Below you’ll find all of our favorite ways to eat Swiss chard for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. .

Sauteed Swiss Chard with Onions Recipe

It was so good my 11-year-old son, hater of all things greens, actually like it.I made it and topped it with a sunny side up egg for breakfast.So delicious and the sweetness of the onions is a real treat.Especially if made with Vidalia onions to add sweetness.Garlic and onions do not burn because of covered pot: they slightly caramelize and cook with steam.I added slightly more onions and topped it with some pine nuts at the end.Made as written except added all the leaves at once (once cut up) and forgot to cook the ribs.Perfect for a Fall evening side dish.I added a teaspoon of ginger jam at the very end.Cut back on salt, no butter just olive oil.Add a little chicken bouillon and some small red lentils when cooking chard.This was much better than I would have imagined and the onions added a slight sweetness. .

Sauteed Swiss Chard Recipe

I think that the inclusion of garlic, olive oil, and red pepper makes the Swiss chard ever so much more palatable and tasty.I also chopped up the stalks and cooked them for about 4 minutes then added the leaves.Good basic dish for my spring time repertoire.It gives the greens an underlying smokiness that improves this basic dish to sublime.I steamed the stems, chopped them up and added them, plus some diced turkey bacon.It's lovely to grow in the garden, but I much prefer the flavor of spinach.I had some swiss chard at a potluck recently that had some tomatoes added which helped a bit-so I'll keep trying!!My favorite swiss chard recipe, I have made this one many times.Very classic side dish good as a counterpoint to a rich main like Italian sausage.) for larger chard leaves (which is the norm), they generally mean to get rid of the CAN eat them, but to do so, you need to cut them in small pieces and cook quite a bit longer than the leaves.once in a while, you'll find baby chard, which has smaller, more delicate stems that you can just toss in with the leaves.I burned this dish while fighting with some frozen lobster meat and it STILL tasted amazing.Can't wait to try it without the crispy burned leaves and overcooked garlic! .

Braised Swiss Chard With Bacon and Hot Sauce Recipe

I add the Swiss chard stems and onions at the start because I find they have the same cooking time.I put the garlic in just a few minutes before adding the Swiss chard leaves.I've been getting an abundance of chard through my CSA, and this recipe has been a great way to use it.Love swiss chard and all other Epicurious recipes for it. .

Wilted Chard With Shallots and Vinegar Recipe

Cook, stirring occasionally, until vegetables are starting to soften but haven't taken on any color, about 2 minutes. .

Roasted Garbanzo Beans and Garlic with Swiss Chard Recipe

The roasted garbanzo beans (and olive oil) are packed with flavor!I used "better than bullion" chicken base with very little water so that I did not need to drain the swiss chard.The swiss chard was tasty, but it was the garbanzo beans and the olive oil that perfected the recipe.I've even mashed up left overs a bit and topped a pizza with goat cheese- another hit.(I have also made the chard by just steaming and adding to beans and it is pretty good and easy that way too).All my family and friends who where not vegetarian said it was amazing and wanted the recipe- love that I can email the recipe to them this way.I've been making this over and over for years (since it came out in the magazine 2008) it is perfect exactly how it is written, I only do not add fennel seeds, everything else is exact and please do not skip steps, they are all necessary to add the complex flavors this dish accomplishes.I skipped the chicken broth as recommended by others and can't imagine what that would have added to this four forker, except more work.Great recipe but does not need 1 1/4 cups of olive oil for the garbanzo beans.Didn't bother with the chicken broth, or any liquid to cook the chard - it's fine to do with just the water left on the leaves after you wash it.Really an interesting and delicious flavor with the fennel, garlic, and shallots - will make again for sure.Top notch in spite of the slightly confusing recipe - i.e. what to do with the roasted shallots and garlic?Made with sweet potato mash which was blended with reduced leftover chard liquid.Subbed Northern White Beans and served it over Freekah.If you don't drain the chard, the extra broth gets rich with the oil from the garbanzo beans.I didn't have bay leaves the first time, so threw in some sun-dried tomatoes, which lent different but equally yummy flavor.Throw in fresh herbs of choice at the finish and toss with pasta.Roasting gives flavorful garbanzos with a slightly chewy (in a good way) texture.followed the advice to saute chard stems with garlic and shallot, and to forgo the chicken broth.


Swiss Chard with Raisins and Almonds Recipe

Prepared as written, except additional water was not needed.Prepared as written, except additional water was not needed.Prepared as written, except additional water was not needed.Prepared as written, except additional water was not needed.Prepared as written, except additional water was not needed.Prepared as written, except additional water was not needed.Prepared as written, except additional water was not needed.Prepared as written, except additional water was not needed.Prepared as written, except additional water was not needed.Going for the leftovers the next day for lunch, I didn't want to take the time to heat it up, so just had it cold.I did add more onions for the amount of chard than the recipe called for, and in the end I thought it needed something to add zing, so I added a tablespoon of balsamic along with a spritz of sugar, just to combat the bitterness of my late season chard.spur of the moment recipe for me... i had no raisins, but, oddly, dried blueberries.Didn't have enough rainbow chard so added 1 lb of baby spinach. .


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Creamed Swiss Chard with Lemony Breadcrumbs Recipe

My only complaint is so many dishes--baking sheet, pot, pan, bowl for ice bath, etc.Have to agree with the previous commenter that pre-cooking the chard doesn't seem to serve much purpose when they can easily cook in entirety in the saucepan. .

Swiss Chard Pasta With Toasted Hazelnuts and Parmesan Recipe

I had baby rainbow chard from my CSA, perfect for the recipe.I also added dried tart cherries, which balanced the dish nicely as the forgotten balsamic was likely meant to... Definitely will be making it again.Omitted the hazelnuts and added lemon juice and zest to the chard.It came together as a very light and refreshing dinner, though it didn't have as much of a defined bite without hazelnuts.Considering adding toasted pine nuts next time Anonymous.Swiss Chard was fresh from the garden, and while I agree, it was very quick to prepare, I found it to be lacking "interesting" or any kind of woo factor.



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