Shapes also vary from the typical long thin cylinder, to bulbous at one end, to egg-shaped and even round.They offer a pleasant, moist crunchy texture to vegetable sautes.The Middle Eastern Cousa squash are known for deep flavor and dense flesh that stands up well to grilling.Vine Size and Habit are another thing to consider to when selecting among zucchini varieties.Some heirloom and most of the newer hybrid zucchini varieties are selected for compact, bushy habits and minimal spines, so they're easier to harvest, and work better in small gardens.If you don’t have much space, or if you’re growing zucchini in containers, look for compact bush varieties in the descriptions below.‘Raven’, 'Black Beauty', ‘Bush Baby’, and ‘Patio Star’ are the best varieties for container gardeners.If you live in a wet climate, look for varieties with some resistance to powdery mildew, and allow more space between plants for better air circulation.If yellow mosaic virus is a problem in your area, look for resistant zucchini varieties. .

5 Tips for Growing Great Zucchini

The adults emerge from their winter hideout in the soil sometime in late June to early July, and one of their first tasks is to lay their eggs at the base of squash plants.Unlike most moths, though, these fly during daylight hours and lay eggs at the base of susceptible plants.If there are no zucchini plants in your garden, there is no reason for the vine borer moth to stop by and lay her eggs. .

How to Make Roasted Zucchini Seeds

I mean, after all, how much zucchini can one family eat (ahem, turns out to be a lot!!So I started collecting the seeds from some of our larger zucchini to save for next year and thought that would be the end of it.But as you can imagine, the idea of tossing out perfectly good zucchini just because we were getting tired of it didn't quite sit well with me.I ended up cracking open the rest of the zucchini for their seeds and using the rest of the large vegetable for our favorite Strawberry Zucchini Fruit Leather recipe!Cut off both ends and slice into the zucchini lengthwise, about 1 inch.This may require a little finesse, depending on how ornery the zucchini decides to be....Once you have the zucchini open, scoop out the pulp and massage the seeds out of the meat.In a large pot, cover zucchini seeds with water and bring to a boil.Note: If you'd like to season the seeds prior to roasting, do so when you put them on the tray.Remove tray from oven and either eat right away, or allow seeds to cool completely for storage.While we like to eat our zucchini seeds plain, I'm sure there are many people who would find that a bit boring!You can go with a classic plain salt option, or kick it up with chili and lime, or even cinnamon and sugar! .

Roasted Winter Squash Seeds Recipe

Rating: 5 stars I have tons of spaghetti squash and decided to use the seeds in this recipe.Rating: 5 stars I have never had pumpkin seeds before but I had squash on hand when I saw this recipe and thought I would try it.I just turned the oven temp down after roasting my squash and popped the prepared seeds in.Rating: 4 stars This would be 5 stars if it included these changes: 1) Don't rinse the seeds, they taste better with their own juices 2) Soak in a bit of salty water for awhile to plump up the seeds 3) Drain water but still don't rinse 4) Let air dry before baking.I like to put the raw seeds in a covered bowl w/the olive oil and some seasoned (Lawry's) salt.I make them in my pizza oven so I have to continuously stir some get a little burnt but it adds to the flavor!Rating: 5 stars I used PAM cooking spray instead of the olive oil and it came out just fine.Rating: 5 stars What a treat I could have given the men in the Navy and Marines when I was cooking for them.I used acorn to try this made with canola oil and won't throw out seeds anymore! .

Harvesting and Cleaning Zucchini Seeds – Hudson Valley Seed

To successfully save seeds from zucchini, you have to let the fruits get mega.Zucchini fall under the wet seed processing category.You can cut the squash into sections, slice it down the side, or mash it with a sto mper.The fermentation process for zucchini seeds is quick, especially if it is warm.The seed/flesh/water mixture should smell sour, and the seeds should appear very clean when handled.Once the fermentation process is complete, you need to get the seeds out of the squash mixture.Dilute the ferment with plenty of water so that the heaviest squash seeds sink to the bottom.Pour off the very top of the diluted mixture, taking care not to loose any of the good, heavy seeds that are at the bottom.Once the seeds are completely dry, place in a paper envelope and label them. .

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