You have to pull up to the ticket check area (roll your window down), and then the attendants will point to which lane you should enter.After we drove out of the parking lot area, another attendant approached the car to say she needed to cover our headlights (I think they just taped cardboard over the lights).We spent about an hour driving along the path of the exhibit, taking in the impressive works of pumpkin artistry.I really enjoyed this outdoor art exhibit and was tremendously impressed by the detail of the carvings and all of the extra special effects that were built into the experience.There were two artists working on new pieces situated in the middle of the exhibit, but you can't really hang around to see what they're doing when there's a line of cars waiting behind you.It's definitely nice to see the faces behind some of the work, but don't expect to see much live carving as you can't linger on that spot for too long.Pumpkins After Dark markets the event as being appropriate for the whole family, and says that while "there are a few displays with zombies and classic horror monsters...there is no blood or gore, and nothing jumps out".However, some of the displays could be frightening to little ones who don't like spooky things and there was someone walking along the path with a pumpkin head which might upset some kiddies.Most kids and young teens will probably appreciate the fun and spooky exhibits, especially since many of them are based on popular characters from pop culture.It's important to remember that this is a nighttime event where you drive through dark roads and admire giant sculptures that glow under the night sky.I would avoid using flash as it may disrupt the experience for other patrons at the event, and the carvings won't look as nice in your shots.A portion of this year’s proceeds will go to Joseph Brant Hospital in support of our frontline healthcare workers and Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada.Last year the event raised over $25,000 ($20,000 to Country Heritage Park, including $5,000 to CHP food bank), as well as $3,000 to Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada. .

Calgary's new Halloween experience Pumpkins After Dark opens

Organizers of Pumpkins After Dark are preparing for the upcoming launch of the event, which has never before been held in Calgary.The outdoor exhibit features more than 6,000 pumpkins that have been carved, lit and stacked to create dozens of different displays from dragons and dinosaurs to Halloween characters and pop culture icons.“We're going to have our own little Spooktacular Mini Golf to go along with Pumpkins After Dark, so it's a really good opportunity for families to come out and enjoy some outdoor weather.".In addition to thousands of jack-o-lanterns, the event also features food trucks, hot chocolate and coffee and pumpkin carving demonstrations. .

Pumpkins After Dark Is Returning To The Toronto Area In 2021

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Learn about the picturesque Pumpkins After Dark drive through

Once on the drive path, you’ll experience a 2.5 km loop and for an added bonus, they’ve got a soundtrack available through an FM radio station. .


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