So when a pompous, loud-mouth Gryffindor makes an extravagant and "romantical" gesture towards the girl of his dreams, Madeline can't help but school him on the difference between love and infatuation.( james potter x fem!oc ) ( marauders era ) ( not that slow slow-burn ) ( slight au ) © 2020 amaxinng sakeenah ☽ All Rights Reserved book cover art by Max Reed (instagram: @lesathii). .

When Life Gives You Pumpkins… – Mr. Tako Escapes

Have you ever heard the phrase “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”?This common phrase reminds people to have a positive attitude in the face of adversity, by making the best of a bad situation.My version has an entirely different meaning too: Make use of life’s abundance even when it goes unappreciated by others.Every year when the calendar ticks over to October, pumpkins suddenly start popping up everywhere!According to Wikipedia, the United States produces 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins every year.I love it when food is seasonal and the Earth’s bounty is put to good use.They would rather buy a pumpkin-spice latte at Starbucks, or purchase a pumpkin pie from Costco.To make matters worse, there’s one more thing irks me to no end: Pumpkins are so plentiful and cheap that people literally set them outside as decorations and let them rot.Perfectly good food is placed outside on purpose, let rot, and later thrown in the trash bin a month later.In protest of my neighbor’s disgusting annual waste of wealth and resources, I decided to swipe a pumpkin from his yard and use it for my blog post.At the same time, remove the seed and tough outer skin.The idea here is to produce a soup that’s smooth and free of large chunks.I usually pair the soup with Thai Basil for a garnish, and drizzle with some of the remaining coconut milk.All joking about pumpkin thievery aside, I want people to realize just how much of our enormous wealth is wasted.Imagine for a moment if a fraction of those pumpkins piled-up outside the grocery store were actually put to use feeding people….If life gives you 10 pounds of tomatoes, then make a big-assed batch of Mr. Tako’s salsa.So yes, go right ahead and buy a pumpkin for whatever ridiculously low price they’re selling at….but don’t just let it rot in the front yard.


55 Best Pumpkin Quotes and Puns

Whether you're looking for an Instagram caption for your latest photo of your PSL or you're just in need for some holiday-themed Dad jokes for the trick or treaters, you can’t go wrong with this list of fun sayings. .

50 Best Pumpkin Quotes and Funny Puns About Pumpkins

While the focus of these gourds is usually around carving ideas and paint creations, they are also quite perfect when thinking up a festive Instagram caption or cute fall saying to put write in a Halloween card.So whether you're taking photos of your big trip pumpkin picking this year, just want to show off some sweet pumpkin pies you're cooking up or want to give your kids a good laugh (and take a break from those dad jokes), look to these one-liners and sayings.And don't forget, there are a ton of great Halloween quotes, as well as fall caption ideas and autumn puns to help carry you through the season."Sugar and pumpkin spice and all things nice!".“Apples, peaches, pumpkin pie/Soon your love will be all mine.” —Jay & The Techniques."When life gives you pumpkins, make pie.".“I have to leave ... Lizards and pumpkins and ...

things.” —Lily James in Cinderella."Gone pumpkin pickin'" —a play on the film title Gone Fishin'."I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.".“Sometimes I think that ideas float through the atmosphere like huge squishy pumpkins waiting for heads to drop on.” —Neil Gaiman.Ashley Johnson Freelance Writer Ashley Johnson is a lover of (pop) culture with particular interest in womanism, women in music, and LGBTQ representation in the media.She has worked on her film criticism as an editorial intern at TV Guide Magazine, and continues to write about the culture today in BuzzFeed, GO Magazine, EARMILK, and more.Yaa Bofah Editorial Fellow Yaa Bofah is an editorial fellow at Good Housekeeping.This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. .

When Life Gives You Pumpkins...

It was elastic without being rubbery and ideally sized to wrap around the medallion of harvest-fresh pumpkin filling, which was hearty as cheese ravioli.I barely remember the sauce, but only because my teeth, tongue, and mind chewed the ravioli together, focusing on its texture and the bright, sweet flavor of its pumpkin innards.The sauce was a bit like the bride and groom on top of a wedding cake: necessary decoration with an undeniable contextual presence, but ultimately not part of the food party on my plate.I turned my "spunky" Pandora station up on high, pulled the recipe up for pasta dough on my computer, and set to work.I grabbed a sheet pan, since my college kitchen is a little want for table space, and dumped my measured mound of flour onto it.Then, as advised by several sources and videos that claimed the authentic way to make pasta dough was to make a volcano out of the pasta mound and crack the eggs right into the center of it, beat the eggs with extra virgin olive oil and salt, and then slowly incorporate the sides of the flour mound into it, I did precisely that.But unlike the chef whose nice, slow, expert gestures of swirling the eggy center caught and incorporated pockets of flour into the liquid mixture at a gradual pace, I grew impatient.But I had friends I'd promised to feed and a stupid sense of resolve that takes over whenever I'm faced with a difficult situation.You crank the dough through a press, adjust the lever of the contraption to a thinner setting, and pass it through again and again, until it's thin enough that you can almost see through it. .

