If you love Swiss Chard you will fall head over heels for this Simple Sautéed Swiss Chard Recipe.It is so easy to prepare, and only 80 calories per serving.What is Swiss Chard?Benefits of Swiss Chard.What is the difference between Swiss Chard and Rainbow Chard?Chard cooks down a lot when you cook it, so I like to make a big batch of it.Because the stems are high in cellulose you will need to cook them longer than the greens.I love to add flavor and sweetness by cooking the stems with a chopped sweet onion.They cook at about the same rate and the onion really balances the flavors of the chard.Once the stems and onions are softened and the onions are starting to caramelize a bit, then add the green leaves at the end, since they don’t need as much cooking time to become tender.Other ways to add a bit of pizzazz are to add a handful of toasted almonds or pine nuts, golden raisins, dried cranberries or dried currants, or even a little crumbled feta or goat cheese.More Healthy Swiss Chard Recipes.I love using whole leaves of chard to make these Swiss Chard “Cabbage” Rolls.What to Serve with this Recipe. .

Garlic Sautéed Swiss Chard

Home » Recipes » Courses » Side Dish » Garlic Sautéed Swiss Chard.Swiss chard, in all its vibrant glory, has been one of my favorite greens since I was a child and my mom would boil it up and toss some butter on top.But as a side dish, this garlic sautéed Swiss chard recipe couldn’t be easier or more tasty.The green leaves can be sliced up and eaten raw in a salad or boiled, roasted or sautéed.Once your chard is all sliced up, heat some olive oil in a sauté pan along with several cloves of minced garlic for a minute.Add the stems, a little bit of water and sauté for 1-2 minutes before adding the remaining Swiss chard leaves.Garlic Sautéed Swiss Chard 5 from 21 votes Print Pin Swiss chard is sautéed with garlic and olive oil for an easy, healthy and delicious side dish.Ingredients 1x 2x 3x US Customary Metric ▢ 1 bunch of swiss chard , approx 10 stems.▢ sea salt , to taste Instructions Wash and clean the chard leaves.Depending on your preference, you can remove the stems at the bottom of the leaves or keep them and slice them up.Always opt for a high quality sea salt, like this Himalayan salt Nutrition Calories: 56 kcal , Carbohydrates: 5.2 g , Protein: 2.3 g , Fat: 3.6 g , Saturated Fat: 0.5 g , Sodium: 256.1 mg , Fiber: 2 g , Sugar: 1.3 g ©Downshiftology.Copying and/or pasting full recipes to any social media is strictly prohibited. .

Best Swiss Chard Recipes

Less well known but equally as worthy, Swiss chard is delicious, healthy, versatile, and a great substitute for other greens in your favorite recipes.This leafy vegetable has earthy flavors and a mild bitterness, which adds perspective to dishes without overwhelming the other ingredients.When in doubt, sauté the stems in a skillet with oil and garlic before adding the greens to wilt, just as we do in so many recipes in this collection. .

Easy Swiss Chard Recipe

In the spectrum of greens, Swiss chard lies between spinach and kale—not as tender as spinach, not as tough as kale.If you don't have coriander, you can skip it, but if you do have it it will make this simple swiss chard dish truly special. .

