Fortunately, there are more than 700 different tomato varieties in cultivation today, so there are plenty of choices for everyone.Tomatoes are vulnerable to a number of diseases that can weaken the plant and reduce yields.Look at the seed packet or plant label to see if the variety has resistance to verticillium and fusarium wilt, two very common soil-borne diseases that affect tomatoes.If tomatoes in your region suffer from root-knot nematode (N), Tobacco Mosaic virus (T) or Alternaria (A), look for resistance to these diseases as well.To get a bumper tomato crop, you need to provide enough room for the plant and adequate support.These varieties require more support (from cages and stakes) and more a bit more attention from the gardener.Determinate varieties are also good for cold-climate gardeners who need to harvest their whole crop within a couple weeks.If you have plenty of space, prefer to pick your tomatoes over several months, and are prepared to provide sturdy support with stakes, cages or ladders, select an indeterminate variety.Heirloom tomatoes, such as Brandywine, Mortgage Lifter and Arkansas Traveler, are open-pollinated varieties that have been passed on from one generation to the next.Because most of the fruit ripens within two or three weeks, I spend those couple weekends canning, making sauce for the freezer, and running the dehydrator.Where I live, I need to harvest my tomatoes by early September, before the light fades and frost comes.Tomato Variety Flavor and Texture Fruit characteristics are what I care about most.Bush 506 This compact hybrid has thick, sturdy, upright stems that support a heavy yield of flavorful, medium- to large-sized tomatoes.Litt'l Bites This is the most compact variety of tomato I've ever grown," says Deborah Miuccio, who runs our test gardens.Brandywine This heirloom has the most delicious flavor and texture of any tomato I've grown," says Miuccio.Juliet ripens fast and furious, and I use it for soups, sauces, salsas and cold salads. .

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This recipe combines the most treasured bounty of a summer garden — peppers, okra, and tomatoes — in a delicious...Recaito, a pungent mixture of the culantro, cilantro, onion, garlic, and pepper, is a staple ingredient in many Puerto Rican...Tabbouleh is a Middle Eastern salad containing parsley, bulgur wheat, tomatoes, and other healthy ingredients.Few salads are as simple to prepare or as satisfying as wedges of garden ripe tomatoes and sweet basil leaves...Fried green tomatoes are excellent as a stand-alone appetizer served with a chipotle sauce, as a topping to your favorite...These Lettuce Cup Tacos are simple, healthy, and delicious—and don’t require a bit of actual cooking.Tomato pie is simple to make and perfect to serve for brunch alongside cheesy grits and a light salad.The great thing about Squash Boats is that they are an excellent introductory vegetable dish that will win any child’s...This cool, refreshing summer soup makes the best of a big, gorgeous bounty of tomatoes.The perfect blend of creamy and tangy, this buttermilk dressing turns already-tasty fresh heirloom tomatoes into a delicious treat you’ll...Ideal for picnics and barbecues, this vibrant dish features grilled sweet summer corn combined with chopped heirloom tomatoes and tossed...Sliced heirloom tomatoes combine with seasoned breadcrumbs, herbs, and grated cheese to make the ultimate summer comfort food.A twist on the French classic, this versatile ratatouille salad can be served hot or cold.This quick and easy Sunshine Salad is aptly named for the brightness of its homemade lemon dressing.Make Tomato and Snap Bean Quiche as a quick brunch dish, or add a cup of cooked sausage, bacon, or...Fresh, hearty, and satisfying, Summer Chicken and Rice is the perfect one-pan, quick-and-easy warm weather dinner.Also called a galette, this Pesto and Summer Vegetable Tart is fast and easy, but very impressive.Warm White Bean Bread Salad is a delicious, unexpected way to celebrate the freshness of garden-ripe tomatoes.A chilled soup made from fresh vegetables, gazpacho is a delicious example of a truly refreshing summer dish.When tomatoes, peppers, melons, and eggplant develop a sunken, rotten spot on the end of the fruit, the cause came...Perhaps more than any other vegetable, tomatoes depend on proper planting so they can provide you with loads of fruit...One of life’s simple pleasures is a juicy bite of ripe homegrown tomato, with sweet and tart flavors blending magically...Give your next batch of chiles rellenos — a classic Mexican dish starring roasted, stuffed poblanos often served in tomato...For most gardeners, covering tomato plants as fall’s first chilly nights arrive is second nature.Sizzling summer temperatures can bring your previously productive tomato plants to a screeching halt.Tasty and terrific, tomatoes offer garden magic at its best, transforming yellow blossoms into juicy fruits.Growing tomatoes in pots levels the home garden playing field, bringing a crop of homegrown ‘maters within reach for almost...Many favorite vegetable plants — such as tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peas, melons, and squash — need a little help standing tall.It’s common knowledge that tomato plants require just the right amount of sun and water to thrive.TomAYto, tomAHto…just as there are different pronunciations, there is also a wide variety of tomato types, with a range of colors, sizes,... .

