During the group's existence, they released three albums, with their self-titled debut the most commercially successful."Bosstown Sound" and Naming of Band [ edit ].The band originated as a group called the Underground Cinema, with a line-up consisting of Ian Bruce-Douglas as a multi-instrumentalist, Barbara Hudson as vocalist, Keith Lahtenein on drums, Geoff Winthrop on rhythm guitar, and Richard Nese on bass guitar.The name of the band was changed to Ultimate Spinach when they signed with Boston impresario Alan Lorber (Lorber produced all three of their albums).I grabbed a green one and started drawing all these psychedelic designs on my face.There is also a thought that the band name was in accord with other colorful psychedelic band names during that era and got the band attention.First album and initial success [ edit ].He, alone, played several instruments including guitar, keyboards, harmonica, and sang lead for most of the group's songs.As the band and its contemporaries were emerging on the scene, the band released their debut album, Ultimate Spinach, on January 6, 1968.A concept album based on anti-war sentiment, the album was Ultimate Spinach's most successful when it peaked at number 34 on the Billboard 200.Another major weakness in the album was the lack of electric keyboards, a standout feature in their debut, and, without it, the group's complexity in the studio and live was hindered.Douglas, years later, looked back on the experience saying, "...[Alan Lorber] is totally arrogant in claiming that he has some special insight into how my songs were supposed to sound.In 1969, their final album, Ultimate Spinach III, was released, but it failed to chart.Their material also was featured on compilation albums related to the "Bosstown Sound", and in 2001 The Very Best of Ultimate Spinach was released.Barbara Jean Hudson – vocals, acoustic guitar (1967–1969).Jeff Baxter – lead guitar, steel guitar, vibraphone, vocals (1968–1969). .

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In September 1967, he announced a marketing plan in the top music trade papers to make Boston, in his own words (from his liner notes to Big Beat's reissue of Ultimate Spinach's first album), "a target city for the development of new artists from one geographical location.".This automatically insured that Lorber and his groups would be the subject of some derision from the hip underground, since vital regional music scenes such as San Francisco psychedelia (which the Bosstown sound often seemed to be mimicking) have to happen on their own, rather than being manufactured.On the first two of their three albums, Ultimate Spinach was utterly dominated by leader Ian Bruce-Douglas, who wrote all of the material, sang the majority of the lead vocals, and played a wide variety of instruments, most frequently electric keyboards.Also including Ted Myers (ex-Lost and Chamaeleon Church) and guitarist Jeff Baxter (later to play with Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers), this version of Ultimate Spinach recorded III. .

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Ultimate Spinach was one of the most well-known, and perhaps the most notorious, of the groups to be hyped as part of the "Bosstown Sound" in 1968. .

Ultimate Spinach Pizza – A Couple Cooks

Ricotta, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese make for a creamy pie everyone will love.Ricotta makes for a creamy base, and mozzarella and Parmesan add stretchy texture and savory flavor.Top it off with herby spinach and a few colorful vegetables, and it’s a crowd-pleaser that everyone will love (especially with Italian salad).Frozen spinach is blanched before it’s packaged, meaning it’s cooked quickly before freezing.This gives it a super satisfying texture when topped on a pizza: lightly crunchy and almost fluffy, whereas cooked spinach can get a little slimy.Frozen spinach is blanched before it’s packaged, meaning it’s cooked quickly before freezing.This gives it a super satisfying texture when topped on a pizza: lightly crunchy and almost fluffy, whereas cooked spinach can get a little slimy.Frozen spinach just needs a rinse under warm water to thaw it.How to make spinach pizza (basic steps).Mix it with some salt, pepper and minced garlic.Mix it with some salt, pepper and minced garlic.Homemade pizza dough & alternative options!Homemade pizza dough is absolutely worth the effort: and once you practice a few times, it will become second nature!Here’s the best pizza stone we’ve found, plus care tips.Here’s the best pizza stone we’ve found, plus care tips.Variation: make it into Spinach Artichoke Pizza!Or make this Spinach Artichoke Pizza, a slightly different variation!There are lots of other fun topping ideas for this spinach pizza! .

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The Best Spinach Lasagna Recipe

Why It Works Sautéing the spinach instead of blanching or microwaving it improves flavor, while chopping allows you to evenly incorporate it into every bite.A mixture of smoothly processed ricotta and ricotta that hasn't been in the food processor gives the lasagna a creamy flavor while still maintaining the classic small curds of ricotta in the finished dish.Stacks and stacks of fresh pasta make this dish about the pasta, not just the fillings.Creamy, cheesy, spinach lasagna flavored with a hint of nutmeg and a combination of besciamella (that's Italian for "white sauce") and fresh ricotta.And while I'll often opt for the ease and convenience of no-boil lasagna noodles, today we're going to go with store-bought fresh pasta.The Spinach.This is a spinach lasagna, so we want that spinach flavor front and center.I started out by cooking my spinach using a method that Cook's Illustrated recommends, blanching it in boiling water just until wilted.Much better is to chop that spinach by pulsing it in the food processor, then combining it with some of your cheese mixture to really disperse it evenly.It's nice enough, but it didn't have the rich cheese flavor of a lasagna made with ricotta.The first is to make the ricotta yourself.The simplest way to incorporate whichever cheese you choose is to simply use it as-is, folding an egg into it to help bind it a bit as it bakes, but I find that ricotta added this way comes out a little pebbly and dry.By incorporating the ricotta in two different forms, you get an end result that is rich and creamy, but still has the signature small curds of ricotta interspersed throughout.Working with fresh store-bought pasta sheets is pretty easy.Remember, fresh pasta will expand when you cook it, so you need to account for that when cutting.Fresh lasagna noodles don't need to be par-cooked, but raw noodles stacked into a lasagna will absorb quite a bit of moisture from the fillings.Par-cook your cut noodles a few at a time in a big pot of salted boiling water.Dried no-boil noodles absorb liquid and get extra-thick when cooking, so it's tough to stack more than five to six layers of them in a single lasagna pan.In goes a layer of pasta.For the very top layer, I mix things up a bit by incorporating some plain grated cheese.You may find that with fresh lasagna noodles, you'll end up with quite a bit of puffing due to water vapor getting trapped in between layers of pasta. .

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