Sauteed Swiss Chard with Parmesan Cheese Recipe

If you are looking for a little heartier recipe, you can add garbanzo or cannellini beans and even that doesn't mess it up.The one tip that I figured out while making it is to cut the chard stems into pretty thin pieces so they will be tender--after the first time I cooked it, when my chard stems turned out a little tough, I started cutting them into 1/4- to 1/8-inch pieces, and that worked a lot better.Rating: 4 stars A nice and healthy recipe for Swiss chard!I fried up 2 slices of chopped up bacon with the olive oil/butter mixture and cooked the onions a little longer than called for in the recipe and the carmelized flavor gave it a nice depth.Also, I threw in about a half a cup of minced carrots with the onions because they were going to go bad in the fridge if I didn't.Rating: 5 stars For those of you looking for the perfect side dish to complete your Italian dinner, look no further.I grew up with this stuff, love it, and was interested to try this variation of what I'm used to - the addition of white wine and lemon (the Parmesan being optional).I've always prepared this for the most part just as this submitter directs, occasionally adding bacon, and omitting the olive oil, which I did this time.There's really no need to measure anything, just pop on some Dean Martin or Andrea Bocelli , have a glass of wine, and cook to your heart's content.This was delicious, just as Swiss Chard always is as far as I'm concerned....and I did love the addition of the white wine and lemon!Rating: 5 stars My 1st attempt at Swiss Chard as we don't get it in our remote area as a rule. .

10 Tasty Swiss Chard Recipes – A Couple Cooks

The star is simple sauteed chard, topped with toasted nuts and Parmesan cheese and served as a side dish.Make chard taste incredible with this classic easy Italian side dish.Chard is often served in Italian cuisine with toasted pine nuts, and here they add just the right nutty essence.Even without the garnishes, these perfectly salted garlicky sauteed greens are simply fantastic.The tomatoes are sauteed with garlic, fennel, and smoked paprika, which bring a meaty and savory undertone.This tangy, creamy dip is such a crowd pleaser that it might interfere with the conversation when you serve it (sorry!).This perfect party snack has a creamy sauce with Greek yogurt and baked with Parmesan cheese, it moves into addictive territory.It features a crunchy almond crust that’s packed with flavor from garlic and olive oil.Turn your greens into a main dish meal with the coziest, most comforting bowl of super foods.It’s chock full of beautiful, colorful healthy ingredients like chard, butternut squash, carrots, leeks, and lentils.You can make fast and easy dinner recipe with either spinach or chard, and it's healthy and full of flavor.Definitely am making again.” It’s surprising how much humble brown lentils and leafy greens can inspire so much enthusiasm!This Italian-style recipe also has vibes of the American south, similar to grits with sauteed Collard greens.The chard is sauteed with garlic and perfectly salted, then served over creamy, savory polenta.Sauteing the chard with minced garlic and Parmesan cheese makes it taste insanely savory, kind of like the inside of spinach artichoke dip.Add grated sweet potato to a skillet, cast iron if you have it, and saute it until crispy.In fact, some people argue that it’s an easier flavor to like than kale, which can taste very bitter.Amp the flavors in this easy side dish by adding pine nuts and Parmesan.Remove the stems and roughly chop the chard (follow the instructions in How to Cut Kale).Add the smashed garlic and chard and cook for 4 minutes, stirring frequently until wilted and bright green.Remove from the heat and add the kosher salt, red pepper flakes. .

Lemon-Garlic Rainbow Chard

Rating: 4 stars First attempt cooking chard and it was really yummy!Rating: 4 stars I tried & cooked chard for the first time & it was delicious.I'll make it again, maybe adding pine nuts.I will definitely be making this again and possibly apply the lemon-garlic flavor to other more bitter greens (collard, turnip, etc.).Rating: 5 stars This was my first time making chard, and what a success, thanks to this recipe!Even my hubby, the hater of all things green, went back for seconds and kept saying how good it was.Originally I found the lemon garlic rainbow chard recipe, and was having a hard time choosing between this and that, so I decided to augment this recipe with a little of that one.I decided to followed this one, but used lemon-infused olive oil instead of EVOO, omitted the onions (they hate me and I wasn't in the mood for a revolt), added a pinch of red pepper flakes, and topped with pine nuts.We also leave the red pepper flakes out and cook the chard in 1/4 cup of chicken stock drizzling the oil and lemon on afterward. .

Healthy Creamed Swiss Chard With Pine Nuts Recipe

(Lift the beater from the cream and look at the shape of the peak at the end of the whisk; it should hold a lazy curve.). .

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