When Life Gives You Pumpkins, Make Pumpkin Bisque!

It’s not quite as obvious as in the US, but the eager Spaniards are quickly catching on—advertisements for haunted theme parks crowd the metro and Halloween costumes are sold at every neighborhood Chino.I always meet someone who loves Halloween—its creepy music, scary movies, ridiculous costumes, and abundance of candy.I may have just arrived in Madrid and not really know anyone, but due to today’s amazing technologies (facebook, twitter, gmail, wordpress) I was somehow invited to a fantastic pumpkin carving/seed roasting Halloween party with a group of super cool American expat ladies!Pumpkin spice cupcakes, rice crispy treats, a chocolate almond tart, M&Ms….Equipped with a sharp knife and a book of potential pumpkin carving designs, 10 American women went at it (and I’d say we were successful!).Mashed pumpkin (Puree de Calabaza) is a delicious side dish and it reminds me of home.Add 2 tablespoons of butter, 1/4 cup milk, salt, pepper, cinnamon, and paprika. .

When Life Gives You Pumpkins… – Gabriel Schenk

Thankfully, pumpkins are very versatile, and can form the base of many delicious things; not just pie and soup.Some countries have strict rules about what is considered correct – see Italians on pizza and Spaniards on paella – but I’m not sure the same applies to American cooking, which is often very creative.I’m pretty happy with how these turned out, even though I did over-bake the meringue a touch (remember, it’s not burnt, it’s caramelised).Tom added orange curd to his pumpkin meringue recipe, which is an appealing idea; it would add a bit of pizzazz.As Laura writes, this is a simple recipe because it requires no extra water, and good for a frugal cook, as pumpkins are relatively cheap.Pumpkin bread is dense and chewy, and in the loafs I made, carried a strong flavour of rosemary and paprika.The pumpkin itself adds a little sweetness, and makes the bread turn a lovely beige.Pumpkin batter makes a moist, airy sponge, a little like carrot cake. .

When life gives you pumpkins, make pumpkin pie

Despite the weather the annual Freakytown event in Fredericktown brought smiles to the faces of thousands of children, parents and community members."Our plan months ago when starting to discuss Freakytown was just to cancel the event if there was rain," Madison County Chamber of Commerce President Tessa Rehkop said."It's such a big event that it's just a logistical nightmare to move or reschedule with all the approval needed to block off the streets."."Unfortunately, they can't allow that much foot traffic in the gym because they always redo the floor at the beginning of the school year."."Me and Tara (Hale) literally had one hour the night before to move all the tables and chairs around to maximize the number of people we could get in the cafeteria," Rehkop said.Rehkop said she hoped everyone would fit into the space and felt bad that there was a line all the way to the alternative school.Rehkop said they did their best to move traffic through the hallways, that were thankfully left open, and tried to have volunteers and vendors speed the line through as quickly as possible."With such late notice I think most of the businesses and organizations still showed up and went all out with their costumes and decorations," Rehkop said.The Madison County Chamber of Commerce and Rehkop would like to thank Ashley Bales with the University of Missouri Extension, Shannon Henson with the Fredericktown R-I School District, Tara Hale with Statler Realty, Debby Boone with Madison County, Madison County Sheriff Katy McCutcheon and the Fredericktown Police Department for having officers present and directing traffic, Joy Starkey with FSP, Alan Cook for being the DJ, the school janitors and the JROTC Booster Club for putting on the costume contest and all the parents who waited in the long lines to make their kids happy. .

When Life Gives You Pumpkins Make Pumpkin Spice Sublimation

Diese Dateien sind speziell für einen 20oz Skinny Tumbler gemacht.Sie haben die Möglichkeit, sich ganz einfach auf Ihre Bedürfnisse anpassen zu lassen!Sie können die Datei kurz nach Zahlungsabwicklung über Etsy herunterladen. .

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