Harvesting spinach isn’t that different than picking beet greens, and whether you’re growing this cool season crop in spring or fall, you have a couple of options.On the other hand, if you let your crop mature, you’ll get a larger haul of food from each plant.When to Harvest.Whichever way you prefer to eat your spinach, you’ll need to pick your crop before the plants bolt.Don’t pick more than half of the foliage from the plant at any one time – it needs some leaves for energy production via photosynthesis to continue growing.You can continue to harvest from your spinach plant as you need greens.If you don’t have a large enough harvest from your spinach plants at one time to make a meal, you can always mix them with lettuce for a salad, or other leafy veggies such as kale or swiss chard for sauteed greens.If you choose to allow your spinach crop to mature before harvesting it, you may want to pick the whole head at once.If you want to give it a chance to continue growing, be careful not to cut the crown and instead make your cut an inch or two above soil level. .

Spinach Planting & Spinach Growing

This plant food works in tandem with great soil to help you achieve the best possible spinach harvest.In the spring, plants will grow tall and bloom (called bolting) as soon as the days are longer than 14 hours.Our variety is slow to bolt, which is a real bonus for gardeners who don’t have the luxury of long stretches of mild weather. .

How do you harvest spinach so it keeps growing?

How can I keep my spinach plants producing leaves?If you just need a few leaves, use scissors or garden shears to cut the leaves at the stem, harvesting the outer, older leaves first, then working your way in gradually towards the center of the plant as the inner leaves start to mature. .

Harvesting Spinach

Harvesting Spinach.The key to harvesting spinach leaves is picking the leaves from the outside of the plant, and allowing the centers to grow larger.If you want baby spinach leaves, you can harvest them when they are around 2 inches long.When mature plants grow taller in a short period of time, it is a sign that a seed stalk is coming.Then take them out and plunge them into an ice water bath to cool off.Squeeze the ball to wring as much water out as possible.Now that you've harvested a bunch of spinach, it's time for a few recipe ideas. .

How to Pick Spinach Off the Plant

When to Harvest Spinach.Individual spinach leaves can be harvested as soon as they reach the mature size typical of their cultivar and after the plant has produced at least six true leaves, according to the University of Wisconsin Extension.Picking the individual leaves may continue until the spinach plant produces a flower stalk, at which point the flavor and quality of the leaves will be poor.Pinch off the individual leaves 2 inches above the base using your fingers or snip off the leaves using sharp, clean scissors.Gather the spinach leaves in a colander and rinse them thoroughly before using or storing them.Growing Spinach. .

How to Harvest Baby Spinach

After you have harvested all the leaves, take them inside and lightly rinse in a pasta strainer or colander.Use small, pointed, child-sized scissors, as it produces nice, clean cuts and you won't accidentally rip the whole plant out of the ground.​Even if it is a teeny-tiny one.This is also a good time to cut any overgrown or bug-eaten leaves, even if you don't plan on eating them.This protects them from being broken and the bags are heavy enough to not blow away on a windy day.The dirt will also fall nicely to the bottom, if you happen to harvest leaves after a rainstorm.I never use a salad spinning machine -- they seem to break the leaves up and cause them to look ugly.​Stick them in the fridge for at least 15 minutes; it will help crisp them up and let the excess water drain off -- without damaging the leaves.Now, you can serve them in a beautiful salad! .

How to Harvest Climbing Spinach

Leave at least 6 inches of stems and leaves attached to the plant so it can grow back and provide future leaves and stems for harvest.Select the largest leaves for individual harvest and allow the smaller leaves to continue growing.Cut back and harvest frequently to delay bolting and flowering, which can ruin the flavor of the spinach. .


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