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The sun is shining, the garden is growing, and the temperatures are rising.For me, it is because of all of the fresh tomatoes that hang on the vine waiting to be preserved, eaten, or turned into the best tomato sandwich (which is a personal favorite of mine.).We started growing Celebrities a couple of years ago.My husband is a technician so he gets to meet a lot of people through his job.After looking at them, my husband said that was going to be the main variety we plant from that point forward.Now, I’ll tell you upfront, I’ve always had great luck with cherry tomatoes.Actually, I have to be careful when I plant them because each year I’ll have a bunch of volunteers that come back to my garden and produce very heavily.So if you are looking for a smaller tomato that would be good to can whole or add to your salad, then you might want to consider this variety.Brandywine tomatoes are another personal favorite variety of mine.They grow to be large and round and are kind of meaty for a tomato.Because of their large size, they are another tomato that goes well on any sandwich from a BLT to a fresh cheeseburger.A Chocolate Stripes Tomato is one that will definitely get your garden visitors talking.It is a reddish colored tomato with brown stripes on its skin.I am a huge fan of yellow tomatoes because they have a milder flavor that is more palatable in my opinion.So if you love yellow tomatoes, then you’ll want to give this smaller variety a try.I mean, by most accounts, when we think of tomato we think of a round red fruit.The fruit grows to be about a half pound each, and the tomatoes are actually a blackish purple color.So if you’d like a bright, beautiful, and tasty yellow tomato variety to add to your garden, then this could be a good fit for you.But they are great slicing tomatoes and pack a lot of flavor with them as well.It is an heirloom variety that my research tells me originated in the Amish community.Yet, they are a beefsteak variety which means they’ll grow to be a pound or more in size.I’ve spent a few years growing Cherokee Purple tomatoes in my own garden.They are a darker variety that makes canning and cooking fun.It is actually a variety of tomato that has won a Guinness World Record too.So if you are looking for a traditional, beautiful, red tomato that yields high amounts of fruit, then you might want to choose this variety.But the reason is that the fruit grows to be around a half pound each which makes it a good sized tomato to work with in the kitchen.These tomatoes are a great variety for canning, cooking with, or even using on sandwiches or in salads.In my experience, I’ve found you have to grow a few different varieties to find what you really like.We love hearing from you so leave us your comments in the space provided below. .

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The tag says full sun, but in Arizona with temperatures reaching over the 100 degree mark, is that going to be an issue with this plant?The maturity is the number of days from planting the seedling until the fruit is ready to pick.This varies a little with weather and region, but the “days to maturity” is a good way to see what will be ready early, mid, and late season.The vines of indeterminate tomatoes can get longer than 6 feet, but just let them climb to the top and droop over and down if that doesn’t bother you.In hot climates, herbs and some vegetables appreciate a little shade in the mid to late afternoon.Staking tomatoes helps to increase yield and prevent rotting and diseases.Pruning is not necessary, but some people do it to keep soil that might harbor diseases from splashing up on the leaves; 12 to 18 inches from the ground ought to do it.Is it true that pinching off the flowers on the tomato plant helps it to produce more fruit?It will not help production, but it could increase the size of the tomatoes left on the vine by a little bit.To help the current crop, purchase a calcium solution, such as Stop-rot, that you spray on the plants. .

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Determinate or indeterminate?Although, indeterminate tomatoes can be used for canning just like the determinates, you may need a few more indeterminate plants so that you have plenty to can at any one time.Stakes or tomato cages?While these plants need something to “climb”, they’re not true vines and should have their branches supported by being tied periodically to keep them upright.Tomato cages can work well for the indeterminate, too, but staking seems to offer the best support for the vining types. .

