Common spinach (Spinacia oleracea) is generally grown as a cool-season annual in most areas, although it's sometimes a biennial in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 9.As spinach begins to bolt, its leaves change shape, from oval to an arrowhead form.As the days become longer and warmer during the end of spring or early summer, spinach plants send up flower stalks.You have a few options when spinach begins to bolt, such as pulling it up immediately and planting a warm-season crop in its place.Seal the envelope, and store the seeds in a cool, dry location, such as a basement or garage, until planting time comes again. .

Why Do Leafy Greens Bolt?

So, what causes bolting?The first is that most leafy greens are cool-season crops.Instead of pulling out your bolting lettuce or other leafy greens, allow them to flower and form seeds.In my garden, I plant crops of lettuce 2 to 3 weeks apart.One way to extend the growing season of your lettuce crop is to plant varieties that are more heat tolerant. .

Spinach Planting & Spinach Growing

A simple way to improve your existing soil is to mix 3 inches of aged compost-enriched Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics® All Purpose In-Ground Soil with the top 6 inches of existing soil.Because it bolts in the lengthening days of spring, spinach is an especially popular crop for fall, when days are short and cool.Plants are very cold-hardy, tolerating temperatures as cold as the teens to low 20s once they are well established. .

Malabar Spinach Flowers Information and Facts

They appear as small, globe-shaped buds, then bloom into tiny node-like colored flowers, never forming large petals.It is referred to as Pak Plang in Thai, as Huang Ti Chai ("Emperor's vegetable") in Chinese, and Saan Choi in Cantonese.In Thailand, they are added to green curries alongside other garnishes like shredded basil.They are used in Asian traditional medicines as an antidote to poisons, and to ease the pain and discomfort of labour.Its name, "Efo amunututu", translates to "calms your stomach".Malabar Spinach is found in the tropics, and is native to Asia and Africa.It is found in India, China, Southeast Asia, the West Indies, Brazil, and Australia and America. .

Spinach Is Bolting, What to do ?

Signs of Bolting Spinach.The plant gets taller and the leaves morph from a small oval to a larger elongated shape, there are also fewer noticeable leaves at times.When this happens, the leaves, which are what we harvest, are no longer high quality.There are so called ‘bolt resistant’ varieties, but they too have been known to bolt to seed on occasion, just not as frequently, they are bred for more tolerance of unfavorable weather conditions.Crop Rotation, Timing Spinach Planting for a continuous Harvest.Cool season varieties in early spring and late summer and low bolt varieties in summer.‘For a continuous supply of spinach during the entire growing season, plant seed every week or two.Then plant the bolt-resistant varieties Correnta and Spinner in the late spring and through most of the summer. .

What to do when your greens bolt

The younger spinach hasn’t been through as much cold, and so it will tolerate more heat than this planting before it bolts.We also spread out the harvest from this patch by harvesting taller plants first, thus giving the shorter plants more room to grow outward.The mature, flowering stems of plants in the brassica family, including kale, collards, mustard, arugula, and cabbage, tend to be tough, and the leaves have a strong flavor that you might not like, though it’s not nearly as bitter as bolting lettuce. .

Growing Spinach in Spring

If eating more nutritious foods is one of your gardening goals, you will want to get busy growing spinach, a cool-season vegetable to raise in spring and autumn.As gardeners, the biggest payoff comes when baby leaves are left intact so the plants can quickly grow into robust, almost-mature teens.Be sure to wash your spinach thoroughly in cool water before eating it, taking care to remove soil that often clings to the undersides of the leaves.When this happens, new leaves become smaller and more pointed, and the center of the plant rises and elongates into a stalk – a process called bolting.You will want to have plenty of crisp leaves to enjoy in strawberry-gilded salads, one of the peak experiences to expect when you get into growing spinach.Probably not, but growing a spring crop of spinach will maximize your garden’s nutritional output of delicious, garden-fresh greens. .


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