will only heat it up and contribute to the rotting process.In addition, you can rub lemon juice on the outside to keep insects away, maintain its vibrant color and delay the drying process.Pick a great location — Make sure you leave your pumpkins in an ideal spot, away from harsh temperatures.If you have an extra large pumpkin, store in a cool part of the home, such as the basement.However, a real flame will essentially heat the pumpkin and ‘cook’ the inside, contributing to the decay process. .


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