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Stop subjecting your family to the ordinary, pale-fleshed, flavorless fruits that dominate grocery store shelves, or paying premium prices to experiment with gourmet varieties.Heirloom plants are treasures that have been grown for generations from seeds gathered year after year, to preserve their exceptional flavor – as opposed to commercial crops that are prized for their durability, often at the expense of taste and nutrition.Hybrids are a combination of two cultivars that have been deliberately cross-pollinated for purposes such as disease resistance, increased yield, or uniform shape.They don’t come in the same array of colors and shapes as heirlooms, but there are varieties available that are superior to store-bought produce.When commercially grown tomatoes are picked green for transport, their vitamin C content is decreased.Although they continue to ripen, turning red in the process, they may never achieve their full complement of nutrients.Determinate plants grow into a compact bush shape, and produce all of their fruit over a couple of weeks.At my house, we just planted a ‘Brandywine Red’ with an interesting background and local roots.First introduced in 1964 by the Asgrow Seed company, plants may not require staking, and have excellent disease resistance.‘Ace 55’ is a thick-walled red variety on the order of a beefsteak, with a sweet flavor and low acid content, making it great for eating fresh or preparing in cooked dishes.Dating from the late 1800s, this indeterminate variety matures in about 80 days, producing six- to eight-ounce juicy fruits.Mild-tasting, this indeterminate type has a pinkish hue, crack-resistant skin, tolerance for heat and humidity, and overall disease resistance.Fruits mature in approximately 80 days, and support with a trellis or stakes may be required.You’ll find seeds in a variety of packet sizes at True Leaf Market.It offers the rich sweetness and depth of flavor you love in full-size black varieties, but this time, that deliciousness comes in a bite-sized package.One- to one-and-one-half-inch fruits grow on rambling five-foot-long indeterminate vines that crave full sunshine.Of Russian origin, the color of this indeterminate beefsteak-style cultivar is a blend of purple, red, and brown hues.This meaty fruit is a canning favorite with a classic balance of sweet and tart.‘Bonny Best’ was listed in Vaughan’s Seed Store catalog in 1897, and by 1910 it had gained popularity among gardeners.Available in shades of pink, red, black, and yellow, this beefsteak type is creamy in texture, low in acidity, and high in flavor.You’ll find seeds for the red and yellow variety at True Leaf Market.Large, 12- to 16-ounce sweet fruit is an attractive pinkish-purple, and it makes a vivid addition to any meal.You can find seeds in a variety of packet sizes available from True Leaf Market and we have more information about growing them in our detailed guide.A top-notch slicing tomato for salads and sandwiches, this indeterminate type has a complex, earthy flavor.Sauced, preserved, and eaten out of hand for generations, it’s still a staple today among cooks who demand the best.This is an indeterminate kind that produces hefty, six- to eight-ounce ribbed and flattened fruits with robust red flesh.Great fresh and suitable for canning, this is a versatile dark pink indeterminate variety, producing one- to two-pound fruit.It has a classic sweet and tart flavor, minimal seeds, and a skin that’s resistant to cracking.Here’s a high-yield indeterminate plant that produces sweet and juicy beefsteak-style slicers with a tropical fruit flavor.This plant is a beefsteak style, with sweet, low-acid fruits mottled in yellow and red that weigh up to two pounds each.This indeterminate variety has showy, thin orange skin and flesh with a subtle depression that gives it a heart-shaped appearance.The fruit is an impressive one to two pounds, and yields jumbo slices for your biggest and best barbecued hamburgers.You can find seeds in a variety of packet sizes available from True Leaf Market.This lovely indeterminate variety has pink skin and a pointed bottom, giving it the appearance of an oversized strawberry.Pink flesh is packed with sun-sweet tomato taste and lots of juice, for drip-down-your-chin out of hand eating.It matures in about 60 to 80 days, and produces high yields of 6- to 12-ounce round red fruit that resist cracking and rotting.This is a fun variety to grow, as it is just right for a hanging basket or large container near the door, where you can reach for a fresh snack anytime.It’s got the classic sweet and tart taste of the best tomato you’ve ever had, and is crack and disease resistant.Throughout the growing season, it produces a great quantity of pungent, snack-sized fruit shaped like small yellow pears.Whether you grow tomatoes from seed or purchase nursery starts, heirlooms are a smart investment because they are not only nutritious and tasty, but sustainable.By conserving seed in our own yards, we can do our part to ensure that future generations enjoy nutritious food crops.And if you really want to play an active role, consider joining a non-profit organization called the Seed Savers Exchange.This seedbank is dedicated to promoting biodiversity and preserving the heritage of heirloom seeds in America.Are you ready to pass the horticultural baton to the next generation by cultivating heirloom varieties in your garden this year?Product photos via Burpee, Eden Brothers, PowerGrow Systems, and True Leaf Market. .

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