After touring the pumpkin patch, the pair each walked off with a pumpkin.Why the trial lasted for 2 hours and why this whole issue wasn’t solved back in October by simply paying for the merchandise is hard to grasp.In an even more comical twist, Medina and Schindele plan on getting an appeals attorney to appeal the judge’s decision. .

Don't Get Smashed by the Law on Halloween // EN Lawyers

So, I stopped at McDonald’s and ordered a cheeseburger, 4 piece nugget, and a large french fries.I am telling this story because I thought the situation was going to escalate beyond words, and Halloween seems to provide a reason for normal people to make bad decisions.Here at ENLawyers, we want to remind you that even small indiscretions can have lifelong consequences.Halloween is often a night for our youth to run wild, flaunting, and breaking the law.So you, or your child has thrown 4 dozen eggs on the siding of a house in the neighborhood or a neighbor’s car.So you or your child as taken all of the toilet paper you purchased at Costco last month, and thrown it over the neighbor’s house.Unlike the “egging” you will not likely face malicious destruction charges, as toilet paper does not destroy anything.So your child, definitely not you, is walking home after a long night being dressed up, but too ashamed to knock on doors and ask for candy.But just as you gave up hope of getting some bite-sized snickers to devour later that evening, here comes little 3’5 Ernie from down the street with a giant bag of candy.Aside from the fact you chose a great costume, please understand that you cannot simply walk around town with a sword, openly or concealed.(2) A person may not wear or carry a dangerous weapon, chemical mace, pepper mace, or a tear gas device openly with the intent or purpose of injuring an individual in an unlawful manner.Now your child has not only stolen all of the pumpkins in the neighborhood, but he has re-enacted “Punkin Chunkin” in the middle of your development.1.If you are charged or accused with one of the above-listed crimes call your favorite ENLawyer, and we can represent you, or your family in court, and help resolve this case such that it does not remain on you or your child’s record forever.Most of the above crimes, assuming you are not on parole or probation, or are not the bane of your neighbors’ existence, can be resolved with the local Office of State’s Attorney by way of community service and restitution for any damage involved.While our firm is often able to persuade the prosecutor to proceed this way, this is not always the case, and you will want aggressive representation to defend your family’s interests! .

Stealing A Halloween Pumpkin Can Change Your Life

All these years I thought it was something we came up with just to get candy, but the Almanac says, “It is a legend that involves an Irishman named Jack who was too stingy to go to heaven and too mischievous to go to hell.While I was growing up, there was still some fields picked by hand and the old one-row pickers knocked down a lot of corn while turning around that farmers just wouldn’t allow to go unharvested.Any pumpkins found in the field were thrown on the wagon and carried to the barn, later to become a tasty meal for our future Christmas ham producers.Ronnie could see her sitting in her straight back school chair in the shadows of the corner of the porch with something long in her hands that resembled a weapon of some kind.Hearing the firecracker explode, Ronnie assumed Miss Baskin’s broom was a gun and his minutes were numbered, and he fell flat on the ground.The night Ronnie got shot by a broom is still a favorite Halloween story in my neck of the woods, but pumpkin thievery is now a thing of the past. .

Phantom pumpkin pincher is caught on camera stealing three

This is the shocking moment a thief stole three pumpkins from a front garden Halloween display before returning to kick and smash up the fourth and final one.The four pumpkins were left out to entertain trick or treaters in Cannock, Staffordshire, last night by nurse Marie Price-Franks, 24, her partner Ceiran Milsom, 23, and their five-year-old daughter Luna.A mystery man was caught on a security camera stealing three of the pumpkins on two separate visits and smashing up the fourth in Cannock, Staffordshire, last night.The thief then returned and stamped on the fourth pumpkin, which had been covered in chalk board paint to make it into a blackboard.Marie Price-Franks, 24, (left) her partner Ceiran Milsom, 23, (right) and their five-year-old daughter Luna (centre) had decorated the pumpkins together.Social media users were shocked by the footage with Amie Clare Louise saying: 'What is wrong with people seriously.'. .

Farm Crime: Halloween Edition

According to Newsday, more than 600 pumpkins (worth about $4,200) were stolen from Rottkamp’s Fox Hollow Farm in Calverton, New York, in late September, just before harvest.In an equally hard-to-fathom theft, in October 2012, a thief made off with a 300-pound pumpkin from an Illinois farm, ABC news reported.The owner, Roger Hammer, told ABC news that he believed stealing the pumpkin must have required several people with a tractor or an SUV.A security camera caught a man stealing an 8-foot-tall inflatable pumpkin from someone’s yard in West Babylon, New York.Earlier this month a security camera caught a man stealing an 8-foot-tall inflatable pumpkin from someone’s yard in West Babylon, New York.Perhaps Hoffman was hoping that his thief would take a page from the book of the bandit who recently returned a 9-year-old’s prized 100-pound pumpkin after stealing it off the front porch of a York, PA, home.Jaiden Newcomer was “very excited” to get back the pumpkin he had won at an area Oktoberfest celebration by correctly guessing its weight.While some victims of pumpkin theft attempt to shame the criminals into submission, others rely on the police and courts to handle it.“I really hope the persons who did this will think long and hard about stealing again, and while they may think it is no big deal, it crushed the heart of a 4-year-old boy,” she wrote.The two students told the court they believed the two small pumpkins, worth $10, were included in the price of admission, according to judge, when determining the couple was guilty of shoplifting, told them it wasn’t the value of the items that mattered, rather it was the fact that they hadn’t paid for the pumpkins.Finally, we present a case where the police in Indiana, PA, caught a gang of pumpkin thieves, but couldn’t figure out who it was the men had stolen from. .

Pumpkin Theft Is No High Crime

* To those who think that stealing a plastic pumpkin from a neighbor’s yard deserves the death penalty: Stop a minute and think back to your teen years.Swipe a candy bar from a grocery store, knock over garbage cans on Halloween, “borrow” a bike for a spin around the neighborhood?Why do these kinds of pranks, admittedly wrong and to be condemned, generate such anger, to the point of approving killing as a solution? .

City that went viral for banning teens from trick-or-treating clarified its

City that went viral for banning teens from trick-or-treating clarified its law.The city of Chesapeake drew national scrutiny – and social media uproar – for its decades-old ordinance that could fine or jail teens caught in costume with a sack full of candy.But Covey assures the public that police have never actually fined or jailed a teen for trick-or-treating and the law is in place only to prevent issues like teens stealing and smashing pumpkins.'Let the teens be'."I would rather have teens trick or treat then cause trouble," one commented on a news story about the city's ban, adding that sometimes older kids are out helping a younger sibling.Let the teens be.".A good reminder that we don't always know everyone's story, so we should always be kind. .


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