Here’s a traditional elegant French snack: radishes with butter and salt.Use the highest quality butter and sea salt to make the radishes shine!It might seem an odd combination to us Americans, but it’s actually a classic French snack popular in the springtime.The balance of the creamy butter, peppery radish, and hint of sea salt are the epitome of simple elegance.We don’t consume much butter in our household, but find this way to enjoy the newest fruits in our garden to be a worthy cause.We had a radish and butter date the other day to celebrate the start of garden season.Simple Radish Salad Quick, fresh and delicious, pairing chickpeas and herbs with this crunchy veggie!Throw this zesty lime radish salsa on tacos and it puts them over the top.Use the highest quality butter and sea salt to make the radishes shine!bunch radishes 1 handful fresh oregano (or substitute parsley, dill, or chives).handful fresh oregano (or substitute parsley, dill, or chives) High quality butter. .

Radishes with Butter and Sea Salt

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Radish with Butter and Salt

Peppery, crispy radish with butter and finished with a pinch of flaky sea salt is a French snack that is both simple and elegant.It was a work-related trip with more of an academic agenda focusing on tracing the Protestant reformer John Calvin’s steps (I worked for a university at the time).Still, the food experience will always be memorable from a fancy dinner at one of the Eiffel tower restaurants, all the bubbly on the Champagne Route and a stop at Moet & Chandan wine cellars in Epernay, and the best escargot at a small Parisian bistro (can’t remember the name of it).It sounds funny, but one of the big food revelations for me was the brilliant combo of radish, salt, and butter, which I learned is a popular spring appetizer in Paris.One afternoon, our tour guide Robert and I shared crunchy radish, served whole with their greens with a side of softened French butter and a little dish of flaky salt.Dorie Greenspan explains, "It’s a little trick the French play to bring foods into balance, and it works.".(And a side note, if you want to make a Middle Eastern version of this, serve the radish with a little labneh in place of butter). .

The Wonder of Three Ingredients

Radishes with sweet butter and coarse kosher salt is so early, so seminal a food memory that I cannot remember my first.The peppery, fiery radishes are tamed by the swipe through the cool, creamy butter, and then the flavors of both are brought out by the salt. .

Radishes with Butter and Salt

As I've shown in recipes before and will show this week, radishes can be made into many different dishes with ones that are even cooked.I couldn't believe my eyes because it was such a simple presentation but a very effective one that truly represented the restaurant's "green" objective very clearly—it was all about the fresh produce.I've always loved eating radishes with salt as a snack or side dish to sandwiches and such, but adding butter is an ingenious concept from the French.You'll want to serve the radishes freshly washed with just a bit of water clinging to them—this helps the salt adhere when you dip them.Chicory Salad with Watermelon Radishes, Shaved Manchego, and Pink peppercorn Vinaigrette. .

French Radishes with Butter and Salt on toast

Make sure to read the content as it contains chef tips, substitution options, answers to FAQs to help you succeed the first time around!While this technically is a recipe as it’s a list of ingredients and a set of steps to create a result, it’s probably the EASIEST thing you’ll ever “make”.My job was to pluck them from the soil, shake ’em clean and hand them over to Mom.But then my Mom brought out the bread and butter (she knew my weakness) and it was all she wrote!By toasting up fresh bread, slathering on creamy butter, topping it with a few slices of radishes, and finishing with salt, I was introduced to one of the best snacks ever!1 bunch French Breakfast Radishes , washed and leaves/roots removed *Save the leaves – see below!For years I only ever knew about those round, red radishes with leafy green tops.It wasn’t until later on when ingredients became more readily available and I was in more of a commercial food setting did I become educated on the wide variety of radishes.Those do work in this recipe but honestly, my favorite to use are French Breakfast Radishes.They are put on right before serving a dish to add that last bit of flavor elevation of a bright and clean profile.Brush one side lightly with olive oil and place it on a parchment-lined baking sheet.Remove from the oven, brush the other side with the remaining oil and bake for another 5-7 minutes.However, it’s totally OK if you want to make them all up ahead of time but I would not add the salt until right before serving.Clean the leaves and toss them in a pan coated with olive oil.Saute them with garlic, salt, pepper as a great greens side dish.bunch French Breakfast Radishes, washed and leaves/roots removed 1 stick European butter, unsalted.stick European butter, unsalted Finishing Salt Flakes or Fleur de Sel. .

Radishes with butter and salt

It’s essential to use a good, sweet sea salt too, such as Maldon, Cornish or Halen Môn. .

DORIE GREENSPAN » Radishes, Buttered and Salted the French

As my friend Cédric demonstrated the other night, there’s a way to cut, butter and salt the radishes and it’s the way his father used to do it (and probably the way it’s been done forever throughout France).Because I had a house full of people Saturday night, I only had time to rinse the radishes and to set the greens aside. .


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